Tereza Kerndlová Have Some Fun
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Draw Position 8, Final Position 18, Points (Final) 9

"Have Some Fun" is the Czech Republic's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 and was chosen to represent them on 26 January 2008. The song is sung by Tereza Kerndlová and was performed in the 2nd place on the national final. This song was the second Czech entry for Eurovision, and Tereza Kerndlová performed the song in the second semi-final, on 22 May 2008. The song was written by Gordon Pogoda and Stano Simor. It failed to secure a place in the final. Despite only garnering nine points, it is the Czech Republic's most successful entry to date, as 90% of the votes the Czech Republic have received throughout its participation in the contest have gone to this song, whereas only 10% went to Mala Dama (2007), and none at all went to Aven Romale (2009). It is also the only one of the Czech Republic's entries not to finish last (though it did finish second-to-last, as Hungary's entry Candlelight took last place that year)

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Have Some Fun

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