Haris Anastasiou Milas Poli
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Draw Position 21, Final Position 14, Points (Final) 36

"Milas Poli" (Greek script: Μιλάς πολύ, English translation: "You Talk Too Much") was the Cypriot entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1990, performed in Greek by ANASTAZIO artistic name for: Haris Anastasiou. ANASTAZIO took classes for jazz , horton , dunham(african) , ballet at the prestigious ALVIN AILEY -AMERICAN ACADEMY OF DANCE in New York (1983-1986), a few times being a classmate with MADONNA (early 1983).In december 1985 he represented Cyprus at the MALIBU WORLD DISCO DANCING CHAMPIONSHIP, which took place in the HIPPODROME CLUB in London UK.

In 1987 he danced on stage -aside- the cypriot singer Alexia who was singing "ASPRO-MAVRO",the cypriot entry at the Eurovision song contest in Brussels. In 1989 he wrote the lyrics(english version-TONIGHT WILL LAST FOREVER) of the cypriot entry at the eurovision song contest, a composition of the cypriot famous composer Marios Meletiou,song in greek was entitled "APOPSE AS VRETHOUME" In 1990 he was the lead singer for Cyprus at the eurovision song contest, after winning at the National contest some of Greece s and Cyprus s leading artists such as EVRIDIKI,g. THEOFANOUS, ALEX PANAYI, A. MOSHOVAKIS and others...1990 was the first time CYBC held an open-on the air-LIVE ,competition for the selection of it s song for the ESC.Anastazio had also written the lyrics for the song and staged and choreographed the Cypriot group. In 1991 one more time Anastazio wrote the lyrics for the english version for the Cypriot Eurovision entry SOS performed by Elena Patroklou in Rome-ITALY(...the earth will take no more,another senseless war SOS...)

The song of 1990 MILAS POLI was performed twenty-first on the night (following Austria's Simone with "Keine Mauern mehr" and preceding Finland's Beat with "Fri?"). At the close of voting, it had received 36 points, placing 14th in a field of 22.Anastazio was voted by the readers of the "FLASH" MAGAZINE as artist of the year for 1990.

The song is a love song, with Anastasiou complaining to his lover that she talks too much and as a result he doesn't know how to express his love best. It was also recorded in English (with a different lyric) as Walk Away, and both versions were released as a 12-inch single in Cyprus. The style of the song was influenced by British producers Stock Aitken Waterman.

Anastazio between the years 1987-1992 was teaching at his own Dance Academy "THE JAZZ CENTER" in Limassol Cyprus-leading academy for dancing in Cyprus during that time very often performing with his Dance Company for the most prestigious events on National TV ,the CYBCon exclusive EVENTS and functions in the presence of Presidents of Cyprus and people of the highest rank of the Political social and artistic scene of the country.At the same time he was choreographing for REEBOK - Cyprus,and later in Greece he choreographed for PEPSICO-IVI(1993)

Between 1993-1995 he had appeared on stage in diferent night-clubs of Greece with the country s TOP artists like The composer Marios Tokas(TABOO CLUB in Pangrati-Athens),Manolis Mitsias,Margarita Zorbala, the composer Yiannis Spanos (VIVERE CLUB , Kifisia-Athens),Elpida, Kostas Karalis,Vasilis Karras (Politeia Club, Thessaloniki), Notis Sfakianakis, Eleni Peta, Alexia and others...While singing Anastazio had worked also the choreography and presentation for the above mentioned shows.

In 1994 Anastazio had an LP released by "EPIC"(SONY-MUSIC Entertainment inc.Greecewith the title ANASTASIOS.

Since 1999 Anastazio is travelling the world with his own "ONE MAN SHOW" which is a journey through some of the best moments in music and time,the show being so successful that has "played" for ROYALTIES and VIP S , a 3hour NON-STOP show , in 6 languages and constant costume-changes ON-STAGE...everything you'd like to see in a show ...BUT NOTHING YOU ' D EXPECT. For more info pls go on Facebook to "anastazioartist"

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