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Kate Miller-Heidke helps loved ones through depression on new single

Kate Miller-Heidke helps loved ones through depression on new single

Kate Miller-Heidke - This Is Not Forever

Today Kate Miller-Heidke released her new song. ‘This Is Not Forever’ is a deep emotional song that talks about depression and it how affects people. Kate Miller-Heidke represented Australia at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, and finished 9th.

Kate Miller-Heidke’s Eurovision entry Zero Gravity gave Australia their 4th Top 10 in a Grand Final. During this time in isolation, she has worked as the musical director for the APRA Music Awards. She has streamed a concert, and also had time to interact with her fans.

Kate shared a playlist of songs she recommends to deal with isolation. In addition to that, she has now released the song This Is Not Forever which talks about a close one dealing with depression, and how to help.

Here is my new single “This Is Not Forever”.

I wrote the song about six months ago, before all… this… happened. It’s about watching someone very close to you starting fall into a depression, and wanting to let them know that you’re there for them, in a very serious way.

Listening to it in these changed times, I feel it even more deeply than I did before. It seems like the right time to put it out.

The video, directed by Christiaan Van Vuuren, sees dancers trade the stage for their living rooms and backyards, both in isolation and connected motion. Each of the dancers were shot at home on their phone, under movement direction by choreographer Lucas Jervies.

I think it says something beautiful and profound about the ways we are finding each other, and staying connected, during an extraordinary period in our lives.

I hope you like “This Is Not Forever”….

Kate Miller-Heidke on Facebook


In the embedded video below you can listen to Kate Miller-Heidke’s new song:

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Cardillo Gluteal Reshaping – The GLHAM Program

Cardillo Gluteal Reshaping – The GLHAM Program

Women’s Desire

Every female wants a posterior backside with shapely gluteals that allows them to wear jeans or a bikini, making them feel fit and sexy. The shape of females gluteals change with age, as does the rest of the body. In particular, as women get older, their buttocks lose their perkiness becoming flatter, fatter and wider. The roundness and definition disappears. Most women do not understand why their buttocks lose their youthful shape as they get older. This situation is more evident with females who are not gym goers and do not exercise at all, those that exercise improperly, and more so with women who do not weight train. The muscle tone and shape loss can in part also be attributed to hormonal changes in the health of the person and specifically the decrease in testosterone. Regardless of the reasons for posterior decline, the good news is that it is possible to reshape the total backside area with proper, effective weight training as I advocate in my premier HIT3 workout methods.

Glute Genetics

Genetically women inherit from their parents their body shape. Including the shape of their backside. Some women are born with wider hips and flat buttocks. Others are born with narrower hips and perkier, rounder gluteals. Whether you have narrow hips or wide hips, this affects the aesthetic look of your gluteals. Wider hips gives you a wider, flatter butt. Narrow hips naturally allow for a narrower backside. Of significance is the degree of inherited distribution of fat deposits, which is also a factor in the shape of female buttocks.

Some fitness experts will tell you that the shape of your buttocks is impossible to change and not within your control. I disagree with this thinking, because I believe that most “workout experts” do not understand how to affect aesthetic change in females with different body types. Regardless of what shape of buttocks you were born with, there are many improvements that you can make with proper exercise and effort.

Achievable Results

To achieve shapely, aesthetically pleasing gluteals, we need to understand 5 fundamentals:

1. The anatomy of the gluteal area.

There are over 7.8 billion people on this earth. With slightly more than 50% being females. That means that there are 3.9 billion different shapes of gluteals. However, what is common is that they all have the same functional muscle structures, as such, the muscles all work the same way and can therefore be improved on ALL females! There is absolutely no reason why any female cannot improve their backside!

