A Dal 2019: Four acts through to the final

A Dal 2019: Four acts through to the final

András Kállay-Saunders

András Kállay-Saunders represented Hungary in 2014, and he might be yet another act in comeback this year. Tonight, he continued to the Hungarian final followed by three other acts. 

After three preliminary heats, Hungary had reach the semi-final phase of their A Dal 2019 national selection. 18 acts made it, and tonight, nine of them competed in the first of two semi-finals.

Four acts qualified for the final which will be held on the 23rd of February. The band The Middletonz included 2014 Eurovision representative András Kállay-Saunders. He finished 5th in Copenhagen, Denmark with the song Running.

Tonight’s acts

  • Acoustic PlanetNyári Zápor (Qualified)
  • Bence VavraSzótlanság (Qualified)
  • DENIZIde Várnak Vissza
  • PetruskaHelp Me Out Of Here (Qualified)
  • KonyhaSzázszor Visszajátszott
  • The MiddletonzRoses (Qualified)
  • The SignŐ
  • yesyesIncomplete
  • USNKPosztolj

Next Saturday, second semi-final will feature another 9 acts. One of these are Joci Pápai who represented the country just two years ago. He came 8th with Origo.

Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest

In 1994, Friderika Bayer was the first to take the Eurovision stage representing Hungary. She finished in a great 4th place with 122 points. That is today still the best result the country has achieved. They have five times in finished in top 10, and since the introduction of televised semi-finals, Hungary only failed to reach the final twice.

Coincidently, the two who didn’t reach the final came two years in a row, in 2008 and 2009.

Over the years, it has been quite mixed what Hungary has sent to the contest. They have chosen almost everything from ballads to heavy rock songs, some in English and others in their native Hungarian. Last year, it was rock band AWS who won their national A Dal final and went to Eurovision with the song Viszlát Nyár. In the video below, enjoy their performance from last year’s Eurovision In Concert:

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Melodifestivalen 2019: Malou Prytz and Hanna Ferm & Liamoo direct in the final from heat 2

<div>Melodifestivalen 2019: Malou Prytz and Hanna Ferm & Liamoo direct in the final from heat 2</div>

Malou Prytz

Many surprises appeared in tonight’s chapter of Melodifestivalen 2019, just like last week. Four acts are still in the run to represent Sweden in Tel Aviv, Israel in May – with a small advantage to the two direct finalists.


  • 1 The songs
  • 2 The result
  • 3 Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest
The Swedish Melodifestivalen selection kicked off last week with a tough heat. Wiktoria and Mohombi went straight to the final, while Nano and 2010 Eurovision participant Anna Bergendahl secured themselves a place in the Second Chance round. Quite surprisingly to many, Arja Saijonmaa finished last of the seven acts.

Seven new acts were ready to battle it out tonight in tonight’s second heat, which were held in 2013 Eurovision host city Malmö. Most attention was beforehand on Andreas Johnson in this 7th attempt to reach the Eurovision stage, and Polish Margeret. This is her second participation in Sweden, but in 2016, she was close to winning the Polish national final, but finished runner up with the song Cool Me Down. 86 year old Jan Malmsjö was worth paying attention too though. This is only his second national final entry, but the first one dates back to 1969 where he came second.

And let just add, that this was yet another heat of weird mixing of songwriters. You might remember that the first heat featured 4 songs from Thomas G:son and three songs by Linnea and Joy Deb. Tonight, we saw three songs by Jimmy Jansson and two by Anderz Wrethov. It may have been done that way to limit the chances of songwriters having too many songs in the final.

The songs

1. Andreas Johnson – Army Of Us

In his 7th Melodifestivalen participation, Andreas Johnson opens the ball with a 90’s influenced song, which separates it from his previous many 60′ sound songs. He is backed by a band on stage this time with two guitar players, a bas player and a drummer. There is also one backing singer, as an integrated part of the band. Johnson interacts a lot with the band, but also use a podium behind him a bit. There is plenty of white light, mixed with blue and light red elements on stage. Silver glitter appears on screen, which matches his glitter pants.

2. Malou Prytz – I Do Me

15 year old Malou Prytz finds herself in an enviroment like the movie ‘Clueless’ when she goes on stage. School uniforms, lockers etc – we are suddenly not in Sweden, but in an American high school. She has two dancers with her on stage, aged 17 and 19. It is very colourful (in particular yellow!) and makes you want to dance. Three times Melodifestivalen participant Ace Wilder has done the staging of this act.

