Bora Dugić | Jelena Tomašević Oro
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Draw Position 23, Final Position 6, Points (Final) 160

Oro" (Serbian Cyrillic: Оро) was the Serbian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 being held in Belgrade, Serbia. The song was sung by Jelena Tomašević and was supported on stage by flautist Bora Dugić. That year Serbia was directly qualified in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest thanks to previous year's victory by Marija Šerifović. It finished 6th out of 25 contestants with 160 points.

The song has several versions in different languages: Adiós Amor (Spanish), Έλα αγάπη [Ela Agapi] (Greek) and Minha Dor (Portuguese). It was also planned to be recorded in Russian, English, Swedish, Finnish, Hebrew and something called Oronian (which could either be a made-up language, or the language from Oron, Nigeria) but this never happened, and it was recorded only in four languages. The official house remix is also available on her debut album, Panta Rei, as well as the Spanish, Greek and Portuguese versions

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