Australia: “Jessica’s song must match her excellent vocal qualities”

A couple of days ago, our Australian reporter Joshua Mayne already put Jessica Mauboy on top of his list of possible acts for Australia in 2018. Now that she has actually been chosen, he is excited about the possibilities of another high score at the Eurovision Song Contest.

“She is a simply amazing singer. Her vocal capabilities must be matched with an excellent song,” he states in the video report you can see below:

Jessica spoke out on ESCDaily

We already had the chance to talk to Jessica Mauboy about Eurovision 2018. She already spoke her mind on her act and song, which will probably be an uptempo song with lots of movement.

But Jessica also hinted that her act will include some of her aboriginal roots. Joshua Mayne is looking forward to that, very much: “Absolutely beautiful, we have a rich cultural tradition, which is something nice to share with Europe.”

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Eugene Filatov finishes off Ukraine National Selection jury line up

Eugene Filatov

The national selection jury for Ukraine is now complete. In a shocking twist, Konstantin Meladze will not return. Andriy Danylko and Jamala will be joined by Eugene Filatov as they search for Ukraine’s next Eurovision winner. Can they find it?

Can Ukraine produce another winning entry for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest? This is what  national selection jury members Jamala, Andriy Danylko and newly announced judge Eugene will be hoping to achieve.

Ukraine will start it’s televised selection process on 10th February where the first round of semi finals will take place. Another round of semi finals will be broadcast the following week on the 17th February with the final taking place on the 24th. Last year’s host Serhiy Pritula will once again lead the event where Ukraine will select their participant for the upcoming contest. All shows will be televised on STB and UA:PBC Channel 1.

Ukraine’s jury members are no strangers to Eurovision. In 2007 Andriy Danylko represented Ukraine, not as himself but as his alter ego Verka Serduchka. He achieved 2nd place, losing out to Marija Šerifović and her winning entry Molitva. 2016’s winner Jamala has also been confirmed to be on the judges panel for the second year running. Eugene Filatov has replaced Konstantin Meladze as the third and final jury member.

Speaking to 1tv.com.ua Filatov said that he wants to see young and ambitious artists in the semi finals. In a statement he said that “I want to discover new first-class artists”. Will he get what he wishes?

Despite not having any obvious connections to Eurovision, Filatov has worked as a sound producer for Onuka who served as one of the interval acts in this year’s contest.  He has also worked with Tina Karol, Loboda and Sunsay. Filatov also was the support act for British band Jamiroquai when they performed at Kyiv’s Sports Palace.

Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest

Ukraine is one of the most successful countries in Eurovision. Since their debut in 2003 Ukraine has won the competition twice. The first time in 2004 when Ruslana brought Wild Dances to Europe and Jamala in 2016 with 1944. Ukraine’s worst record to date was in 2017 when, as the home nation, they came in 24th place with O.Torvald and their rock ballad Time.

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Latvia 2018: Edgars Kreilis – the serious story behind Younger Days

On December 6, Latvian TV, announced the twenty one songs that will feature in Supernova 2018. EuroVisionary has been chatting to the acts to discover the meaning behind their songs.

Today we reveal the dark story behind the jaunty pop entry from Edgars Kreilis and his song Younger Days. Edgars appeared in last years Supernova with the song We Are Angels. Unfortunately, Edgars placed eighth in his heat and was eliminated. However, Younger Days has been appearing on fans top ten lists this year. The upbeat song seem to be about having fun as a child but there is more behind the song than what first appears.

Edgars wrote the song based on his childhood memories. He mentions his sister and friends in the song. They were, as a child, his escape from fear, pain and negativity, listening to midnight fights.

Edgars, now a father of three young daughters, reveals that he was brought up in a family where his parents didn’t get along. He acknowledges that today many children live in similar environments.

The song conveys the message that children need to try to stop a negative home environment from affecting their life. They should try to build their life in the way they want it to be. His wish is to make parents aware, that violence in families, scars children’s hearts, and his biggest wish is to make it stop. The song’s message is a plea for a brighter future for all children.

Below you can watch and listen to the lyric video of the song, and feel free to leave your comments about it.

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The 56th edition of Festivali i Këngës – what Albania has to offer! (Part One)

After hearing all 22 acts competing in the 56th edition of the Albanian music festival Festivalii Këngës, question is what do they have to offer? The two semi-finals take place on the 21st and 22nd of December, and they include a lot of variation.

In two weeks time, we will know who will represent Albania at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.  Below, we review half of the 22 songs, while the other half, will come soon. After listening to all the songs, Albania has indeed, a lot to offer – from romantic and passionate ballads to the most unexpected rock songs.