2. Hereditary Fat Distribution and Body Fat%

Regardless if you were born with perfect female features such as, round gluteals, medium sized hips, flat stomach, small waist, shapely thighs and athletic looking hamstrings, “but” you have too much body fat, those genetic features will be camouflaged because of the excess body fat. In the alternative, if you were born with flat gluteals, white hips, bulging stomach, thick waist, unshapely thighs and minimal hamstrings, yet you were lean with low body fat your body would look far better than a genetically gifted overweight female I described above. The “bottom line” is that in order to have a shapely pleasing backside you have to have minimal body fat. What is minimal body fat? For females no more than 12%. This percentage will ensure that you have a lien base to start from in your quest to develop glorious gluteals. When developing a program for a female, the first consideration is reducing body fat to a minimum. This is all achieved through proper nutrition. My Cardillo SHREDDED NUTRITION DIET easily allows a female to lose 1 to 2 pounds of fat each week. When we start a gluteal reshaping program, as the gluteal and surrounding muscles improve, with the body fat slowly reducing, the result is quite dramatic.

3. Total Approach

When I develop an gluteal exercise program for a female, I don’t just formulate a program to work the 2 main gluteal muscles, the Gluteus Maximus and Gluteus Medius , I also deal with the adjoining muscle structures that tie in to the Gluteals. Such as the lower lumbar, the hips, the pierformis, the hamstrings, the adductors, the abductors, and the quadriceps. Without dealing with and improving the surrounding muscles, you cannot achieve the aesthetic balance to create a beautiful backside.

4. Ineffective Exercise

The gluteal, hamstrings, upper thigh, and lower lumbar muscles are the strongest muscles in our body. They cannot be properly worked with repetitive non resistance exercises such as leg kickbacks or side left side leg using bands. Aerobics are another form of exercise are very ineffective and developing any appreciable shape and size in the Gluteal area.

In many gyms today people are doing hours of steady state cardio which will do very little to stimulate growth in the muscles of your backside. In fact you hardly ever see any aerobics participant with extremely well developed hamstrings, gluteals or hips. The gluteals and surrounding muscles must be worked no different than a bicep or back or shoulder muscles. With targeted exercises where weight resistance can be increased as the muscles get stronger.

When gluteals, hamstrings and hips are developed properly, the finished look makes an aesthetic statement. No different then a lean male with muscular arms wearing a form fitting T-shirt.

5. Effective Exercise

An effective Gluteal program should be comprised of exercises that directly target each area of the Gluteal and tie in muscles. Each muscle must be trained in a hi-intensity (Cardillo HIT3) fashion, with enough resistance, in order to cause muscular contraction and stimulate hypertrophy. Regardless of how hard a female or even a male trains their gluteals, hamstrings or hips, the fact of the matter is only one in one billion will over develop these areas. It is simply not possible physiologically to over develop the Gluteal muscles or tie in lower back and hip muscles. The only time you’ll see enlarged overdevelop looking gluteals is when someone has developed good Gluteal size and then for whatever reason decides to gain a bunch of weight and fat cells that hereditarily are in that area gets larger and now the whole Gluteal, upper thigh area and hips get thick and heavy looking. That is not the result of exercise, that is the result of gaining fat over top of an otherwise aesthetically pleasing back side.


The Most effective posterior backside program that I have developed, I call the GLHAM program. It is made up of specialized exercises performed on the best scientific equipment that target the nine individual muscles of the Gluteal area and adjoining muscles. Working each muscle in this manner stimulates the muscle to contract which causes firmness and hypertrophy.

Each exercise is performed for one set of 12 repetitions with a weight that efficient to barely complete the 11th and 12th repetition. The first 8 repetitions should be comfortable to complete however the last 4 repetitions should be very challenging. The goal is that when 12 repetitions can be performed with a certain weight, in the next workout the weight should be increased by 10 pounds, in order to cause the muscle to work harder. This process of progressive resistance is what will continue to stimulate Hypertrophy.

At the completion of each exercise you must move the next exercise without any break whatsoever, you should not rest more than 15 seconds from one machine to the other. Any more rest than 15 seconds will allow the muscles to recuperate making the program less effective. This GLHAM workout must be performed in a HIT3 fashion and should take no more than 12 to 15 minutes to complete.

