Eric Papilaya Get A Life - Get Alive
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Draw Position 27, Final Position 27, Points (Final) 4

"Get a Life – Get Alive" is the Austrian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 and also that year's official Life Ball song. The song is sung by Eric Papilaya, and was written by Greg Usek (music) and Austin Howard (lyrics).

However, the song failed to qualify for the finals and as a result many Austrians are now in support of a boycott of the song contest. Strangely though, the Austrian Broadcaster, ORF, asked for a review of the voting system before Austria would be back in the contest. This has now[when?] taken place with the telephone vote and jury vote combined, which ORF specifically asked for. However, ORF have still declined to enter the contest on the basis that the rule changes that they asked for still do not go far enough.

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Get A Life - Get Alive

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