Vukašin Brajić Thunder And Lightning
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Draw Position 8, Final Position 8, Points (Final) 59

Thunder and Lightning" (Serbian: Муња и гром; Munja i grom) is a song composed by Dino Šaran, Ulvija Tanović and Vukašin Brajić, and performed by Brajić. It was the Bosnia and Herzegovina entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, performed in English. 

The song was selected internally by Bosnian national broadcaster Radiotelevizija Bosne i Hercegovine (BHRT) from between 80 and 100 songs submitted to the broadcaster. Brajić was announced as the Bosnian entry on January 11, and both the English and Serbian versions of the song were presented on March 14, 2010. Originally in Serbian, it was confirmed on 17 March that Brajić will perform the song at Eurovision in English.

Brajić performed the song in the First Semi Final of the Contest, performing 8th, between Serbia's Milan Stanković and Poland's Marcin Mroziński. Brajić gained 59 points, placing 8th and qualifying for the Grand Final of the Contest. According to the split jury-televote results, European juries placed his performance as 5th (86 points), while televoters were not as kind, placing him on the 11th spot (42 points), but ultimately averaging to the 8th place he achieved.

In the Grand Final, "Thunder and Lightning" did not do as well as in the Semi Final, getting 51 points and placing 17th. At that point in time, this was Bosnia and Herzegovina's worst placing since 1997, when the country placed 18th. Points for the song came from only 7 countries out of the remaining 38 participants, with the highest 12 points from Serbia, 10 points from Croatia and 8 from Turkey.

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Thunder And Lightning

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