1. 45 Degree Hyperextensions

PURPOSE: This exercise is the premier way to completely warm up the complete backside area by thoroughly stretching to hamstrings, lower lumbar, and gluteals.


  • hamstrings (#5)
  • lower lumbar (#9)
  • Sacrum V zone (#7)
  • Gluteus Maximus (#1)

WORKOUT FORM: The proper form for doing this exercise is by keeping the hands clasped behind your head and going as deep as low as possible. Stopping at the bottom position for one second and rising to the top and holding the contracted position for a count of 2 seconds.

REPETITIONS: This exercise should be performed to muscular failure. It is important to track every workouts performance with a goal in mind to surpass the previous workouts’ performance or the personal best. Building up to over 30 repetitions.


PURPOSE. To work the lower lumbar tie-in to the upper gluteals and the hamstrings tie-in to the lower Gluteal area.


  • Erector Spinae (#9)
  • Sacrum Vzone (#7)
  • Gluteus Medius (#2)
  • Gluteus Maximus (#1)
  • Hamstrings (#5)

WORKOUT FORM: The exercise is performed by standing on a 10 inch platform, with legs stiff, stretching down with the barbell in your hands so that your hands actually touch your toes with the barbell. This activates the deep Hamstring muscles that tie into the Gluteus Maximus and Gluteus Medius. As you rise up to complete the exercise, at the three-quarter completion point, the Gluteus Maximus come under incredible pressure. This is a movement that works the entire backside muscles of the Gluteal area.

REPETITIONS: The set should be taken to complete failure for a minimum of 12 repetitions. This is a tremendous exercise. The weight should be increased when 12 repetitions have been safely and comfortably performed.


PURPOSE: This exercise is performed on a Life Fitness Gluteal machine. It targets the main Gluteus Maximus muscle and also the Gluteus Medius muscle.


  • Gluteus Maximus (#1)
  • Gluteus Medius (#2)
  • Hamstrings (#5).
  • Sacrum Vzone (#7)

WORKOUT FORM: This exercise is performed one leg at a time. Each repetition should be performed slow and deliberate with the power of the Gluteus muscle and not with the help of the quadriceps muscle. As you perform the backward extension you will experience a full Gluteal contraction. The contraction should be held for 3 seconds for maximum benefit.

REPETITIONS: A total of 12 repetitions should be completed for each leg. The goal is to increase the weight weight by 10 pounds when 12 repetitions have been completed.


PURPOSE: This exercise is performed on a Nautilus Hip Thrust machine and isolates the Gluteals from the posterior side.


  • Gluteus Maximus (#1)
  • Gluteus Medius (#2)
  • Hamstrings (#5)

WORKOUT FORM: By strapping the belt across the lower waist area you can perform the movement very comfortably and focus on contracting the gluteus muscles as you rise to the top. It is important to go down as deep as possible before starting the upward motion. At the top of the exercise, (the contraction point) you must hold this position for a count of 3 seconds. This will thoroughly ensure that the Gluteal muscles are activated.

REPETITIONS: As in previous exercises, 12 repetitions should be performed to muscular failure. The most benefit is attained on this is exercise as you use heavier weights.


PURPOSE: This exercise is performed on the Nautilus Hip and Back machine, which isolates the Gluteals from the posterior. This is a machine is one of the premier gluteal and hamstrings tie-in isolation machines ever manufactured. It is a machine that provides the greatest range of movement. Activating the whole Gluteal muscle.


  • Gluteus Maximus (#1)
  • Gluteus Medius (#2)
  • Hamstrings (#5)
  • Vastus Lateralis (#3)

WORKOUT FORM: The exercise should be performed by getting into the machine with the back of your knees on the roller pad. To achieve maximum stretch the roller pad should be moved as far back as your stretching ability will allow. From this starting position the legs will be thrust out and down until they straightened and perpendicular to the floor. At the end of the movement, which is the contracted position, there needs to be a 3 second by contracting the gluteals for maximum benefit. REPETITIONS. One set, with 12 repetitions as a goal should be performed.


