Christer Björkman I Morgon är En Annan Dag
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Draw Position 7, Final Position 22, Points (Final) 9

I morgon är en annan dag ("Tomorrow is another day") is a ballad with which Christer Björkman won the Swedish Melodifestivalen of 1992. The song was written by Niklas Strömstedt. In the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest, I morgon är en annan dag finished 22nd: second from last. For this reason, the song is sometimes humorously referred to as Näst sist ("Second last").

The song was a favourite with the bookmakers before the Eurovision contest, and Christer Björkman himself had thought that the song would finish among the top three. However, in the event, it was awarded just nine points and finished second from last. Anders Berglund was the conductor; he also conducted, with an accordion, the Yugoslav entry in the same year.

The single peaked at number five in the Swedish singles chart and remained in Svensktoppen for 17 weeks (26 April – 11 October 1992), where it was placed first for six weeks.

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I Morgon är En Annan Dag

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