Anastasiya Prikhodko Mamo
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Draw Position 10, Final Position 11, Points (Final) 91

"Mamo" (Ukrainian Cyrillic: Мамо; English translation: "Mum"; Russian translation: Мама (Mama)) is a song by Ukrainian singer Anastasiya Prikhodko, was Russia's entrant at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, held in the Russian capital of Moscow. The song is performed in both Russian and Ukrainian, and was composed by Konstantin Meladze and Diana Golde.

As Russia hosted the contest this year, the song automatically competed in the final on 16 May 2009. It finished 11th with 91 points.

Directed by Alan Badoev and employing Yaroslav Pilunskiy as the camera operator, the promotional video for "Mamo" was shot in a Kiev based studio. The film featured Prikhodko fortune telling with her lookalike, both in a medieval dress. Four fairy tale settings were used, each representing an Eastern European season. In the setting picturing summer, Prikhodko appears in a wedding dress. In the last setting, representing autumn, she tears the dress up. The videoclip premiered on April 19 on the Ukrainian music TV channel M1 and on April 21 on the Russian music TV channel Muz-TV.

Against the usual Eurovision canons, the final performance did not include choreography but concentrated on Prikhodko's vocal skills and emotions. The giant floating screens at the background of the stage featured a video of her face aging from a twenty-year-old to a seventy-year-old.

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