Sidsel Ben Semmane Twist Of Love
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Draw Position 9, Final Position 18, Points (Final) 26

"Twist of Love" was the Danish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, performed in English by Sidsel Ben Semmane.

The song describes the attempts of "this guy called Johnny" to catch the eye of "Connie", a girl who is also being pursued by "O'Smarty". In the event, it turns out that O'Smarty is unable to dance the twist, while Johnny's prowess means that he wins the girl.

Fittingly, the music is heavily inspired by early rock-n-roll. Indeed, the guitar solo was performed at the Contest in a manner similar to the iconic scene in the Back to the Future film.

The song had divided opinion prior to the Contest, with many fans arguing that the lyrics were excessively silly - particularly the names of the characters.

Following the Contest, the song was covered by South African boy band Hi-5 as "Die Twist" (The Twist).

Due to a change of the rules at the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix the year before, songs could be performed in any language chosen as opposed to all being in Danish and the winning song translated into English for the Eurovision night. As a result, this entry was the first ever Danish entry which did not have a Danish language version in existence. Jakob Sveistrup did not take advantage of this, having performed his song in Danish at the national finals and recording a Danish language version as well.

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Twist Of Love

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