Yohanna Is It True?
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Draw Position 12, Final Position 1, Points (Final) 174

"Is It True?" is a song by Icelandic singer Yohanna and was the Icelandic entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, Russia. The song was composed by Óskar Páll Sveinsson and won second place in the contest. The song was also recorded in Spanish ("Si te vas"), German ("War es nur"), Russian ("Я не сплю" /"Ja nje splju") and French ("Si tu sais").

Yohanna performed the song in the first semi-final on 12 May 2009, where it came in first place with 174 points (qualifying for the final). In the final, the song came in second place overall with 218 points. That made it the most successful Icelandic song entry to the Eurovision contest since 1999, when Selma placed second with the song "All Out of Luck."

"Is It True?" reached #1 in the Icelandic Singles Chart. It became a Top 10 hit in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greece, Switzerland, and also charted in Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Russia, Slovakia, the UK, and reaching #14 in the European Hot 100 chart, making it the second best-selling Eurovision entry of the year, only surpassed by Alexander Rybak's winning song "Fairytale".

The song is available as a single, and on the official Eurovision Song Contest album. Yohanna released an album in 2008, Butterflies and Elvis, but it did not include the song as it was not yet recorded, however a limited edition of the album was released in 2009 with the song included. "Is It True?" was recently used in a video entitled: 'Why the financial crisis matters for security: a three minute guide' which formed part of the July 2009 edition of the NATO Review online magazine: To watch the video, click the Nato website.

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