PURPOSE: This is a great posterior gluteal isolation exercise.


  • Gluteus Maximus (#1)
  • Gluteus Medius (#2)
  • Sacrum Vzone (#7)
  • Erectors Spinae (#9)

WORKOUT FORM: The exercise is performed on a Atlantis Reverse Hyper machine, with the legs in a straight position, putting the emphasis only on the gluteus Maximus area. If one is not available at your gym, the exercise can be performed on a high bench that allows you to hang over allowing you to lift the legs backwards as high as possible.

REPETITIONS: A goal of 12 repetitions should be completed to muscular failure.


PURPOSE: This is a unique new machine that isolates the Gluteal area from the lateral side.


  • Lliotibial band (#4)
  • Vastus Lateralis (#3)
  • Gluteus Maximus (#1)
  • Gluteus Medius (#2)

WORKOUT FORM: Sitting inside the machine, with a seat belt on to maintain positioning, the outer side of knees are pushed out as far as possible. This forces the gluteals to contract. The contraction should be held for 3 seconds for maximum benefit.

REPETITIONS: 12 repetitions, to failure should be performed on this exercise.


PURPOSE: This exercise is performed on a Cibex Abductor machine which targets the lateral side of the thighs and the hip area.


  • Lliotibial Itband (#4)
  • Vastus Lateralis (#3)
  • Gluteus Medius (#2)

WORKOUT FORM: This exercise should be performed in a slow fashion. As the legs spread out as far as possible causing the lateral muscles along the outer thigh to contract. The contraction should be held for a 3 second hold.

REPETITIONS: One set of 12 repetitions should be performed to muscular failure.


PURPOSE: This exercise should be performed on a Cibex Adductor machine which targets the inner thigh Adductor muscles.


  • Adductor Magnus (#6)
  • Gluteus Maximus (#1)

WORKOUT FORM: This exercise should be performed with as much outer stretch as possible during the extension of the movement and the inner contraction should be held for 3 seconds.

REPETITIONS: One set of 12 repetitions should be completed to muscular failure.

Muscular Failure

To achieve the best results from this GLHAM program, each exercise must be performed to total muscular failure as per my HIT3 protocol. Each workout should be more demanding than the previous workout. By ether doing more repetitions with the weight being used, or increasing the weight (the next workout) when 12 repetitions are completed. Progressively increasing the resistance is key to Hypertrophy.

Tracking Progress

To improve performance every workout, it is imperative that the repetitions completed on each exercise is recorded in a workout journal after each exercise. This will ensures accurate record keeping and providing motivation for each workout.

Workout Frequency

Gluteals should only be worked once per week, as per my HIT3 protocol. More than one Gluteal workout per week means that your first workout was not performed with enough intensity. This will result in overtraining. For more information on causes of overtraining, see some of the articles that I’ve written on the subject. After the 9 GLHAM exercises have been completed, the hamstrings should be exercised next. After hamstrings the quadricep muscle should be worked to complete the lower body work out.

Proper Contractions

Unless you are vigorously contracting the Gluteal muscles in the same manner as if you were doing bicep curls for your biceps, there will not be any Gluteal growth or reshaping whatsoever. The Gluteal is a meaty muscle that has a range of movement which allows it to contract. When the Gluteal muscles contract it is definitely a feeling no different then a bicep contracting. After several workouts on my program, you will start to feel the mind to muscle connection as you complete each Gluteal contraction. Direct exercise will stimulate the gluteal muscles and surrounding tie-in structures to contract, which is key to the development of the entire backside area.


The GLHAM program, when followed properly, using my Cardillo HIT3 Hi-Intensity workout methods produces significant results very quickly. Within 8 weeks the Gluteal area will start to take on a more muscular and fuller look. As the body fat in this area reduces, the Gluteal development will become more evident. Following this program for a minimum of 6 months will completely reshape your Gluteal area.

