Eddie Butler Ze Hazman (Together We Are One)
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Draw Position 3, Final Position 4, Points (Final) 23

"Together We Are One" (often known by the Hebrew title "Ze Hazman" (Hebrew script: זה הזמן; English translation: "It's Time") was the Israeli entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, performed in Hebrew and English by Eddie Butler. This was the first Israeli entry for which the official title did not contain at least some Hebrew.

The song is heavily influenced by gospel music, a fact borne out by the presence of a pianist and backing singers with the appearance of gospel singers in the performance. Butler (one of the first African Americans to represent Israel) sings about the need to unite and overcome differences in order to progress as the human race. One verse appears to be delivered to a lover, leading some fans to speculate that the song is intended to be a love song to a woman who already has a family.

The video continues the gospel theme, although it proved controversial with the inclusion of footage of Palestinian militants and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Ze Hazman (Together We Are One)

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