Karolina Mojot Svet
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Draw Position 6, Final Position 14, Points (Final) 73

"Mojot svet" (Macedonian: Мојот свет; English translation: "My world") was the Macedonian[1] entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, performed in Macedonian and English by Karolina Gočeva. The song was composed by Grigor Koprov and written by Ognen Nedelkovski, both of whom have previous Contest experience. Karolina, too, has previous Eurovision experience, having performed Od Nas Zavisi for her country at the 2002 Contest. Her appearance marks the first time that the same performer has represented Macedonia twice.

The song is a dramatic ballad. It deals with the power of music, declaring that "it has no religions or borders/My world is eight notes/One Balkan soul". At the Contest, Gočeva performed the song with two ballet dancers performing various lifts behind her.

The song was first performed in the national final in the Republic of Macedonia for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Skopje, 24 February 2007. The song won with maximum 144 points from each of the 12 voting regions.

As Macedonia had not finished the previous Contest in the top ten, the song was performed in the semi-final. Here, it was performed eighteenth (following Portugal's Sabrina with "Dança comigo" and preceding Norway's Guri Schanke with "Ven a bailar conmigo"). At the close of voting, it had received 97 points, placing 9th in a field of 28 and qualifying Macedonia for the final.

In the final, it was performed sixth (following Finland's Hanna Pakarinen with "Leave Me Alone" and preceding Slovenia's Alenka Gotar with "Cvet z juga"). At the close of voting, it had received 73 points, placing 14th in a field of 24 and returning Macedonia to the semi-final for the next Contest. The result represented the fourth consecutive occasion that Macedonia had qualified for the final but failed to make the top ten - something which has happened each year since the institution of the semi-final.The song received the most points for the country, with a total of 73 points but not the best place.

This song is quite unusual with other songs as it is in 7/8 timing, meaning that there are 7 eighth notes to a measure.

A parody of the song lyrics was made for the comedy show "Hihiriku" aired in the Macedonian national radio.

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Mojot Svet

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