Paolo Meneguzzi Era Stupendo
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Draw Position 7, Final Position 13, Points (Final) 47

"Era stupendo" ("It was wonderful") is a song by Paolo Meneguzzi which was chosen to represent Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, to be held in Belgrade. The song was publicly unveiled as the Swiss entry on 13 January 2008 at the Swiss Music Awards. The song is a soft rock ballad in Italian. It is written and composed by the Swedish songwriter Mattias Brånn. On 20 January 2008, Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet reported that the song had been accused of being plagiarised from Amy Diamond's "It Can Only Get Better".

"Era stupendo" is a ballad that starts softly but speeds up just in the beginning of its second half. It's accompanied fundamentally by piano.

Excitement about the song rose sharply since the very moment that Paolo Meneguzzi was confirmed as the Switzerland's representative in Eurovision 2008. However, the version played in Switzerland wasn't the one performed in the contest in Belgrade, as the song, having a length of 3'30", needed to be shortened to 3' maximum to suit EBU's regulations. The "maximum" points to this song were given from Malta (12 points) and Albania (10 points).

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Era Stupendo

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