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Eurovision 2020 entries: The Netherlands – we are discussing Jeangu Macrooy and Grow

Eurovision 2020 entries: The Netherlands – we are discussing Jeangu Macrooy and Grow

Jeangu Macrooy

We’re wrapping up our 2020 discussion series with Jeangu Macrooy, who was set to represent host country the Netherlands in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. But in response to the COVID-19 situation, this wasn’t meant to be. Over the past weeks, the EuroVisionary team has been revisiting the would-be entries. In this last edition we’re talking about Grow.

At the very beginning of 2020, Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS revealed Jeangu Macrooy as the Dutch hopeful for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. After that, we had to wait a full three months until Grow was finally confirmed and revealed the the world. A mere two weeks later, the the decision to cancel the 2020 event was taken, and on the same day Macrooy was the very first artists to be confirmed for 2021. Giving him the questionable honour of, probably, being the earliest selected artist for Eurovision ever.

Michael – From what I’d seen Jeangu has some great songs in his catalogue. Grow is not one of them, though there is a highlight when he sings the word Satellites. The song does grow on you but as there’s only one chance it would have been unlikely The Netherlands would win in 2020. However there’s probably a chance Jeangu will return in 2021 with a better song, and then after that.. who knows?

Theo – This feels like a hostess who, out of hospitality, dresses down so that she will not upstage her guests at a dinner party. Like last year’s winner Arcade, there is a very poignant, introspective message to Grow. It’s just that it does not feel as if the song goes anywhere too far musically to me.

Charlotte – In recent years we have seen many Eurovision host nations not able to deliver a good result in front of their own audience. That would not have been the case this year. While not sounding like a winning entry, the Netherlands would probably have scored a top 10 result with this. It’s a quality entry, and I look forward to see if Mr. Macrooy can live up to it at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

Álvaro – Initially I was not impressed by the song but the more I listened to it the more I felt in love of the lyrics and of the interpretation of Jeangu Macrooy. This feeling of self reflection looks mature, authentic and beautiful at the same time. I would have loved to see Grow getting a well deserved result in the final. Hopefully Jeangu will give us another masterpiece next year. One can only wish.

Josef – I did not expect something amazing, maybe only something good. But how big my surprise was when Grow was out. Jeangu is such a good singer and this gospel-soul song is very good and I knew this after the very first listening to Grow. I really love this. And it has rightfully a place in my TOP 10.


Elvir – The Dutch entry is one of those entries that I totally ignored after it was revealed. But little by little, I started to like it more and more. It is not a kind of song that makes a music revolution, but the depth of the lyrics is what makes this song so special and beautiful.

Wouter – This is one of this songs that, in me, triggers an instant Wow! factor. The combination of his deep voice, perfectly complimented by the music and the musicalesque storytelling drag me into it in a way that even made it hard for me to write out this sentence while the song was playing. But I imagine a good portion of the TV viewers could need a moment or to more to build up appreciation. And the recap reels used in the various Eurovision 2020 Tribute shows have been able to do this song justice. This would have made it the perfect high quality, medium ranking, host country entry.

This reflection article is based on the author's ownpersonal experience. Views expressed belongs to him or her, and are to be seen as unrelated to EuroVisionary.com.

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17 years after her Eurovision victory, Sertab encourages Turkey to return – to promote the nation’s culture

17 years after her Eurovision victory, Sertab encourages Turkey to return – to promote the nation’s culture

Sertab after winning the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest

Re-living her Eurovision victory, Turkish 2003 winner express her desire to see the country back at the Eurovision Song Contest. For her, it’s the perfect opportunity to share and promote the local culture. Turkey withdrew after the 2012 contest.

Saturday evening, after 17 years, the 2003 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was broadcast again on YouTube. As part of the EurovisionAgain theme, fans were given the option to vote for the competing songs again. Just as in 2003, Sertab Erener’s Everyway That I Can was confirmed to win the hearts of Eurovision fans – also in 2020. Shortly after the result of the 2020 voting was published, Sertab reacted to it on Twitter.

It’s a great honor and joy for me to have won the Eurovision Song Contest held by the official Eurovision channel once again after so many years as a result of your votes all around The world! Thank you! Love you all!

