Stefan Filipović Zauvijek Volim Te
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Draw Position 1, Final Position 14, Points (Final) 23

"Zauvijek volim te" (Cyrillic: Заувијек волим те, English translation: "I Love You Forever") is a song performed by Stefan Filipović, and was the Montenegrin entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. It was performed first in the first semi-final on May 20, 2008 but failed to make it to the final. It got 23 points in total (12 from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 10 from Slovenia and 1 point from San Marino), which was enough only for a 14th place.The 10 and 12 points given make this song the best Montenegrin entry so far.

The song was composed by a team of authors from Macedonia: Grigor Koprov (music), Ognen Nedelkovski (lyrics) and Vladimir Dojčinovski (arrangement) - the same team that created Karolina's song "Mojot svet"; the Macedonian entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. It was later rearranged by Marko Kon and Aleksandar Kobac, famous Serbian arrangers. Two of the 4 backing vocalists are the same ones that sang back vocals for the Croatian song in 2003 and Slovenian song in 2007 - Amira Hidić and Martina Majerle. The other two are called Ana Kabalin and Mateja Majerle.

It's a love song written in a pop-rock style. Stefan sings to his lover, asking her to "be his again" because he "loves her for eternity". An English version of the song was released under the title "Never Forget I Love You". The demo versions of the song were presented on March 8, 2008, on a RTCG live show, while the rearranged version was released on March 17. Promotional videos were made for both versions of the song. They were filmed on various locations such as the Old Town of Kotor and Budva.

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Zauvijek Volim Te

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