AkullThyesit – Divorci

AkullThyesit is an Albanian rock duo, who are quite noted in their home country. This is not the first time the two have participated in Festivali i Këngës, however. They first participated in the 31st edition of the festival, in 1992, which, at the time, was the most important festival in the country. After failing to win the festival in 1992, they decided to try again in 1995 in the 34th edition of the festival. This year, the band enters Divorci (The Divorce) which at first seems like a dramatic and thrilling song, until it completely changes to a crazy rock song. The song isn’t forgettable, as it keeps the audience alarmed with the unexpected screaming in the megaphone, however, with an impressive performance, AkullThyesit have a good chance on getting through the finals.

Artemisa Mithi – E dua botën

Artemisa Mithi is a young Albanian singer. She has won awards in various talent shows, such as ‘The Voice of Albania’,  and has been singing professionally for 3 years. The passion for music is inherited from her mother, who has been playing the piano for 12 years. Artemisa is very close to her mother, and saw ‘The Voice of Albania‘ as an opportunity to make her proud. Now Artemisa has took a step further and is participating in the Festivali i Këngës, with her song’E dua botën (I Love The World). In her music video, she appears to be very commanding, proud, and decisive. The opening was very sensual, and the music was energetic. It sounded like something that is listened to nowadays, which is a good thing, as she has a higher chance to impress the audience.

Bojken Lako – Sytë e shpirtit

Bojken Lako, a 42-year-old Albanian rock artist. As AkullThyesit, this is not his first experience at the Albanian festival. He competed in the Festival i Këngës in 1999, 2001,2009, 2011, and in 2012 as a solo artist. Soon after, he formed a group named ‘Bojken Lako Band’ and, together, they entered the 53rd edition of Festival i Këngës in November 2014, with the song ‘Tëndjëj’. He never had the luck to win the festival, so, for the 7th time, Bojken Lako enters the 56th edition of the festival with his song Sytë e shpirtit (The Eyes Of The Soul). It’s a soft rock song, which is accompanied by his lovely deep voice. It is a very mature song, and an authentic one, as he seems to be telling a story of pain and loss. Our expectations are high for this song!

Denisa Gjezo – Zemër ku je

Denisa Gjezo is a famous Albanian artist. She has participated in many musical competitions in her home country, such as Kënga Magjke and Top Fest. She is also part of an Albanian TV programme ‘El Diell’ which airs every weekend. When she was 10 years old, she entered many music competitions for children in the city in which she lived in, where she was admired by everyone. It was when she turned 15 that she started to sing live in public places such as concerts and inaugurations. Her first album was released in 2007 named Jamlabike Laberis which included turbo-folk music. After many tryouts at Top Fest, Denisa enters the Festival I Këngës with her song Zemër ku je (My love, where are you?).  Her voice is very powerful in her music video, possibly could sound even more powerful in a live performance, but overall a very good song, that allows the world to see how good a singer she is.

Elton Deda – Fjalët

Elton Deda is an Albanian musician, singer and television personality. He competed in many song festivals. His first appearance on TV was in the early 1980’s where he sang a song dedicated to his father, who, at the time, was a very popular conductor. When he was young, he formed a band named Tingullii Zjarrtë and the band received the ‘Best Group Award’. With his band, Elton has entered the Festival i Këngës several times. This year, he enters a rock song in the festival, named ‘Fjalët‘ (The Words). It is a karaoke-bar type of song, which is accompanied by a guitar and his very strong voice.

See alsoA Dal 2018: Thirty participants revealed for Hungary

Endri & Stefi – Mesazh 

Endri & Stefi are an Albanian duo, comprising two brothers, Endri and Stefi Prifti. The Brothers Prifti were born in the early 1970s in Korça, Albania. Endri & Stefi participated in Kënga Magjike 2007 with their song Serenata. In 2008, the brothers took part in the 47th edition of the Festivali i Këngës.  The following year they participated in the 48th edition of the Festivali in Këngës. This year, the duo comes back to the festival with the song Mesazh, (Message). It is a rock song, and with their strong voices, the song is strangely likeable. With a good performance, we are sure they will pull it off.

Ergi Bregu – Bum Bum

Ergi Bregu is an Albanian singer. Not a lot is known about the singer as she is not very noted in her home country. This year, she will sing at the Festival i Këngës, with her song Bum Bum . It is very much like a 70’s disco type of song, and is very groovy. In the music video, Ergi Bregu seems to be an energetic and lively person, and we hope we will also see her like this on stage.

