Udo Jürgens Sag Ihr, Ich Lass Sie Grüßen
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Draw Position 6, Final Position 4, Points (Final) 16

"Sag ihr, ich lass sie grüßen" (ger. "Tell her I send my regards") was the Austrian entry in the 1965 Eurovision Song Contest, performed in German by Udo Jürgens.

The song itself is in the chanson style and features Jürgens telling a friend what to tell a former lover. He explains that the lover must be told that he sends his regards and that he is doing fine, but that his hope that she might come back to him must not be mentioned. He ends, however, with the instruction that "in spite of that, tell her I love her".

The song was also recorded in Italian and Spanish. New German versions were recorded in 1972 and in 1996. Unlike Jürgens other two Eurovision entries, there were no English or French versions of "Sag ihr, ich lass sie grüßen" recorded.

At the close of voting, the song had received 16 points, placing it fourth in a field of 18 songs.

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Sag Ihr, Ich Lass Sie Grüßen

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