Sertab on Twitter

Last night, fan club OGAE Turkey followed up on in a live interview with Sertab on Instagram.During the interview, she expressed her excitement and happiness to be remembered after 17 years. She shared her memories about her participation in Riga at the 2003 contest. And of course, the Turkish withdrawal from the Eurovision Song Contest was brought up too.

Sertab wants Turkey to return to the Eurovision Song Contest

After Turkey won the contest for the first and only time in 2003, Turkish people were happy. The country saw the contest gaining popularity, which was further continued by generally good results in the years that followed. In 2012 Turkish broadcaster TRT however decided to withdraw from the contest using neighbouring voting and the Big 5 countries as their official reason to do so.

Over the years, there have been plenty of rumours about a possible Turkish comeback, but so far, the broadcaster has not taken any concrete initiative to return, as far as we know. If it was up to Sertab, they should do so, better sooner than later. For her it’s a fantastic stage to show the Turkish culture.

I think we definitely should return. It’s one of the sweetest contests in the whole world. A contest with a long past, that contains culture. I think culture is everything. Nations and individuals should aim to share their culture. Eurovision is a stage where we can show our culture and music to the world. It’s a very nice arena and a very fun show. That’s why we should always be in.

Sertab about Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest

See alsoNot participated since 2012 – how did the fan culture in Turkey survive?

The Turkish 1975 debut entry Seninle Bir Dakika, Sertab revealed as her favourite Turkish Eurovision entry, though she admits that it’s difficult to sing. She mentioned the Swedish 1974 winner Waterloo by ABBA as her all-time favourite Eurovision song.

Sertab ended the interview by saying that she still follows the Eurovision Song Contest, and that she hopes to soon see Turkey return.


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Eurovision 2020 entries: Croatia – we are discussing Damir Kedžo and Divlji Vjetre

Eurovision 2020 entries: Croatia – we are discussing Damir Kedžo and Divlji Vjetre

Damir Kedžo would have represented Croatia in Rotterdam 2020 after winning this year's Dora with Divlji Vjetre.

We would normally still be talking about this year’s Eurovision results if the event had not been cancelled due to the Coronaviurs pandemic. Here at EuroVisionary, we thought we would keep the discussion going by revisiting the 2020 entries. Today, we share our views on Croatia’s Damir Kedžo and his entry Divlji Vjetre.

Damir Kedžo won the ticket to represent his country at Rotterdam 2020 after winning this year’s Dora, Croatia’s long-running national selection for Eurovision. He had also taken part in the 2011 edition of the competition but had been eliminated in the first heat.

At 16, the artist had taken part in the Croatian version of talent show Idols in 2003. After a short stint as part of boy band Saša, Tin i Kedžo, he became even more popular when he won yet another talent show, this time Croatia’s version of Your Face Sounds Familiar in 2016.

Damir’s musical career includes chart topping singles and taking part in musicals as well as singing competitions and song festivals. Highlights include taking part in the local production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and winning the Russian New Wave festival in 2015.

Divlji Vjetre (Wild Wind) was specifically composed for the artist and beat 15 other competing songs to claim victory at Dora 2020. The song also topped the Top 40 charts in Croatia.

Croatia was 39th out of 41 countries in the betting odds prior to the cancellation of this year’s Eurovision. But what do we here at EuroVisionary think about the entry? These are some of our views:

Theo – ‘Damir Kedžo comes across as likeable onstage and has a good voice. On the other hand, I felt completely indifferent to the song on first hearing. After having listened to it a few more times, I find the melody more pleasant. Even so, I cannot see how the entry would have stood out enough to do well, let alone win the contest – and it is a contest, right? Looking forward to Croatia 2021.’

See alsoEurovision 2020 entries: Albania – we are discussing Arilena Ara and Fall From The Sky

Michael – ‘Another great singer, with a very non-descript song, that was, until a dance remix was released, what’s going on. Send Damir back next year then ’cause I’m sure he can do MUCH better.’

