Slovenia decided: Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl are going to Tel Aviv with Sebi

Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl

Slovenia has chosen Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl as their 25th representatives at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. From ten contenders, they were crowned the winner of EMA and given the honor of representing Slovenia in Tel Aviv this May.

Thus, Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl will compete in the first half of the first Semi Final on Tuesday 14th of May with the song Sebi.

A jury consisting of Lea Sirk, Mojca Menart, Žiga Klančar and Aleksander Radić had chosen the 10 EMA finalists back in  December 2018. Three artists in particular was worth paying attention to: Maraaya, the Balkan country’s 2015 entrants, gave their creative touch to Kim’s Rhythm Back To You and Ula Ložar’s Fridays. AQLA Piletič, and Charlie Mason who have co written Ula Ložar’s Fridays are also the author of the Conchita Wurst’s Eurovision winner Rise Like A Phoenix, and Maraaya’s Here For You.

Additionally, Ula Ložar is a young singer who was the first Slovenian representative at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2014.

Last but not least, Sara Briški Cirman aka Raiven appeared on EMA for the first time in 2016 with the song Črno Bel. Eventually, she won the second place with 127 votes less than the winner. In May last year, she was one of the five Slovenian jury members.


  • 1 The show
  • 2 The songs
  • 3 The result
  • 4 Slovenia in Eurovision

The show

The show began at 8 pm (CET) in RTVSLO studios in the beautiful capital Ljubljana with a dance show to a new remix of Hvala Ne!. The host Ajda Smrekar is a very famous actress in her country. She was wearing black glittery costume. Ajda introduced the jury that included Darja Svajger (1995 and 1999) and Lea Sirk.

After the performances, Smaal Tak took the stage as guest artist. Ajda and two other female dancers accompanied him on stage. Four male dancers joined them later. After the super final performances, a comedian took the stage singing Maaraya’s Here For You in different styles. Lea Sirk took the stage next and sang 3 songs including Hvala Ne! It was a big question how she managed to change three costumes in such short time.

The songs

Kim– Rhythm Back To You:  Kim started the night’s performances with her uptempo pop song. She was accompanied by two male dancers who were playing drums. At the end of the performance the drumsticks were striking fire.

Renata Mohorič– Three Bridges: Renata and her guitarist started her rock ballad Three Bridges with soft guitars. She was wearing black trousers and golden & black jacket and a giant black ring. In the second half of the song, drums were added to the performance.

René – Ne Poveš: Rene and his two male dancers performed his soul / funk / R&B style song with matching dance moves. Rene was wearing a purple glittery suit with a black t-shirt while his dancers were dressed in black. Dance routine was the main element of the performance.

Fed Horses – Ti Ne Poznaš Konjev: The song is a ballad with country flavors. The group consists of four artists. Guitars, violins, drums and keyboards were seen on stage. Lead singer was wearing a black blouse and red skirt.

Ula Ložar– Fridays: Young Ula took the stage with her uptempo, energetic pop tune “Fridays” accompanied  by her two male dancers who were wearing black trousers, white shirts and black bowties. She was wearing a black pullover and black sports shoes. Saxophones were added to the performance through the end of the song.

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Lumberjack– Lepote Dna:  Group Lumberjack took the stage with 3 guitars, keyboard and drums performing their rock song Lepote Dna. The performance was flavored with colors all around the stage and videos of the band members playing with powder paints. The performance was completed by flashlights.

Okustični– Metulji Plešejo: Another country ballad came from Okustični. Mate started the performance by singing and playing the guitar. Later on, Karin joined him singing on stage in her white costume. Later in the performance, a second guitar and drums joined them.

Inmate– Atma: Inmate’s Atma was the other rock tune of the night. The dynamic band of 2 guitars and drums were all over the stage all through their dynamic performance.

Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl– Sebi: The young duo’s romantic performance of their song was accompanied by guitar and keyboard both played by Gasper. Stars were all over the stage. Both Zala and Gasper were wearing white costumes. The song had electronic and r&b flavours.

Raiven – Kaos: Raiven took the stage accompanied by her 4 male dancers in her mini white dress, with her green hair. Her song started with synthesizers and sirens were added after the intro. Electronic sound was the major speciality of the song. Dance moves were seem to be inspired by Madonna’s dance moves in the video of her song Vogue.

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The result

The voting took place in two stages. As a result of the first round, out of 10 entries that performed tonight, Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl and Raiven won the chance to perform in the Super Final round with the votes from the expert jury.

