Schmetterlinge Boom Boom Boomerang
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Draw Position 4, Final Position 17, Points (Final) 11

"Boom Boom Boomerang" was the Austrian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 1977, performed in German (with some lyrics in English) by Schmetterlinge.

At the close of voting, it had received 11 points, placing 17th in a field of 18.

The song is one of the more controversial entries in Contest history, as it is the first to send the entire event up. The chorus, for example, features the nonsense lyrics of:

Boom boom boomerang, snadderydang

Kangaroo, boogaloo, didgeridoo

Ding dong, sing the song, hear the guitar twang

Kojak, hijack, me and you

The performance is also memorable, as the band featured four male singers wearing cream suits and red shirts. During the performance, the men would turn their backs to the audience at various points, revealing a costume which looked like the front of a tuxedo, complete with a fake face. A performance like this had not previously been seen at the Contest, although it would not be the last time that Austria would be represented so irreverently, with Alf Poier doing similar at the 2003 Contest with "Weil Der Mensch Zählt".

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Boom Boom Boomerang

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