3. Oscar Enestad – I Love It

Oscar is alone on stage – with a cage with a lightning frame in pink and white with rose leaves around at the floor. He starts in it, steps out of the cage for a little bit, but quickly gets back in. Rose leaves falls on him at the end of the stage. During this performance the background colours are mainly kept in purple and blue.

4. Jan Malmsjö – Leva Livet

Welcome to South Europe. The backdrops reminds of a little street with at a cafe at the corner in Paris (or is it Argentina due to the tango theme of this song). Three female dancers joins 86 year old Jan Malmsjö, and they use a chair, a cafe table and a lightpost at this little corner cafe – in Paris, Argentina or whereever it might be. Jan himself is dressed in a suit. The title translates to ‘living life’ and that’s just what this song makes you want to do.

5. Vlad Reiser – Nakna I Regnet

Belarussian born Vlad is known from pranks videos on YouTube, but that’s not something he brings with him in this pop song which title translates to ‘naked in the rain’. He is not naked, nor is his four dancers though. X shapes lights stands behind him on stage. He wears plastic over this clothes – to protect against the rain which is nowhere to be seen. Did they use all the rain last week?

6. Hanna Ferm & Liamoo – Hold You

A massive amount of plastic is used in this act (with lights underneath them). At some point, it’s captured by a storm, (Carola’s storm wind?) and starts to blow a lot. So much, that it basically covers the two artists who are standing next to each other singing this duet, although in the beginning you don’t see that. There is a good chemistry between them.

7. Margaret – Tempo

Polish Margaret brings back a lot of colours. She has four dancers with her on stage in this colourful up-tempo act which uses video effects to multiple the dancers. Margaret herself is dressed in blue with the dancers, two male and two female, in pink.

The result

Is it best to come 5th or 7th? In Sweden that pretty much depends on your nerves. The sixth and seventh places leaves the competition after the first round of voting. After that, the remaining five are through to another round – of which just the fifth place is out of the competition. First and second are directly through to the final, while third and fourth will get another chance via the Second Chance heat.

  • Direct qualifiers: Malou Prytz and Hanna Ferm & Liamoo
  • Second Chance heat: Vlad Reiser and Andreas Johnson
  • Fifth place: Margaret
  • 6th place: Jan Malmsjö
  • 7th place: Oscar Enestad

Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest

It has been a joy being a Swedish fan lately. The country is one of the most successful countries in the contest with six wins of which two are within the past seven years.

When Anna Bergendahl missed the final in 2010 with the song This Is My Life, she was the first Swedish participant to do so – and so far still the only one. The past five entries from Sweden all reached top 10 – in fact just one of them, last year’s 7th place didn’t go top 5.

The amazing results of course puts extra pressure on whoever wins the 2019 Melodifestivalen. In Sweden they are well aware of that they are only one victory away from a tie with Ireland’s seven wins, which today is still the Eurovision record. In the video below, enjoy Måns Zelmerlöw’s Heroes from 2015:

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Lithuania 2019 : Four acts go through to the Eurovizijos Atranka final

Lithuania 2019 : Four acts go through to the Eurovizijos Atranka final

Monika Marija

The first semi final of Lithuania’s Eurovizijos Atranka 2019 took place tonight with four artists making it to the final in two weeks time. For eight more acts it was the end of the line for this year.

For the last four weeks all the possible entries for Lithuania have been recorded and broadcast at later dates. Tonight the semi final was live, so the public received no hints in advance what the judges had voted for.


  • 1 The Hosts
  • 2 The Judges
  • 3 The Songs
  • 4 The Results
  • 5 Lithuania In The Eurovision Song Contest

The Hosts

Giedrius Masalskis and Gabrielė Martirosianaitė continued their Saturday night jobs, which will be coming to an end soon. Gabrielė wore a purple dress where the material didn’t quite know where it wanted to be. Giedrius wasn’t quite so daring with his fashion statement, though a suit and sneakers?

The Judges

Thankfully the labas vakaras’s were kept to the minimum as it was revealed, horror of horrors there was to be five judges. All five sitting there like wolves ready to get their jaws into the contestants. First of was old chestnut, Ramūnas Zilnys who did actually look a lot older this week. Judging these songs is doing nothing for him.