At the end of the night, after the Super Final performances by Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl and Raiven, the eventual winner Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl were selected solely by the public vote.

The publics votes were as follows:

Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl   73%

Raiven                                 27%

Slovenia in Eurovision

Slovenia joined our beloved TV show in 1993 and has participated 24 times since. They have ended up in Top 10 twice. Likewise, both songs finished in seventh place; in 1995 Darja Svajger with Prisluhni Mi and in 200 Nusa Derenda with Energy. These two have been the Balkan country’s best result to date and Slovenia is yet to win the contest.

Omar Naber (2005 and 2017) and Darja Svajger (1995 and 1999) have represented the Balkan country twice. Slovenia  qualified for the Grand Final on five occasions, in 2007, 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2018.

Last year, the winner of their national selection show was the successful pop singer and songwriter Lea Sirk. Eventually, she went on to represent the country in Lisbon, with her song Hvala, Ne! (No, thanks!). Lea’s performance in the semi-final eventually carried her to the Grand Final. At the end of the Grand Final, she placed 22nd with 64 points in total.

Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl will be the 25th representative of Slovenia in the history of Eurovision Song Contest this year.

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Carousel will represent Latvia at The Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with the song That Night

Carousel will represent Latvia at The Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with the song That Night


It was Latvia’s turn to pick their Eurovision entry tonight. Despite all the negative feedback when the songs were first released, the Supernova 2019 was an excellent show, where Carousel was declared the winner.

Eight songs competed in the final tonight and thanks to jury, public, Spotify and Internet voting, Carousel will take the song That Night to Tel Aviv, and the second half of the second semi final on May 16.


  • 1 The Hosts
  • 2 The Jury
  • 3 The Songs
  • 4 Latvia In The Eurovision Song Contest

The Hosts

Our two semi final hostesses, Dagmara Legante and Ketija Senberga returned for one final time. Both chose to wear black dresses tonight.

The Jury

The four member jury was made up of lead jury member DJ Rudd from Latvian Radio 5, along with singers Linda Leen and Ralf Eiland, from the group PeR and radio producer Artis Dvarionas.

The Songs

Markus RivaYou Make Me So Crazy

Starting tonights show was perennial Latvian favourite, Markus with his new song You Make Me So Crazy. Markus is so likeable you just will for him to get the chance to represent his country at Eurovision. This is a future club classic, with Markus performing with his two backing female singers.  Markus was looking cool all in black tonight. Whether this is Markus’s best or tonight’s best won’t matter if Markus wins. A great opening for a show like this, so all the best to him.

Edgars KreilisCherry Absinthe

In a dreadful draw, the two alpha males of the show, perform back to back. Edgaras has polished his cherry to the point that it’s ripe and shiny and ready to head to Israel. This has clearly been rehearsed to breaking point, with the four female backing singers all part of the integral team. Excellent.

Aivo OskisSomebody’s Got My Lover

Continuing with a further bad draw, the last solo male of the night comes third. This is a peach of a tune, which is slightly better as a recorded version than as a live piece. However Aivo holds his own against his predecessors and this too would make a great entry for Latvia. Aivo was dressed in yellow tonight, backed by five farmer hands dressed in all colours of dungarees and jeans.

Double Faced EelsFire

Marka, Reinis, Victors and Ronis make up the Double Faced Eels,Latvia’s answer to Maroon 5 and are putting on a grand show too. The old Sasha Song trick returns with the fire burning in the lead singer, Marka’s hand. This is a modern piece of pop music, that probably has a more long term appeal, but as an immediate voting entry may not be quite enough. Very good effort though.

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Dziļi Violets feat. KozmensTautasdziesma

This song starts a capella before a searing electric guitar breaks the silence. Five characters all lined up on stage Kozmens, presumably wearing the kilt breaks into a rap in French while his four hench men, Nauris Brikmanis, Valters Osis ,Viesturs Butāns and Edgars Jercums get ready for action. It then burst into a Beatles type piano break and settles into quite a good pop song.  A hand clapping finale brings the song to a rousing finale.Very original and certainly in with a chance too

Laime PilnīgaAwe

Lead singer Ervīns Ramiņš starts alone accompanied by solo guitarist, Mārcis Vasiļevskis. The drummer, Elvijs Mamedovs starts and so begins a very melodic song. There are four men in this group, completed by bassist Janis Olekss who most probably can be compared to Coldplay. Ervīns has a very powerful voice and it all blends very well together. Latvia definitely have put eight worthy songs into their final.

