Serebro Song # 1
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Draw Position 15, Final Position 3, Points (Final) 207

"Song #1" is a song by girl group Serebro. It was chosen to represent Russia at Eurovision Song Contest 2007 in Helsinki, Finland. They performed in the 15th position following Latvia's with "Questa Notte" (Tonight) and preceding Germany's Roger Cicero with "Frauen regier'n die Welt".

Serebro finished in 3rd with 207 points, behind 2nd placed Ukraine and winner, Serbia.

Although unofficially released, it is the bands most viewed song online, get over 2 millions views, however, their seventh single Lets Hold Hands is currently their highest, only because it has been officially released.

This is the original clip for Song #1 and is known as the promo version. It is also known as red version as it is the shortened version that was performed at the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. The clip begins with the girls putting on the dresses they wore when they performed the song at Eurovision. The girls sing to the camera individually against a cushion-like, red background with clips of an electric guitar being played. Marina and Olya sing together into one microphone against a busy, yellow background and Lena approaches, via the stairs in the centre screen, three microphones on a small well-lit stage surrounded by red lights. Marina and Olya then appear from either side of the screen and they all stand up to their microphones.

The bright, white lights in the background flash almost blinding the scene with just the girls present and they dim down as Lena sings. Against the light, the guitar player can be seen and against the other light (opposite side of the screen) there are two backing singers. The scenes then alternate between the stage, red rooms and yellow background. The lights behind the girls on the stage continue to flash then dim again. As the chorus starts a scene is introduced where the girls stand together in a sky blue background. The scenes alternate again but this time the blue background replaces the yellow one. As the chorus ends only the blue and yellow backgrounds are used as Lena sings "So come on check it" and in the yellow scene Marina and Olya sing "Out".

The video resumes switching between three scenes, stage, red rooms and blue backing. As Lena begins her solo, the background changes to a busy blue, with Lena now wearing a shiny, gold, sleeveless top.

The instrumental begins in the sky-blue background but the girls are now joined by a large group of people wearing only black and white like the girls' dresses. Lena blows hair out of her face and the group begins to dance in uniform. The scene changes when the girls sing "Ow!" which shows them on the stage with the lights illuminating the scene. The scenes alternate again between stage, red, yellow and blue. As the song ends, the lights engulf the girls, ending the clip.

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