Next up was keyboardist, Arnoldas Lukošius, which if Ramūnas looks round at, he can see the Man In The Mirror. We then had Vytautas Bikus, and since he wrote When We’re Old, he knows something about getting a song to Eurovision.

Next up was Liza Minnelli, but out hosts introduced her as Julija Ritčik. Some of you may remember Julija’s classic Eurovision entry Love Or Leave, which in an ironic turn of a group name, came 21st in 2007 with 4Fun.

Finally our jury was completed by famous DJ Jonas Nainys who swore he’d be spinning these twelve songs at his next party.

The Songs

Emilija GogolytėRiddle

Young Emilija could be one to watch for the future, in jazz clubs, if this song is representative of the songs she usually sings. This is a good attempt with the beloved backing singers bump bump bumping along. A nice lacy black dress went well with the song, and the performance was miles better than her first attempt. Two tiller girls danced in the background. Not an extremely memorable song but Emilija is confident in her performance and keeps you interested for the full three minutes.

Henry & Tommy ModricNeverpart

The first word that comes to mind is Why? Then it hooks you in for fortunately its short duration. Not sure if the song is serious or not, probably not but remember this is the country that thought Nomads In The Night and Eastern European Funk was worthy of sending. Arnoldas loved it as the other contestants looked on from the green room in horror.

Saulės KliošasLaiko mašin

The Sun Clays always seem to be a favourite of the judges too and its a little hard to see why. Maybe its a Lithuanian thing, but the song just meanders along until its three minutes are up. Still twelve points for sure for the boots which never ended. The stooges were back with the bicycle helmets on their heads. Perhaps a native Lithuanian could explain why. The public put a bit of the kibosh on this first time round, so if they stay true this time, this will be the song’s last week.

Edgaras LubysTo the Sky

That electronic keyboard sound and you knew it was time for Edgaras. This would sit really well on a synthesized eighties compilation album. Edgaras is another great Lithuanian talent, always coming up with something different. This should make it to the final. This is the first song of the night with any life in it. All lights, keyboards and great vocals.


Is heavy metal, is it rock, but AWS and Lordi have a lot to answer for this year. In this show its a wake up moment for all those audience members that have fallen asleep. If you like this type of music then you’ll want it to win. If not its removal from the contest will be your dream come true. At the same time this was being performed Hatari were doing their thing in Iceland, which shows how much musical diversity there is in Eurovision.


Talking of diverse, Lithuania is always unpredictable in what it sends and this, either alternative, or a sixties record B-Side is different enough that the judges will drool all over it. Very minimalistic in the music and original enough to reach the final. The judges compare it to Godo from last year which is no bad thing. Of course not a Eurovision winner though, but that won’t stop them making a go of it.

See alsoLatvia's Supernova second semi final sends the last four acts through to the final


A bit of fun after the commercial break to get everyone back into the spirit. Despite the novelty of the song, this has been well choreographed, and the backing ladies have a difficult job to reach the high notes. Justin has the same issue but doesn’t seem so bothered about quite getting there. A good number to open part two but maybe not a Eurovision winner. An earworm nonetheless.

Lukas BartaškaRiver of Hope

More jazz like music, proving very popular this year. The star here is Lukas’s voice which is so powerful and strong. The song is missing a huge choir which could lift it to where it could go. The mouth organ keeps the song on a mellow footing all the way through. Lukas could silence a noisy bar to make people listen. And the icing ion the cake, the song was sung all in sepia.

Justina Budaitė-JunàStrength of a Woman

This is an entry that offers so much with the involvement of Echoes and Donny Montell but it just misses the mark. There is no problem with Juna’s singing or very assured performance , but it’s not the stand out hoped for. This probably won’t be the entry this year, but the team need to keep working together as there is so much potential. Juna wore a pink leopard patterned co-ord. She had four male dancers behind her, who have been seen in the Eurovizijos Atranka before.

Monika MarijaLight On

Well you can say all you like that Monika won’t win or this is just a fan favourite. But here’s the facts, this is world-class, Eurovision or not. Monika’s singing is up there with Celine and Whitney. The song is catchy, meaningful and worth repeated listens and just a whole league above all the others. If Lithuania are serious about really winning Eurovision, they have their chance at last. Will they follow through. Monika’s hair was in a bun this week, She was accompanied by four terrific backing singers. Simply the best.