Eugent Bushpepa – Mall

Eugent Bushpepa is a 33-year-old Albanian rock singer and songwriter. He started to work as a singer in 2006, on a talk show on Albania’s national television, slowly becoming one of the most well-known Albanian singers. Cover songs on talk shows and the best-known clubs in Albania is his speciality. He participated in Top Fest multiple times, once performing with a band and has collaborated with many Albanian singers. This year, Eugent Bushpepa will sing Mall (Yearning) at the 56th edition of the Festival i Këngës. It is a slow rock song initially, but gradually it becomes even stronger, and so does his voice.

Evans Rama – Gjurmët

Evans Rama is famous in Albania for participating in multiple music festivals. He is a 44-year-old Albanian singer and lives in his home country. He participated in the second edition of Top Fest in 2005. In 2006, he participated in other music festivals; one of which was the 45th edition of the Festival i Këngës. He kept attempting at the Festival i Këngës in 2007, 2010, 2011, and in 2015. This year, Evans Rama will make his 6th attempt to win the famous Albanese festival, by singing his song Gjurmët (The Traces). It is a reggae type of song, very pirate-like in parts of the song, yet also very simple. And sometimes, simple is just what we need.

Genc & David Tukiçi – Të pandarë

Genc & David Tukiçi are a duo comprising two brothers. The two are Albanian-French singers, pianists and composers. The brothers have been singing on their own, but this year, the two enter the Festival i Këngës together. However, this isn’t the first Festival i  Këngës they have experienced. David Tukiçi, for instance, participated at the 1969 edition of the festival, at the age of 13. The two are singing together for the first time at a public event, and they have certainly impressed us. The song they will sing at the festival – ‘Të Pandarë’  (Inseparable) –  is a ballad, a bit opera-ish. Their performance was very cinematic, nostalgic, and yearning. It very much reminds us of Jacques Houdek, who represented Croatia in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest; who sang high at one point, and then completely changed the tone in his voice to a much deeper and operatic one, and this is just what the brothers Tukiçi are doing, and it works out perfectly. We hope they’ll be just as successful as Jacques Houdek was.

Inis Neziri – Piedestal

Inish Neziri is an Albanian singer. Not a lot is known about her, however, she has participated in many musical events, such as the 5th and 6th edition of Gjeniu i Vogel and at the Mbrëmje Gala. This year, she takes a step further and participates at the 56th edition of the Festival i Këngës with her amazing song Piedestal (Pedestal). Her voice is extremely powerful, her performance in her music video was so inspiring. Her body language was expressive and the song itself is very impressive. We are looking forward to seeing her performing her beautiful song on stage!

Albania will be hoping they return to the final this year, after missing out, despite strong vocal performances, in 2016 and 2017. For now remind yourself of Eneda Tarifa’s Fairytale, the first of the two non-qualifying entries.

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Lithuania Nacionalinę Eurovizijos atranką 2018 hosts revealed

Today, the Lithuanian broadcaster, LRT announced the couple who will host Lithuanian’s Eurovision selection show in 2018. The shows begin on January 6.

Last year, the show was hosted by two females, but this year LRT have chosen a man and a woman, Mantas Stonkus and Ugnė Skonsmanaitė.

Ugnė has been a presenter on Lithuanian TV for over six years, while Mantas has been involved in comedy theatre and television commercials.

The couple have known each other for over a decade but have never worked together. LRT are confident that the two presenters will bring a youthful, fresh and lively format to their presentation together.

Mantas feels it is strange that he is presenting, as he has always wanted to actually be Lithuania’s entry at Eurovision. He says he may try next year.

Ugnė says that Lithuania’s choice can sometimes be unpredictable, but hopes the final song chosen will be very original.

More than one hundred songs have been submitted to LRT, but they are not revealling the participants yet, as some of the songs need to be rearranged to the three minute time limit.

Meanwhile, relive the Lithuanian entry from last year, Fusedmarc and Rain Of Revolution.

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Eurovision Insight Podcast: Interviewing Australia’s Jessica Mauboy


As more thoughts turn towards May and Lisbon’s hosting of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, we’re hearing more potential songs, more acts, and more names. Today saw Australia’s SBS announce a familiar name to Eurovision watchers to fly the Aussie standard in the sea of flags that will be the Atlantic Pavilion.

ESC Insight’s Ellie Chalkley caught up with Jessica Mauboy just after the announcement to find out more about her plans for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Interviewing Australia’s Jessica Mauboy

Ellie Chalkley talks to Jessica Mauboy as she is announced as Australia’s singer for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

Keep listening to the ESC Insight podcast over the winter for more Eurovision news, fun, and chat. You’ll find the show in iTunes, and a direct RSS feed is also available. We also have a regular email newsletter which you can sign up to here.

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