Catherine Ferry Un, Deux, Trois
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Draw Position 17, Final Position 2, Points (Final) 147

"Un, deux, trois" (English translation: "One, Two, Three") was the French entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1976, performed in French by Catherine Ferry.

At the close of voting, it ranked 2nd in a field of 18 with 147 points, the highest score of any French entry to date. This entry earned the highest average vote of any runner-up and the eighth highest average vote of all entries since Eurovision adopted the current voting system.

The song is an up-tempo number, dealing with Ferry's "policy" of being with her lover. She sings "It's so nice in your arms", for example. Mention is also made of the fact that Ferry does not think that life - nor love - necessarily has to be as complicated as "a book by Kafka." Ferry also recorded the song in English, German, Spanish, under the titles "One, Two, Three", "Eins, zwei, drei" and "Un, dos, tres" respectively.

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Un, Deux, Trois

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