Alyona Lanskaya All My Life
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"All My Life" is a song by Belarusian singer Alyona Lanskaya. The song was written by Leonid Shirin and Yuri Vashchuk. Lanskaya participated in Eurofest 2012 singing the song in a bid to represent Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 held in Baku, Azerbaijan. However she was later disqualified following an investigation about rigged televoting which made her song the winning entry.

After advancing to the semi-finals that was held on December 21, 2011, she qualified for the Eurofest 2012 finals as one of the five chosen from the 15 entries. The finals was held on 14 February 2012 where the song came first and won by 12 points from televotes making the song Belarus' entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2012.

However on February 24, 2012 it was announced that Lanskaya was disqualified after the Belorussian President conducted an investigation leading to her "unfair" win in Eurofest 10 days earlier. There were rumours circulating that the producers had rigged the televoting giving her 12 points making her the winner. In response to the allegations, the president ordered an immediate investigation and it was later confirmed to be true. This was the first time that an act who won a national selection was disqualified since Ukraine's original artist was disqualified in 2010. She was replaced by Litesound instead, who got second place in Eurofest finals, and were internally chosen as the new representatives of Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku.

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