Kreisiraadio Leto Svet
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Draw Position 3, Final Position 18, Points (Final) 8

"Leto svet" was Estonia's entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, performed in Serbian, German and Finnish by Hannes Võrno, Peeter Oja and Tarmo Leinatamm from the Estonian comedy group Kreisiraadio. It can be listened here (video and song from the Estonian Television homepage, officially published video).


"Leto svet" won the national Eurovision Song Contest final in Estonia (Eurolaul) on 2 February 2008; for a list of all national finalists, see Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. Though being landslide winner, it created some controversy amongst Estonian and especially amongst international Eurovision fans.

This song also has received a lot of attention in the host country, Serbia. Most of the lyrics to "Leto svet" are performed in the Serbian language, but without regard to grammar or sense.

"Leto Svet" did not make it past the first semi final, being ranked 18th (out of 19 songs) with just 8 points (7 from Finland and 1 from Moldova).

As most pop songs have simple melody and reliance of rhythm machine, Leto Svet is over simplistic and with a simple rhythm. As most pop songs use lyrics that don't have much meaning, and are just fitting in tune, Leto Svet's lyrics are made of random words from dictionary.

As culturally similar countries vote for each other, Leto Svet uses lyrics in one of former Serbian language. As Eurovision relies heavily on stage show, Leto Svet uses extremely simplistic and absurd dancing moves.

At one point Peeter Oja tries to pick up an accordion with exploding results. (Accordion is in fact a rather used instrument in Estonia.) Making love with piano is probably a spoof of Estonian artist Rein Rannap, who experiments with piano, and has competed in Eurolaul at least one time. Tarmo Leinatamm's afro is probably parody of song "Everybody", that featured non native Estonian singer Dave Benton.

A short passage near the end of the song is presented in Finnish. The line "Mitäs nyt, kesävalot nyt?" ("What's this now, summer lights now?") is repeated four times. However, during the performance in the semi-final the last line was changed to "kesäpanot nyt" ("summerfucks now"), which can clearly be heard and seen as there is a close-up of one of the performers saying the line. A Finnish girl rock group Ilona had a hit called "Kesäpano" in 1987.

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