Estonia: Stig Rästa and Gerli Padar return to Eesti Laul

The twenty candidates for the Estonian preselection Eesti Laul have been announced by broadcaster ERR. Stig Rästa (ESC 2015) and Gerli Padar (ESC 2007) are familiar names that are on the list.

Stig Rästa did a good job in Vienna, when he finished in seventh place with the song ‘Goodbye to yesterday’, which he performed together with Elina Born. Gerli Padar was not as lucky, as she did not pass from the huge semi final in Helsinki. Check out both performances below:

The semi finals of Eesti Laul will be held on Saturday the 10th and 17th of February, in which ten songs will be performed each week. The best five songs of both shows will advance to the final on the 3rd of March

The lucky 20 in Estonia

Here is the line-up for the shows in Estonia:

1. Frankie Animal – (Can’t Keep Calling) Misty
2. Iiris & Agoh – Drop That Boogie
3. Aden Ray – Everybody’s Dressed
4. Stig Rästa – Home
5. Nika – Knock Knock
6. Metsakutsu – Koplifornia
7. Etnopatsy – Külm
8. Elina Netšajeva – La forza
9. Vajé – Laura (Walk With Me)
10. Tiiu x Okym x Semy – Näita oma energiat
11. Desiree – On My Mind
12. Miljardid – Pseudoprobleem
13. Rolf Roosalu – Show A Little Love
14. Eliis Pärna ja Gerli Padar – Sky
15.Girls In Pearls – Spellbound
16. Marju Länik – Täna otsuseid ei tee
17. Indrek Ventmann – Tempel
18. Sibyl Vane – Thousand Words
19. Evestus – Welcome To My World
20. Karl Kristjan & Karl Killing (ft. Wateva) – Young

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Bulgaria: Another internal selection despite bigger plans

It hardly comes as a surprise, but Bulgarian broadcaster BNT will once again pick their artist for the Eurovision Song Contest internal. They will handpick their act for Lisbon.

The broadcaster openly discussed the possibility to have a national final in the future, but also openly told that this might cost them more money than they can afford. Thus, they will stick to the gameplan that gave them a lot of success in recent years.

The rules for our (internal) selection in 2018 just approved. Long story short – more of the same like this year. Details regarding the specifics and the deadlines to follow very soon. So get prepared #Eurovision

— BNT Eurovision 🇧🇬 (@bg_eurovision) November 8, 2017

The participation of Bulgaria was also in jeopardy, after broadcaster BNT had to look for another director. They will miss out on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Georgia, but will be able to take part as planned in Portugal at the ‘Main Event’.

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Australia: National final still an option for the future

Australia will pick their act for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 through an internal selection again. However, broadcaster SBS does not rule out the possibility to host a national final in the future, they tell ESCDaily.com.

A spokesperson of SBS lets us know: “The 2018 artist will be chosen through an internal selection by SBS and Blink TV. Should we continue to secure an invitation to compete in Eurovision, we will explore other options for the future. Whether that will be 2019, or beyond.”

The idea of an Australian Melodifestivalen still stands

Paul Clarke, the Head of Delegation of Australia, told this website in Kiev that SBS is exploring the possibility to hold a national final. They would base such a national final format on the big Swedish preselection Melodifestivalen.

It now turns out that this dream was a long-term-plan. Organizing a national final for a country that has only managed to get into the Eurovision Song Contest so recently, is a tough job. Between Kiev in May and the upcoming preselection season in January, there simply was not enough time to do it.

And then there was also the lingering issue of Australia’s case-by-case participation. Broadcaster SBS still does not have full confirmation that they will be able to participate beyond Lisbon 2018.

Australia needs to be the Sweden of the south

There was not enough time to make this Australian dream reality towards the next contest in Lisbon. But what if Australia gets a permanent stay in the Eurovision Song Contest? Chances are we might have such a show in the (near) future.

The Australian delegation thinks they must be “the Sweden of the south”, to be able to get permanent access to the contest. Check out below what Paul Clarke said about the issue, back in May of this year.

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Lisbon Talks Eurovision Seashells, Nautical Slogans, and Ticket Sales

The Lisbon Oceanarium which is located beside next year’s Eurovision Song Contest venue played host to RTP’s latest press conference on November 7th. Three big announcements were promised, and by the end of the presentation and the question and answer session that followed, a lot more detail about the 2018 Song Contest was confirmed.

Who’s Coming To Lisbon?

The EBU revealed that – as of now – 42 countries will be competing in May, with Russia returning from their absence in Kyiv 2017 and Macedonia not included in the official entry list due to the broadcaster being suspended from EBU activities due to outstanding payments (although the country will still be represented at this month’s Junior Eurovision). A similar issue forced Romania to sit out the Stockholm 2016, but at least the Macedonian broadcaster MRT has been given sufficient notice and had not chosen an entry, as happened with Romania.

In subsequent interviews, the EBU’s Executive Supervisor for the Eurovision Song Contest, Jon Ola Sand indicated that discussions with MRT were ongoing, which suggests that if a solution can be reached Macedonia will compete in Lisbon after all. A final decision over the Macedonian entry is likely to be made early in the New Year, before the Semi Final allocation draw takes place.

