F.L.Y. Hello From Mars
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Draw Position 21, Final Position 24, Points (Final) 5

"Hello From Mars" was the Latvian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2003, performed in English by F.L.Y.

The lyrics are notably obscure, however the song appears to be a love song in which a pair of lovers reminisce about the way in which they met. The exact timing of this meeting appears to change throughout the song, with the chorus being in present or future tense ("Cause this is gonna be/The day that we will meet"), while the opening lines talk about "That day you saw me cry", implying a past tense situation. The song takes its title from the last lines of the chorus - "When heaven comes so down to earth/To say hello from Mars".

Somewhat perversely, the combination of unusual lyrics and a poor result for the host country has made the song relatively well-known among Contest fans.

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Hello From Mars

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