Hayko Anytime You Need
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Draw Position 23, Final Position 8, Points (Final) 138

"Anytime You Need" was the Armenian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, performed in English and Armenian by Hayko. This was the first occasion on which the Armenian language was used in a Contest entry.

The song is a ballad. Hayko addresses himself to his lover, telling her that while other relationships end, theirs will endure. He explains that "All I'll ever do is watch over you". He promises her that he will be there whenever she calls "crying with the blues" and that he will "dry your tears when you cry". The final lines of the song are delivered in Armenian, and feature a similar profession of love, with Hayko singing that he will be "always with you".

The performance featured Hayko standing in the centre of the stage in front of an artificial tree. There were two backing musicians, one of whom was described by BBC commentator Terry Wogan as looking like a "red Indian".

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Anytime You Need

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