Doris Marija Magdalena
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Draw Position 4, Final Position 4, Points (Final) 118

"Marija Magdalena" (English translation: "Mary Magdalene") was the Croatian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1999, performed in Croatian by Doris Dragović.

This song is a love song, Dragović singing she "belongs to you" and swearing this by the names both of God and the Biblical character. For a dramatic appearance, she appeared dressed in a white gown and cloak. She was accompanied on stage by one female backing singer dressed in black. At the start of the second verse, she removed the cloak, to reveal a tight bodice.

When the number of countries wishing to enter the contest increased sharply, Eurovision began calculating an average of each country's scores from previous years; countries with the best marks could compete in following years. When it emerged that Dragović used offstage accompaniment (i.e. vocals by a male voice choir not on stage), Croatia was penalised by removal of one third of its marks average. It was too late to dock points from that night's score.

Dragović said if she won with this song, she would release a Hebrew version. She did not win and a Hebrew version remains unreleased; however, it is believed that it was recorded.

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Marija Magdalena

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