Anna Vissi | The Epikouri Autostop
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"Autostop" (Greek: "Ωτοστόπ"; English: "Hitch-Hiking") was the Greek entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1980, performed in Greek by Anna Vissi and The Epikouri.

With music by Jick Nacassian and lyrics by Rony Sofu, the "Autostop" was Greece's sixth entry in the Contest. It is an up-tempo number in praise of the tradition of hitch-hiking throughout Europe. Vissi suggests that it is the best way of seeing the world, and sings that one can even go as far as China. The song is also memorable for the frequent repetition of the title, with the word being sung 37 times. Also of note is the fact that Lia Vissi, Vissi's older sister, made an appearance as one of the backing singers, having done the same one year before. Both sisters would go on (at the 1982 Contest in Anna's case and the 1985 Contest in Lia's) to represent their country of birth, Cyprus.

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