Samanta TīnaCutting the Wire

This year Samanta has decided she’s taking no crap from the men and is determined to win, The performance has also been polished to perfection. Samanta is singing with a lot of power and this is great staging. Her five partners in crime really add to the whole package. However Samanta needs to learn to pronounce the word The, as she is cutting DA wire. Don’t be surprised if this wins.

CarouselThat Night

To close tonight was the winner of the second semi final, so if this is still the favourite from that heat, then its goodbye to the Double Face Eels, Dziļi Violets feat. Kozmens and Markus. This is a very laid back song, so laid back it almost falls over. If this gets to Eurovision it may stand out, due to its simplicity. The duo are accompanied by a double bass, and drum, while the guitarist Marcis Vasilevskis compliments the lead female Sabine Zuga’s smoky vocals. Great for an acoustic set In Nashville or a bar and the smaller Latvian studio, but can it translate to a Eurovision stage.

Latvia In The Eurovision Song Contest

This will be Latvia’s 20th appearance at The Eurovision Song Contest and congratulations to them.

Brainstorm started the obsession with My Star placing third in 2000. A disappointing 18th place by Arnis Mednis with Too Much, saw Latvia relegated in 2002. Thanks to Portugal withdrawing, an opening came up for Latvia to enter and by jings did Marie N not just go and win the whole thing with I Wanna.

Held at home, F.LY. only placed 24th with Hello From Mars sending Fomins and Kleins and Dziesma par laimi to the semis where they failed to qualify. Walters and Kazha redeemed the country in 2005 with The War Is Not Over reaching 5th place. Sadly Walters (Valters Frīdenbergs) passed away on October 17, last year, aged only 30. Mārtiņš Freimanis form F.L.Y has also left us, having died  at the age of 33 on 27 January 2011.

Cosmos and Bonaparti.lv both finished 16th in the following two years, while Pirates Of The Sea, Wolves of The Sea finished 12th in 2008.

There then followed the non qualifying years when Intaras Busulis, Aisha, Musiqq, Anmary. PeR and that Cake To Bake failed to impress enough people.

The Aminata years followed when Love Injected finished in 6th place in 2015 and Justs Hearbeat finished 15th in 2016.

Unfortunately in the last two years, Triana Park’s Line and Laura Rizzottos’s Funny Girl remained in the semi finals

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Lithuania 2019: The last four acts are through to next weeks Eurovizijos Atranka final

Lithuania 2019:  The last four acts are through to next weeks Eurovizijos Atranka final


Tonight the second semi final of the Eurovizijos Atranka 2019 took place, sending four more acts to join last weeks qualifiers, into next week’s final.

Eight acts will now compete in the final to see who will be chosen to represent Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.


  • 1 The  Hosts
  • 2 The Jury
  • 3 The Songs
  • 4 The Results
  • 5 Lithuania In The Eurovision Song Contest

The  Hosts

As usual our hosts were Giedrius Masalskis and Gabrielė Martirosianaitė. Tonight’s show opened with a sombre musical tribute to Lithuania’s service men. What a joy to see Gabrielus and Kotryna as the interval act.

The Jury

Tonights jury were

Ramūnas Zilnys – music reviewer whose bottom is stuck to that lead jury seat
Vytautas Bikus – author of last year’s Lithuanian entry
Ieva Narkutė – Lithuanian singer songwriter
Deivydas Zvonkus – from the group B’Avarija
Sigutės Stonytės – Lithuanian legend

The Songs

Original CopyPower of Sounds

This performance despite being about The Power, has very little power about it whatsoever. This is a pity because the idea of four women and one man is indeed original. With a better song there is definitely potential, but this song is a non starter. The group were all dressed in black tonight and there was definite improvement from the semi finals. Maybe a little more rehearsal they can have a great entry next year.

Živilė GedvilaitėLearn from Your Love

Živilė was carried on to the stage tonight and sung part of the song in her beau’s arms. Dressed in a bright red dress, once again her vocals shone above the tune. This probably isn’t going to be enough to make the final, but it is always good to heat her vocals

Šarūnas MačiūlisTraukinys

Šarūnas seems like the good old dad who wants to impress his children by appearing in the Atranka. This guitar driven melody about a train is definitely one from the nineteen seventies, but the song is quite easy to follow.

