Teddy Scholten Een Beetje
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Draw Position 5, Final Position 1, Points (Final) 21

'n Beetje (A little bit), sometimes incorrect spelled as Een Beetje, was the winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest 1959. Performed in Dutch by Teddy Scholten, the song was the second victory for the Netherlands in the first four years of the contest's history.

The song is more up-tempo than the previous winners had been, as well as being somewhat less serious. It is sung from the perspective of a young woman being asked by her lover if she is "true" and "faithful", to which she answers "A little bit". This unusual admission is then justified by the comment that "everyone is in love at least once", hence nobody can be said to be entirely faithful to anyone. Befitting the lyrics, the music has a lilt to it which had been missing from the previous winners. Scholten also recorded the song in German (as "Sei ehrlich"), French ("Un p'tit peu").

She sang an English version for British television as "The Moment", an Italian version "Un Poco", and a Swedish version ("Om våren") which we do not currently have lyrics for.

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Een Beetje

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