Laka Pokusaj
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Draw Position 6, Final Position 10, Points (Final) 110

"Pokušaj" (Try), is a song by the Bosnian singer Elvir Laković Laka. "Pokušaj" is an alternative rock-style song and was composed and written by Laka, who is a popular alternative rock singer from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He was internally selected by the Bosnian National broadcaster BHT to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia. Laka was chosen among many other entries to represent Bosnia and, therefore, the Bosnian version represented Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade. On 20 May 2008, the song competed in the first semi-final of Eurovision, and won a place in the final on 24 May, where it was the 6th song performed out of 25. The song finished 10th out of 25, receiving 110 points. Laka performed the song with his younger sister Mirela along with four backing singers dressed as brides.

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