Paola HartI’ll Be Alright

For some reason the public weren’t to keen on this song first time round, so the jury had to save it. The verses may be a little weak but the chorus is a blast of power. Paola was all in white tonight, while a dancer pranced behind her. This was a vocally perfect performance and surely the judges will recognise this again tonight. Problems with the first performance, gave this one a second showing.

Alen ChiccoYour Cure

A very original performance again from Alen. In his red PVC boots and red costume he put on a terrific show accompanied by a dancer and several backing singers. The audience loved it.

AldegundaI Want Your Love

Coming out from  under that radar, this act and performance is going to crawl right under your skin and never leave. This could well end up being Lithuania’s entry this year with its understated performace, taboo subject and irresistible melody, Don’t; count this one out, very likely to be seen in the final. Aldegunda was joined by two dancers tonight which greatly enhanced tonight’s performance.

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Soliaris & Foreign SoulsSong of My Life

It’s been a while since a yellow checked suit appeared on TV but here it was tonight. The backing group were having a ball with this song, dancing along to the rhythm. Some rapping in the middle altered the mood but kept it upbeat. A great collective work.

Monika MarijaCriminal

Indeed Monika is a criminal if she doesn’t let this get through to the final. This was a fab fave before Light On came on the scene. Nice ti have two songs good enough to go to Eurovision that you can just throw one away. Let’s hope it doesn’t backfire.

Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio DantysMažulė

This song has a bit of a Turkish beginning, before it bursts into whatever its trying to be. The collective as a group work well together, but on what planet is this a potential Eurovision song. Pure nonsense to be quite frank, and following the classic performance that came before it, great there’s a lot of diversity but that’s about it. Watch it sail to the final.

JurijusRun with the Lions

This gentle soft song seems to be the main contender to stop Monika  from heading to Israel. Jurijus has a very broad vocal range and uses it throughout the song. The song builds gently without throwing it in your face.  Jurijus was all in black again tonight. A grower which probably has lasting appeal but is it instant enough for Eurovision.

MaNNazzBlind Bird

This is as indie as it gets at Eurovsion, and of course can come from nowhere else but Lithuania. Dark mysterious and with absolutely no nod towards Eurovsion, this is a slow moody number. The beat box in the middle further enhances its originality. One of a kind.

Jurgis DID & Erica JenningsSing!

The problem with this song, is that they want you to Sing, but sing what. This is the type of song that thinks its so clever, but it’s unbearably grating. More annoying because Erica is a fantastic singer. Someone seems to love it though. Jurgis had a wonderful Lithuanian bow tie on, though.

MaNNazz – Blind Bird

The Results

Original Copy31410
Živilė Gedvilaitė 00012
Šarūnas Mačiūlis0559
Paola Hart20211
Alen Chicco66125
Soliaris & Foreign Souls4267
Monika Marija107173
Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio Dantys108182
Jurijus 1212241
Jurgis DID & Erica Jennings 710174

Lithuania In The Eurovision Song Contest

This will be Lithuania’s 20th participation in The Eurovision Song Contest. They are the only Baltic state still awaiting their first one.

After debuting in 1994 and scoring zero points, it was not until 1999 when they made their second appearance, and scored 20th place with Aiste and Strazdas.

Tonight’s contestant Erica Jennings led the group SKAMP in 2001 where a much improved 13th place was reached with the song You’ve Got Style.

In 2006 the country achieved its best  placing with LT United and We Are The Winners, which placed 6th.

They have yet to match that achievement .Last year Ieva Zasimauskaitė  came 13th with When We’re Old.

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From Poland to Tel Aviv – Tulia books the Eurovision ticket

From Poland to Tel Aviv – Tulia books the Eurovision ticket


The band Tulia will represent Poland at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The band is known for mixing old traditions with a modern touch. Broadcaster TVP went for an internal selection this year after three years with live televised national finals. 

While Croatia this year bring back the national finals after years with international selections, and Australia use a national final for the first time, Poland went the other way. They dropped the national final and went back to the internal selection they last used in 2015.

Today, broadcaster TVP presented Tulia as the participant. The band consist of Patrycja Nowicka, Dominika Siepka, Joanna Sinkiewicz and Tulia Biczak. Their song for Eurovision isn’t yet available. It will be released at a later time.

Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest

A second place in their first appearance. Poland got a fantastic debut in 1994 where Edyta Górniak sang To Nie Ja! That is today still the best result the country ever achieved at the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s also their only top 5, but they have twice later earned a 7th and an 8th place. The latter came in 2016 where Michał Szpak surprised many and scored a combined 229 points in the final.