This is nowhere near as good as 4Love from last year, which is a shame because Jurgis has the potential to represent Lithuania, someday, but it will be unlikely with this. The tune is a bit off beat and not very cohesive. The break in the middle seals its fate, but hopefully Jurgis will be back, another year with a true smash. Tonight he was helped by four male dancers who looked like they were all going out to rob all the houses in Vilnius after the show.


Cheri seems to be the underdog this year, but this is a very good attempt and easy to see why she made the semi finals. She has gotten rid of the unfortunate trousers and is here tonight in a sleek black trousers and top. Lights shone her name in the background and was easy to mistake they just said CHER. A nice song to end tonight’s contest.

The Results

Emilija Gogolytė11011
Henry & Tommy Modric77144
Saulės Kliošas527
Edgaras Lubys4610
Lukas Bartaška2810
Monika Marija1212241
Jurgis Brūzga105152

Lithuania In The Eurovision Song Contest

For a country so proud of their We Are The Winners, so much so, they still play  it in their weekly Atranka, Lithuania are now the second longest running competing country to never make the Top 5, with their Winners song finishing in 6th place in 2006. This remains the country’s best placing 13 years later.

Donny Montell has probably become the best known Lithuanian act, outside of his homeland thanks to his two relatively successful attempts with Love Is Blind in 2012 and I’ve Been Waiting For This Night in 2016.

On ESC radio’s top 250 favourite Eurovision entries, last year, Donny was the only entry from Lithuania in the chart. This year Donny fell out the chart, leaving last years entry When We’re Old by Ieva Zasimauskaité to be the sole representative for Lithuania at number 61.

Will this year become the one that turns Lithuania into become one of the major players.

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Söngvakeppnin 2019: Hera Björk and Hatari to the grand final

Söngvakeppnin 2019: Hera Björk and Hatari to the grand final

Hera Björk

Tonight kick started Söngvakeppnin; Iceland’s national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Five acts presented their entries and two made it to the grand final.

This year, 10 songs, as opposed to the regular 12, are taking part in Söngvakeppnin. The goal: to represent Iceland at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv next May. Tonight, 5 of those entries competed for the goal and 2 very happy entrants are one step closer to that goal as they move forward to the grand final on March 2nd.

The first semi-final which aired lived on Saturday evening had one returning Eurovision contestant into the pool of hopefuls. Hera Bjork represented her country back in 2010. Also gathering a lot of attention tonight was band Hatari, a metal band that self-describes itself as a ” multimedia performance project which aims to unveil the relentless scam that is everyday life”. Imsland was a contestant on the 2016 edition of The Voice of Iceland, which explains why her song was written by 2017 Iceland representative Svala Björgvinsdóttir who was also a judge on the competition show. Daníel Óliver is another artist with experience with the Icelandic national selection. In 2015, he entered with his then band Cadem with the song Fyrir Alla (For Everybody). Finally we have Kristina Skoubo, who took part in 2017 as a duet with Páll Rósinkranz with the song You and I.

The first semi-final tonight was held at Háskólabíó in Reykjavík and was hosted by Fannar Sveinsson, Benedikt Valsson, and Björg Magnúsdóttir. Votes will be a mix of the public voting as well as an expert panel of judges. During the semi-finals, artists will all sing in Icelandic. For the grand final, they’ll have the opportunity to sing their song in English if they chose.


  • 1 The songs
  • 2 The result
  • 3 Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest

The songs

1. HatariHatrið mun sigra

First up is the techno metal band Hatari and their entry Hatrið mun sigra. The band made headlines this week as they published an official statement indicating they wished to battle Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to an Icelandic wrestling match. The band certainly seem to be open to challenge politics so we’ll have to see what happens. Speaking of their performance. First up the song itself is an interesting mess. Mixing elements of techno, metal and pop. The visual itself is also something you certainly don’t see at Eurovision often. Looking more like a BDSM party filled with leather, studs and harnesses. The two lead singers went back and forth from very harsh vocals to a super high pitched/fausetto type of singing. A very bold start to tonight’s show.

2. IMSLANDNú og hér / What are you waiting for

Next is IMSLAND. She performs this modern pop song called Nú og hér. The verses of the song start off a bit strangely but it really picks up during the chorus. One unfortunate thing is the staging, it really appears that all the thoughts were put into IMSLAND’s outfit and her dancers but they really don’t bring the performance to the next level. This is one of those songs that works quite well in studio format but the live performance just doesn’t translate and since this is Eurovision we are aiming for, I can’t see this going far.

