Kali Monté La Riviè
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"Monté la riviè" (English translation: "Go Up The River") was the French entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1992, performed in Antillean Creole and French (the first occasion on which France had not sung almost entirely in French) by Martinique-born singer Kali.

The song deals with the suggestion that the listener "go up the river", which is ultimately shown to be a metaphor as the river is "the river of love, the river of life" and the listener is told that "One day you'll see the source of the river". Thus, the lyrics deal with the need to find peace and love in the modern world.

The music - also composed by the performer - is often described as being inspired by the sounds of Haiti, however it also makes a nod to the synthesiser sounds increasingly popular at the Contest at the time.

The song was also recorded entirely in Haitian Creole, the only time to date that this language has ever featured at the Contest.

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Monté La Riviè

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