Elvir – ‘Damir Kedžo is a very confident vocalist, and I enjoy the strength in his voice especially during the choruses. But his problem is the song. Although Divlji Vjetre is not necessarily a bad song, it is pretty forgettable and anonymous. So, I am afraid that Eurovison 2020 would have ended with another disappointing result for Croatia.’

Álvaro – ‘I like to see more songs sung in the national languages of the performers. Damir is also a talented vocalists. The song choice unfortunately does not have the impact to touch the non-Croatian speaking viewers in my opinion in spite of having a very passionate meaning.’

Charlotte – ‘I am captured right from the beginning. Damir has a great voice, and the song builds up my expectations. Unfortunately, these expectations aren’t quite fulfilled. While I like the song while listening to it, the big climax which would make me able to remember it, never happens. That’s a shame because I really like Damir as an artist.’

Josef – ‘For sure one of my favourites this year as I love this kind of Balkan ballad. Especially when well sung and that’s something that Damir Kedžo can offer, in combination with his female vocalists. I hope Damir will be back next year with as good song as Divlji Vjetre is.’

Stay tuned – tomorrow, we will be discussing the final remaining entry for what would have been Rotterdam 2020!


In the meantime, you can revisit Croatia’s Damir Kedžo and hist entry Divlji Vjetre in the video from Dora 2020 below:

This reflection article is based on the author's ownpersonal experience. Views expressed belongs to him or her, and are to be seen as unrelated to EuroVisionary.com.

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Why Use DURASKIRT Exterior Cement-Concrete Board

The Duraskirt cement-concrete board is the best choice for homeowners who need long-lasting skirting that also offers aesthetic appeal.

There are different types of skirting materials out there. You can find skirting materials for the exterior parts of your home that have been made of wood, concrete, or the grout boards. However, the exterior skirting boards that are made of cement-concrete have proven to be the best choice over the years for many reasons that we will discuss in the following part of this article.

The testimonials for Duraskirt exterior cement-concrete boards are excellent. The product has met the expectations of all homeowners, and the referral rate is very high.

Here are the reasons why you should use Duraskirt cement-concrete boards in the exterior parts of your home…


Everyone wants to use exterior skirting products that last for many years and are worth what they have paid. Duraskirt cement-concrete boards stand out from the rest because they last a lifetime. Other skirting products such as boards made from treated plywood will rot over time, and the job has to be redone at a later date. Materials such as plastic are not suitable for this type of product too.

Protection Against Pests

The installation process for Duraskirt cement-concrete boards is highly effective. The boards are mounted and backfilled without creating gaps in the skirting. This means that rodents and other pests cannot get into your home from the base. The design of the Duraskirt cement-concrete boards makes it possible to have hidden vents, without the threat of pests.

It is Perfect for Backfilling

Duraskirt exterior cement-concrete boards can be backfilled without any worries about compromising the boards. The design has been enhanced to support backfilling after the boards have been installed.

Backfilling is done with soil, and it is done to achieve a perfect blend between the Duraskirt cement-concrete boards and the landscape around your property.

Versatile Use

Duraskirt cement-concrete boards are perfect for the creation of skirting on different types of buildings. For example, the boards can be installed in permanent or mobile homes, pole buildings, modular homes, schools, hot tubs, and other types of movable structures.

The finishing is neat, and this is why so many people choose Duraskirt for their projects.

Resistance to Fire

Duraskirt cement-concrete boards are resistant to fire. This is why they are used in places where grass fires are common. The boards have been enhanced to withstand heat energy, which will go a long way to protect the entire building in the case of an outdoor fire incident.

From a distance, it won’t be apparent that skirting boards have been used in completing the project because the Duraskirt cement-concrete boards blend seamlessly with the building project. The finished look is always aesthetically appealing.

For the best results, we suggest that you should hire contractors who have experience regarding the professional installation of Duraskirt exterior cement-concrete boards. For more information, check out https://www.duraskirt.com/cement-concrete-board-skirting/.

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