3. Daníel ÓliverSamt ekki / Licky Licky

Third act tonight is Daníel Óliver. His pop entry is the slicker than everything we’ve heard so far. His choreography with the two dancers is also a lot tighter overall. The song is catchy and interesting and the way the staging is kept simple works in his favour. My only concern is that Daniel looked a tad nervous during his performance. If he can really let loose and show he’s perfectly comfortable, he’ll be a strong contender.

4. Kristina SkouboÉg á mig sjálf / Mama Said

We next have Kristina Skoubo with her song Ég á mig sjálf. Her song has a retro motown vibe. Her voice is actually quite interesting with this song. The staging also works quite well reminding me of Denmark’s 2014 entry Cliché Love Song. I think it could do well but again at this point at Eurovision you really need to stand out and other than just being a very decent entry, I am not sure it stands much of a chance.

5. Hera BjörkEitt andartak / Moving On

Last but not least is Hera. Quite a change from her 2010 Eurovision entry in Oslo, Hera is back this year with a ballad. One of the great thing of having a ballad in a smaller national selection is that you can truly bring the production and staging to a minimum and capture a very nice emotion, and this is exactly what Hera did. Previous fans of Hera hoping to find a Je Ne Sais Quoi part 2 will mostly be disappointed with this entry. Despite its somewhat dated vibe, Hera performs it beautifully.

The result

Covering this year’s Icelandic national selection is a fairly simple thing with only 5 songs competing, the show itself is just over an hour long. After all 5 acts performed and we were provided some interviews with the artists.

Moving on to the grand final are:

Hera Björk and Hatari

Stay tuned for next week’s second semi final as two more artists move to the grand final.

Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest

Since their first entry back in 1986, Iceland has taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest 31 times but have yet to win it. Twice have their achieved a 2nd place. The first time in 1999 with Selma’s All Out Of Luck, and 10 years later in 2009 with Yohanna’s Is It True?. Unfortunately Iceland hasn’t managed to qualify since 2014. Will this year change their bad luck? We will find out next May!

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D-moll will represent Montenegro at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with the song Heaven

D-moll will represent Montenegro at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with the song Heaven


Tonight, Montenegro held the Montevizija 2019 show to decide who will represent them at The Eurovision Song Contest 2019. After five competing entries it was D-Moll who won the honour of representing the country this year.

Five entries competed in the Montevizija show of which the Montenegrin public decided on the eventual winner.


  • 1 The Show
  • 2 The Songs
  • 3 The Results
  • 4 Montenegro In The Eurovision Song Contest

The Show

A Montenegrin choir opened the show performing Knez’s Adio. We also got a run through of past entries from Montenegro, all the way back to the Yugoslavian days. To its credit there was no tome wasting showcasing the songs as all five were run through at lightning speed. After the songs were done, several past winners wished the five competitors good luck. Hari Mata Hari made an appearance before the results singing his Eurovision classic Lejla, third for Bosnia Herzegovina in 2006.

The Songs


Opening the show was this six piece, three male, three female band. This floaty  melodic gospel like ballad seemed a little more of six individual singers at first,  rather than a collective troupe. The song sped up a bit and got a bit better at the half way mark, as their voices began to harmonize. They performed on a stage of white boxes with musical notes behind them, all dressed in black. The judges all seemed to love it.

Andrea DemirovićJa sam ti san (I am your dream)

Andrea is back after her 2009 candy floss Just Get Out If My Life, which just failed to qualify to the final. This song couldn’t be any more different from that. A bit of a techno introduction breaks into a ear pleasing electro song. Quite original and perhaps good enough to take it to Tel Aviv. The stage was full of smoke surrounding Andrea. She did indeed have a backing dancer with her, some people never learn.

Monika Knezović Nepogrješivo (Unmistakable)

Back to the ballads in an instant. Well at least for a while until at the second verse a banging drum pops up.  After that it’s like taking a train ride home, at your destination you get off and forget all about it. This is a co-write of Vladimir Graić-Graja, who also wrote Serbia’s debut and winning entry Molitva. Monika was dressed in a nice gold number and had two dancers behind her, so talented they could also play the cello. Very Balkan sounding.

