Greenjolly Razom Nas Bahato
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"Razom Nas Bahato, Nas Ne Podolaty" (Ukrainian: Разом нас багато, нас не подолати) is a hip-hop song by GreenJolly, which became the unofficial anthem of the Ukrainian Orange Revolution in 2004. The literal translation of the song title is "Together we are many, we cannot be defeated". It deliberately resembles a title of a famous Chilean song of Quilapayún used by the Unidad Popular, El pueblo unido jamás será vencido (The People United Will Never Be Defeated), written by composer Sergio Ortega.

The original song was entirely in Ukrainian, and was written specifically to refer to the 2004 presidential election, even going so far as to name Presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko by name. When it was the Ukrainian entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 in Kiev, the lyrics were rewritten to include English lyrics, and omitting references to Yushchenko.

This anthem was also used by demonstrators in Belarus, after an election that was alleged to have irregularities.

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Razom Nas Bahato

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