Ivi Adamou La La Love
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Draw Position 8, Final Position 16, Points (Final) 65

La La Love is a song by Greek Cypriot singer Ivi Adamou. It was chosen to represent Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. The song was released in Europe on 3 February and will be released in China on 14 April.

CyBC used an internal selection method to choose Ivi Adamou. Ivi and her recoding company, Sony Music Greece, picked three songs to sing at the Cypriot national final, all of which are primarily written by foreign composers. At the national final, which took place on 25 January 2012, the winning song would be determined by 50% televoting and 50% jury vote.

In the end, "La La Love" was chosen to represent Cyprus in Eurovision Song Contest 2012. The song finished 7th in its semi-final and 16th in the grand final, Cyprus's best result since Lisa Andreas came 5th in the 2004 grand final with "Stronger Every Minute". Following the contest, "La La Love" also became one of only two Eurovision entries in the next week's UK top 100, selling 4,002 copies to chart at #77. (The other charting Eurovision entry was the winning entry "Euphoria", which charted at #3.)

The music video of the song is based on the story of Snow White.

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La La Love

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