Ivana Popović-MartinovićNevinost (Innocence)

Back after her fourth placing in last year’s Montevizija , this is another slow one. However, Ivana wastes no time with an introduction before she starts singing with her crystal clear voice. This is a strong ballad, which the Balkan countries do so well. A long string break in the middle of the song adds some warmth, before Ivana takes it to a rousing finish. After waiting for a gold dress to come along. two come at the same time, as Ivana had hints of gold in her costume. Two floaty dancers were also back too.

Nina PetkovićUzmi ili ostavi (Take it or leave it)

A country like guitar introduces Nina, who placed fifth in last year’s Montevizija and will be hoping to better, or even beat Ivana, who scored one place higher last year. Unfortunatley pleasant as the song was, even performing last didn’t really leave much of an impression. The costume certainly did, a kind of black leotard with a lacey skirt. Her male dancer wore much the same.

The Results

In the first round, the public and a group of expert juries voted. The top two songs went forward for a battle off.

First RoundSecond Heat
Andrea Demirović7
Monika Knezović4
Ivana Popović-Martinović12
Nina Petković4

Montenegro In The Eurovision Song Contest

This will be Montenegro’s eleventh participation in the contest. They debuted in 2007 with Stephen Faddy with the song Ajde, kroči. He failed to qualify to the finals. In fact it wasn’t until 2014 that Montenegro reached the finals when Sergej j Ćetković performed Moj svijet taking the country to 19th place, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The following year in Vienna, Austria, Knez gave the country their best result to date, when he took the song Adio to 13th place.

In the subsequent years Highway, Slavko and Vanja Radovanović  returned to business as usual by failing to qualify to the finals again. Will this year see a change in Montenegro’s fortunes.

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Kate Miller-Heidke will represent Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Kate Miller-Heidke will represent Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Kate Miller-Heidke

This morning or this evening wherever you were in the world at the time, Australia held their first ever National Final to find the act who will represent them at their fifth appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Ten acts gave their all, competing in Eurovision – Australia Decides, where for the first time a jury and the public picked the song to represent Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest. In the past four years, their representative was selected internally.

In the end Kate-Miller Heidke was chosen to sing the song Zero Gravity.


  • 1 The Hosts
  • 2 The Show
  • 3 The Songs
  • 4 The Results
  • 5 Australia In The Eurovision Song Contest

The Hosts

The show was hosted by Myf  Warhusrt and Joel Creasey. Myf is a 44 year old, Melbourne based radio announcer and television host, best known for presenting Spicks and Specks.  Myf wore a red dress.

Joel is a 28 year old and is also Melbourne based. He is a well known comedian and television presenter. A sparkly silver jacket was his outfit of choice.

Despite both hailing from Victoria, neither could resist the offer of presenting Eurovision – Australia Decides from the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Broadbeach, Queensland. They were both terrific.

The Show

Casey Donovan opened the show with a rendition of Guy Sebastian’s debut entry Tonight Again getting the crowd into an immediate frenzy. After the acts were introduced we got a brief video of Australia’s history in the contest, where it was revealed Australia first broadcast the show in 1983. Before each song, the performers gave us a brief little history-bio about themselves and their song.

During the time that the public could vote, Dami Im treated us to a piano version of her second place Eurovision song, Sound Of Silence.  This version would probably not have come second.

Hans The Berlin Boy Wonder and his accordion gave us a rendition of some Eurovision past favourites from Volare to My Number One,Shady Lady to Euphoria and Toy.

Dami returned one more time to perform her new song Dreamer.

The Songs

Ella HooperData Dust

Opening the show, Ella is a relatively well-known rocker chick in Australia, still trying to get her first big chart hit. There is a bit of  Pat Benatar influence here. Uptempo and exactly as advertised on the box. If rockier is how Australia wants to go , Ella has it in the bag. In her black lacy pantsuit, Ella was accompanied by a rocking guitar chick and two male musicians in the background. This was a fair opening song for the show, but perhaps not quite the song to represent Australia.

Electric Fields 2000 and Whatever

This electronic number from duo, vocalist Zaachariaha Fielding and keyboard player Michael Ross are the only act to have a song not entirely in English. Part of the song was sung in Pitjantjatjara – a language Eurovision needs right now.  The song is dedicated to all the millenniums in the world. The aboriginal rhythms blended perfectly with the dance beat throughout the song, and this should be in with a good chance of winning.