Can I Be In The Audience?

The second piece of information that many who are planning to attend next year’s Song Contest were waiting for was news of the ticket sale. It was confirmed that tickets would be put on sale to the general public later this month, through the normal online sales process.

The exact date for the ticket sale has still to be confirmed.

OGAE, the long-established unofficial  fan club of the Contest, has also been working with the organisers to arrange the traditional ticket packages for all the live shows and jury finals. It is believed that demand for these packages is the highest it has been for several years with the Irish branch of OGAE already confirming an increase of over 250 percent compared to the demand in 2017. The return of Russia and the proximity of the contest to Western Europe are also likely to drive a higher demand for tickets.

What To Look For

Most of the attention in the press conference focussed on the theme art, logo and slogan for the 2018 contest. As RTP had previously announced, there will be a nautical theme to the first Contest to be staged on Europe’s Atlantic coast. The slogan of “All Aboard” avoids a repeat of the accusations of misplaced political correctness that dogged 2017’s “Celebrate Diversity” although the blurb explaining the 2018 logo and slogan does refer to the Song Contest’s mission to demonstrate Europe’s musical diversity.

Eurovison 2018 logo card (EBU)

Eurovison 2018 logo card (EBU)

The logo with an aquatic theme designed by local artist Nicolau Tudela comes with one main design and twelve alternatives, reflecting the famous douze points, the apex of achievement at the Eurovision Song Contest. The variety of the images is supposedly associated with the diversity of the people who make up the Contest, as well as the diversity of songs, in a multicultural and multi-ethnic festival. These images will be rolled out on posters throughout Lisbon during the build-up to the contest and are to be used in the merchandise for the event.

It is also likely that they will be incorporated into the stage and television imagery in May, and the prominence of the seashell should be noted.

RTP did not disclose any of details of show itself at the press conference although there was a revelation that a broad net is being cast in the search for presenters and that candidates associated with rival broadcasters may be considered, but only those who are Portuguese.

Anything Else?

Other information that was revealed in the press conference was that the Red Carpet event would become a Blue Carpet, in line with the aquatic theme. The location is outside the centre of Lisbon in the coastal area of Belém, The venue for this welcome event on May 6th is the MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture & Technology) which opened in 2016. The stunning building which is covered in white ceramic was designed by British architect Amanda Levete and the white stone roof functions as a public park. However as it hugs the northern shoreline of the Tagus, it takes on a totally different colour scheme in the evening as the sunset is reflected on the building, turning it to a glorious golden colour.

The MAAT Centre, Lisbon, Portugal

The MAAT Centre, Lisbon, Portugal

The site of the Eurovision village was also confirmed and as expected the iconic downtown Praça do Comércio (Commercial Plaza) will be taken over by the Eurovision Song Contest from Friday 4th to Sunday 13th May. Events will take from 4pm to 11pm every day and on show nights it is planned that the Song Contest will be broadcast on big screens. This beautiful historic square is the perfect alternative for those unable to get tickets for the Arena. As of yet, the venue for the Euroclub and the Eurocafe have still to be finalised, although it is though that the Contest will be spread to locations throughout the city.

While not announced at the press conference, RTP has already started work on the postcards that will fill the slots between the songs. Portuguese Tourism has been brought on-board to select sites around the country that show off the diverse attractions of the country, especially highlighting the aquatic theme. As well as the Portuguese mainland, Madeira and the Azores, an island group in the mid-Atlantic are like to be showcased to television viewers.

As has happened in recent years, the EBU and various support services will be lending a helping hand to the host broadcaster. Once again, Swede Christer Björkman will be involved in elements of the staging and production, although RTP has made it clear that the shows will have a unique Portuguese flavour.

The fact that so much information about next year’s Eurovision Song Contest is already known is a testament to one of Europe’s most successful and long standing broadcasters. Lisbon 2018 is taking shape, six months before the shows begin.

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Waylon returns to the Eurovision Song Contest

2014 runner up Waylon is going for a second time. Today, he was surprisingly announced as the Dutch representative for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. He is the fourth artist chosen for the contest held in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Waylon is no stranger to Eurovision and the many fans. He represented the Netherlands at the 2014 edition. Back then, he performed together with Ilse DeLange as The Common Linnets. With the song Calm After The Storm they came second. This time all focus will be on him.

The Netherlands are the fourth country to announce their artist for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest despite the fact that we are not even half way through November. This is quite an unusual situation.

In the video below, take a look at the Dutch second place from 2014 with Waylon and Ilse DeLange.

The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest

In recent years, the country did rather well, but that came after quite some struggling. The Netherlands failed to reach the final from 2005 to 2012. Fans were really frustrated, but then came the announcement of Anouk representing the country in 2013, and things changed. She marked in many ways the beginning of a new area where the Dutch broadcaster took things a little more serious and went for bigger well known names. The results improved, and the Netherlands once again look like a serious contender to soon take the trophy home.

The country joined the Eurovision Song Contest in its first year, 1956. They have won the contest four times, although the last one dates back to 1975. Could Waylon improve his second place from the contest in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2014? We have to wait and see, but expectations surely will be high.

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