Ani Lorak Shady Lady
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Draw Position 18, Final Position 2, Points (Final) 230

"Shady Lady" was the Ukrainian entry for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. It was sung by Ani Lorak, composed by Philipp Kirkorov and written by Karen Kavaleryan. However, in Greece, around the time of the Contest, there were many rumors stating that popular composer Dimitris Kontopoulos had actually composed the song. Although his name was not credited during the Eurovision Song Contest performances, it was later confirmed that Kontopoulos was indeed a producer of the song.

The song competed in the second semi-final on 22 May, performing 4th in the running order, preceding Turkey's Mor ve Ötesi with "Deli" and preceding Lithuania's Jeronimas Milius with "Nomads in the Night". It received 152 points, placing 1st in a field of 19 and qualifying for the final.

The single itself has become very successful in Ukraine featuring two A-sides: "Shady Lady" and "Ja Stanu Morem" ("I'll Be A Sea"), which was also a Eurovision candidate. The single also featured the video of "Shady Lady" as a bonus track, while the other three Eurovision candidates were also included. It charted for over 30 weeks, peaking at number 1 on the official Ukrainian charts, while also faring well in neighbouring countries.

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