Mark VincentThis Is Not The End

Tenor singer, Mark won Australia’s got talent in 2009 and has released an album every year since then. Busy Mark took time of to present this polished and powerful performance, but the song is more suited for the Italian opera halls than Tel Aviv’s convention centre at Eurovision time. Still opera has done well at times so you never know. Already the  Australian show is to be commended for the many different types of songs they have in the show.

Aydan CalafioreDust

It’s The Voice – Australia where young Aydan got his start. This is closest to Don’t Come Easy, Australia’s 2017 entry. The song is a bit slower and as Aydan described it was a very personal song to him. If subtle and under stated is your thing, this is the one for you. Aydan is the fourth act in a row all dressed in black, which you would have thought wasn’t the best for the Australian weather. A no frills performance which just might not quite hit the mark, but enjoyable enough nonetheless.

Courtney ActFight For Love

Australian idol and drag queen, Courtney performed her song on an empty stage with no frills whatsoever. Just kidding, a light shone from an opening in the stage and Courtney appeared in a shocking red, was it PVC red dress and boots right away up above the knee. She was accompanied by five all in red dancers, but it may have helped if she’d added a couple of backing singers. There is no doubt this is a very Eurovision type song and in her interview before the song it’s clear Courtney is a wonderful person and would be great in Eurovision world.

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Leea NanosSet Me Free

Leea is a little less known in Australia than her contemporaries, but easily held her own. This is her debut on a big televised show but you wouldn’t have thought so. Back to black clothing again this starts a little like Chains by Tina Arena. Leea stood and just sang the song and coincidentally Chains were mentioned in the lyrics. The song built into a bit of a march tempo as it headed towards the end.

SheppardOn My Way

Right at home, this Brisbane sibling trio are probably the best known act outside of Australia, oh really says Courtney Act. Their single Geronimo was a major hit in several European countries in 2014, and of course was a chart topper in their homeland. This entry is very similar to Geronimo, easily liked yet equally irritating with repeated listens. Surprisingly this performance was a bit flat, but certainly added a touch of colour to the stage. One of the ladies had blue hair while her sister played guitar in a shimmery silver dress.

Alfie ArcuriTo Myself

Another voice alumni, Alfie has a terrific clear and powerful voice. The song is a big ballad which builds just at the right time to keep you attentive. Sure it’s another self reflection number but there is no reason to not like this. Alfie too has chosen to wear black. A bongo drum helped build the song. Could be a surprise winner.

Kate Miller-HeidkeZero Gravity

Kate and her music is described as quirky and alternative. She scored a big hit in 2009 with The Last Day on Earth. This entry is  a mix of the bizarre and alternative but screamed Eurovision. It has to be watched to fully appreciate the performance.  Many types of music and tune were involved, from floaty folk to electronic and a bit of opera. All in under three minutes. Kate was dressed as a tribute to the Statue of Liberty, all in silver and the old rising dress trick She was joined by a lady floating behind her. Can it fail?

Tania Doko – Piece Of Me

Sweden can’t help being involved in every Eurovision contest, and here’s Tania who now resides in Stockholm. Tania ia a pretty successful singer songwriter. The verse is a little slow but as with all good songwriters she comes out with a killer chorus. Her costume was purple and she was joined by a male and female dancer using staging she obviously learned watching Melodifestivalen. A little bit of a downer following the extravagance from Kate, but good enough on it’s own. Well done Australia for an excellent show.

The Results

Ella Hooper1261810
Electric Fields44701142
Mark Vincent1919387
Aydan Calafiore3810486
Courtney Act2626524
Leea Nanos1011219
Alfie Arcuri3514495
Kate Miller-Heidke48871351
Tania Doko176238

Australia In The Eurovision Song Contest

Australia made their first appearance in the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, in 2015 when Guy Sebastian came fifth with Tonight Again. Dami Im inmpressed and won the jury vote in Stockholm in 2016 with Sound Of Silence, but ended up in second place to Jamala with 1944 from Ukraine.

Isaiah took Don’t Come Easy to Ukraine in 2017 and finished in ninth place. So far, so good but last year Jessica Mauboy felt the wrath of the public vote. Coming last with them, with her song We’ve Got Love, Australia found themselves slip to 20th place.

Will this years act return Australia to a good position?

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