Malcolm Lincoln & Manpower 4 Siren
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Draw Position 3, Final Position 14, Points (Final) 39

"Siren" is a song written and composed by Robin Juhkental, and represented Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 as a result of winning the national contest Eesti Laul 2010. It was co-produced by Vaiko Eplik, who has worked with such people as ex-Eurovision contestants Jack Lucien (Andorra 2009) and Ruffus (Estonia 2003). It is performed by Juhkental with his band Malcolm Lincoln and in the contests is backed by a group of vocalists called Manpower 4, consisting of Jaanus Saago, Andrei Ozdoba, Mick Pedaja and Kristjan Knight. The song is included on Malcolm Lincoln's debut album Loaded With Zoul.

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