When semi-finals were introduced to the contest, it took a while before Poland would join the Saturday party. They failed to qualify for the final in 2005 to 2007. In 2008, Isis Gee just made it on the last ticket in her semi-final. She finished 24th in the final – and in the following three years, Poland would again miss out.

The broadcaster took the consequences of the poor results and withdrew from the contest. After two years absence, they returned in 2014 with a song which secured Poland extra publicity all over the world – for reasons not necessarily related to the actual song. But it worked! My Słowianie reached the final and finished 14th. Poland was back on track. For four years in a row since their comeback, they qualified for the final.

Last year, Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer unfortunately couldn’t continue the good strike for Poland as they missed the final ending 14th in the semi-final.

In the video below, remind yourself of Poland 2014, which marked the country’s comeback. Was it the song or the performance which did it? Judge for yourself:

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UMK 2019: Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman’s Superman released

UMK 2019: Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman’s Superman released

Darude feat Sebastian Rejman - Superman

“Superman” is the second of three potential Eurovision song from Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman. After next week’s release of the third entry, Finland will choose between the three songs in a national final on the 2nd of March. 

Last week, we saw the release of the first of three Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) songs. Release Me was well received by fans, building up high expectations for tonight’s second entry. Can Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman make people just as excited this time? Listen to Superman and judge for yourself.

Just like last week, the song was released via broadcaster YLE at midnight local time (23:00 CET). It’s not immediately to be found on YouTube so for now, you need to visit YLE’s Arena site to hear it.

Many probably know the fictional action here from DC Comics. Whether or not, we will see Darude or Sebastian Rejman dressed in the traditional blue and red outfit with the letter S written on the chest on yellow background, in the national final, time will tell.

Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest

Finland have had a shaky history at Eurovision. They have finished in last place 10 times and have only won the contest once. In 2006 Lordi brought their Hard Rock Hallelujah to Athens and earned 292, being the first rock music song to win the competition. Since their victory, Finland have failed to enter the top 10 and have failed to qualify for the grand final five times.

Last year all hopes were on Saara Aalto to restore some Finnish pride at Eurovision. Her song Monsters was much loved by Eurovision fans across Europe, but it did not translate into points on the night. Saara finished in 25th place earning just 108 points.

You can watch Saara Aalto performing last year’s entry at Eurovision In Concert below:

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ERT confirms: Katerine Duska is heading to Tel Aviv for Greece

ERT confirms: Katerine Duska is heading to Tel Aviv for Greece

Katerine Duska

This evening, the broadcaster finally confirmed that Greek-Canadian singer Katerine Duska will be flying the Greek flag in Tel Aviv, Israel in May. Katerina wrote the song herself together with Leon of Athens, and it is in English.

Greek broadcaster, ERT confirmed in their TV News broadcast this evening Katerine Duska as the next representative of Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest. Dimitrios Papadimitrioy, who is the president of ERT’s commitee about Eurovision selection contacted Duska’s record company with a proposal to her. She immediately accepted the “challenge” and as such, she will represent the country in May this year.

At a press release sent out before tonight’s presentation of Katerine Duska, ERT also revealed that Yorgos Kapoutzidis and Maria Kozakou return as Eurovision commentators. Last year, they were replaced by Alexandros Lizardos and Dafni Skalioni.

Who is Katerine Duska?

Katerine Duska is a Greek singer who was born in Montreal, Canada. Her parents lived there until they moved to Greece when Katerine was a teenager. She was first influenced by classical music, but later decided to work with more modern sounds, however before music took over too much, she studied law in Athens.

Back in 2013, Duska released her first single One In A Million, which became a great hit in Greece. Two years later, she recorded her first album “Embodiment”. Katerine writes music and lyrics herself, but it is yet unknown if she has also be involved in penning this year’s Greek entry.

Greece in Eurovision Song Contest.

The Greeks made their debut back in 1974. Since then, they have won once with Helena Paparizou and the song My Number One 14 years ago. Greece is however one of the most successful in the contest, having an always qualification record up til 2015. The last three years however, they faced a crisis as they missed out on the final twice.

Last year, Yianna Terzi sang Oneiro Mou in Lisbon. Unfortunately for the country, she only managed a 14th placing in the first semifinal. As a result, the country missed the final for the second time in the last three year.

In the video below, remind yourself of Greek’s 2017 entry, their last final contestant, Demy’s This Is Love. The recording is from rehearsals at the Eurovision Song Contest, but in a special multicam edition:

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