Cliff Richard Power To All Our Friends
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"Power to All Our Friends" is a song by Cliff Richard. He entered it as the British entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 1973. It came third.

It was selected by a postal vote decided by BBC Television viewers after he performed all six songs on A Song For Europe featured on Cilla Black's BBC1 Saturday evening show Cilla.

It was released in the UK as a single in 1973 and reached #4 in the UK Singles Chart. The B-side was "Come Back Billie Jo", which was the runner-up in the contest for the British entry.

It was criticised for containing a solecism where it described a girl as "laying down in Monte Carlo" - it meant "lying down". For the live performance of the song at the Eurovision final, BBC boss Bill Cotton requested that Cliff sing the correct English "lying down in Monte Carlo".

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Power To All Our Friends

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