Next Time Nešto što Kje Ostane
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Draw Position 13, Final Position 10, Points (Final) 45

"Nešto što kje ostane" (Macedonian: Нешто што ќе остане; English: Something that will remain) is a song by the Macedonian band Next Time. It was the Macedonian entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, Russia, but it failed to qualify for the final round. The English version of the song is called The Sweetest Thing That Will Remain.

The song was composed by Macedonian composer and singer Jovan Jovanov together with the help of Damjan Lazarov and the lyrics were written by Elvir Mekic.

After the winning the Macedonian national final, the composer of the song changed the song's arrangement making it more rock than it was at the national selection. Two more versions of the song: an English and Croatian version were produced under the names "The Sweetest Thing That Will Remain" and "Ne dam da te diraju" respectively. The lyrics of the English version are by Damjan Lazarov, while those of the Serbo-Croatian are by Elvir Mekic. It was decided that in Moscow the song will be sung in its original Macedonian.

The song was presented in the first semi-final on February 19 and finished first with 22 points (12 from the televote and 10 from the jury). In the final "Next Time" was performed sixth and won the competition with 19 points (12 from the televote and 7 from the jury).

The music video of the song was filmed by its composer Jovan Jovanov and was edited by "Exit B" Production. The music video was filmed on the 28 and 29 March in many locations in Skopje: on a big tower, outside of the city, and in a production studio. In the video-story one of the members of the band Stefan is falling in love with the director in the music video symbolizing her as "Something that will remain" or "Nesto sto kje ostane". A video was released in each language of the song.

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Nešto što Kje Ostane

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