Kate Ryan Je T'adore
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Draw Position 7, Final Position 12, Points (Final) 69

"Je t'adore" ("I Adore You") was the Belgian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, performed in English (with only the title in French) by Kate Ryan. It was the seventh song which was performed in this Contest and the 999th by counting all songs which have ever performed on Eurovision Song Contest. "Je t'adore" was released in 2006 as the lead single from Ryan's third studio album Alive (2006).

The song itself is a love song in a disco style, with Ryan expressing her love and occasionally lapsing into French to sing "je t'adore".

The performance was notable on the night for the neon-tubed microphone stands that Ryan variously sang and danced with, each being moved around by the backing dancers. Pre-Contest publicity had credited Ryan with a strong song, however this was not borne out in voting. As a small consolation, the presenter charged with announcing the Belgian votes on the night of the final held up a cardboard sign with the words "We Love Kate Ryan" on it - prompting derisive comments from Terry Wogan, who during the contest said the song sounded like "Shut that door" instead of "Je t'adore".

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