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"Düm Tek Tek" is a song by Belgium born Turkish singer Hadise that was performed as the Turkish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, Russia.

The song was revealed during TRT's special New Year's Eve party show, where the song premiered just after 2009 arrived in Turkey. The show was broadcast both online through TRT International and on television.

In Belgium, "Düm Tek Tek" entered the Ultratop 50 (Flanders) at 36, where it stayed there for a week before dropping out the charts. It soon became number one, defeating "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga. It also entered the Ultratop 40 (Wallonia) at 27, marking Hadise first appearance on any Wallonia chart.

"Düm Tek Tek" is the entry to represent Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 and was chosen by Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT). Hadise had prepared three songs as candidates for the contest, which she submitted to TRT for consideration.

Hadise started off her promo tour in Malta, appearing on 5 popular television shows including the National Final of Malta in which their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, What If We by Chiara, was chosen. Her second destination was National Final of Greece in which their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, This Is Our Night by Sakis Rouvas, was chosen. Then she started her Balkan tour in Komotini, Greece. Her second stop was Skopje, Macedonia. She also visited Albania, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova.

In a reaction about the first semi-final, Hadise said it is a miracle that she made it to the final although she was sick. In a reaction of her birth country Belgium not making it to the final, she said that she represents now both countries (Turkey and Belgium) and that she always felt that way.

The lyrics of "Düm Tek Tek" were written by Hadise, Sinan Akçıl and Stefaan Fernande, while the music was composed by Sinan Akçıl. The song resembles the previous winning Turkish song "Everyway That I Can", in the sense that both are up-tempo songs with a Turkish flavor (though some consider it a kind of love song due to its lyrics). The song itself is performed in English, with the hook being in Turkish. "Düm Tek Tek" is a phrase formed by the Turkish music instrument darbuka, so it can't readily be translated into other languages, though it has been said that "boom bang bang" is one English equivalent. It has been described as a "rhythmic pattern of Turkish music which is similar to vals in western music". In the song "Düm Tek Tek" symbolizes heartbeats according to the song's lyrics.

During the month of March, a music video for "Düm Tek Tek" was shot. Snippets of the "Düm Tek Tek" video were shown during news broadcasts on VRT and Vtm, in Belgium, showing Hadise dancing within flame-like figures. The version of the song featured in the music video differs to the original as it has a new, more lively beat. The music video was edited in several ways, resulting in three different versions of the video being presented to TRT; one of the three was later leaked onto the internet. The selected music video for "Düm Tek Tek" was set to premiere during the TRT news on March 15. However, the video release was postponed as it was said TRT was unable to decide; it was later revealed that TRT decided to send the video which was shot for TRT's New Year's Eve party show.

The music video for Dum Tek Tek, was leaked on the internet, again the video was labelled as being too erotic, and was thought to be the reason why TRT didn't release the video, however Hadise's The manager Süheyl Atay denied these claims and was quoted as saying:

"TRT has no attitudes or enforcements restricting the productivity of the artist like it has never had up to now. The claims appearing on the Turkish press since 22nd March 2009 do not reflect the reality." Atay said that the montage process of the clip is still going on and the clip asserted to be the official one is only one of the 3 clip samples being delivered to TRT. "As can be understood from the quality of the images, that clip is not the final official version of the video clip. The process is going on, and the real clip will be made public by TRT as soon as possible." said Süheyl Atak.

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