Tbilisi 2017: All rehearsals Day 4

Tbilisi 2017: All rehearsals Day 4

In this article you can find in-depth analysis of the rehearsals of the third day of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017, from Ireland to Albania. If you want live updates of everything going on at the press center, please follow our Live-Blog with all the other news as well!

In the second round of the rehearsals eight  countries take the stage of Tbilisi’s Olympic Palace. The countries sing on reversed alphabetical order. Press is allowed in the Arena now! So the videos here are all courtesy of Team ESCDaily, as is the commentary below.


Muireann opens today’s rehearsals. Her staging stays the same – just Muireann and her guitar. However, her outfit is changed. Instead of jeans, she appears in a black short dress.  Muireann is confident on stage as she was during the first rehearsal. Besides, she is quite herself while presenting her song.


Grigol and his four backing vocalists are not in pullovers but appear in a fancy outfits. Two of the backing vocalists are in pink and the other two in white short dresses with bows on their heads. The camera angles of the retro styled staging with black and white beginning does not seem to be changed. Grigol seems to be stressed during his runthroughs although his vocals are solid.

F.Y.R. Macedonia

Mina’s whole staging is the same as we saw in the first rehearsal, she does not change her outfits either and we still have the cartooned dancers featured on the backdrops. Mina is confident on stage reacting good to cameras. However, she struggles vocally at the beginning of her song.


Nicole brings the sunny Cypriot vibes onto the stage together with her dancers. Despite the fact that her song is cheerful she refrains from too much dancing. She does not feel free on stage yet, besides she has to work on her vocals as she is struggling currently.  Backdrops and the outfit remain the same. Still she asks some questions to the Georgian camera crew, on which camera to look at which moment.


Helena rehearses with her strong show once again. Nothing is changed in her performance. With each runthrough she becomes more flawless. Helena demonstrates very good vocals, with her song encouraging everyone believe in themselves as all of their dreams will eventually come true. It can be said that Belarus has all the important aspects in her performance- strong song with deep message, strong show as well as strong vocals. Seems she can do good with both the jurors and the viewers.


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Live: Australia chooses shots, hits the right notes

Live: Australia chooses shots, hits the right notes

On Day 4 in Tbilisi, we’ll get started on the second round of rehearsals. Australia takes the stage for the second time with Isabella Clarke! Team ESCDaily will also follow favorite Belarus and all the other countries closely in this liveblog.

In the following blog, you can find the latest JESC news from Tbilisi with the newest update appearing on top. For in-depth rehearsal coverage, check our rehearsal blog.

Times are displayed in CET. Photocredits belong to EBU (Thomas Hanses).

11:53 – Armenia not confident

Misha can’t seem to feel confident on the stage. Whether it is the hoverboard, or the boomerang, or simply the big arena in front of him. He does not look, nor sound comfortable on stage.

11:41 – Videos for Australia

We taped several runthroughs for you. Check them out below:

11:35 – IT’S LIVE

In the last runthrough, we hear Isabella gasping for air one small moment. Just enough to prove to everyone around that this is indeed a live performance. Stunning.

11:29 – Canoo in the Aussie postcard

Isabella stands on a bridge while canoos come through a beautiful Georgian river.

11:20 – Too good to be true?

The great vocals of Isabella throughout every runthrough now raise questions in the press center: is she singing live, or are the Australians using a tape to focus on camera shots? Obviously, using a tape is allowed during rehearsals. But if this IS live, than Isabella’s performance really is overwhelmingly good.

11:03 – Isabella pitch perfect

Australia is on stage! Isabella’s vocals were hard to judge from the press center during round one, but today we hear her impressive voice echo through the arena. The delegation has made its decision regarding camera work and all ingredients are now there for a top result.

10:54 – Helena recovering vocally

In later runthroughs, vocals are stronger for Belarus again.

10:36 – Video for Belarus available

10:29 – Something about those vocals

Belarus still looks amazing, but does not sound as strong as in the previous performance. Is Helena holding back, or did she catch a cold? The difference is too big to be a simple coincidence.

10:18 – Purple cape

Helena’s purple cape looks almost attached to the purple colours in the backdrop. Visuals for Belarus are still great.

10:04 – Belarus & Australia, top favorites preparing

Earlier this week, we reported that the two upcoming countries (Australia and Belarus) were the winners of the day. Now they’re ready for their second rehearsal in Tbilisi.

09:39 – Preparing for EBU interview

We’ve been invited to speak to the EBU about any organizational issues of the contest. I can’t go into too much detail just yet, but stay tuned for the video later this week!

09:19 – Lunch break

We’re counting down until after the break, when it’s Isabella’s turn for the second Australian rehearsal!

09:11 – Snow

If you like mismatches, you are gonna love Cyprus’ postcard: it has a lot of snow in it!

09:06 – Check out Nicole’s second rehearsal

08:58 – Filming downstairs

Ani is downstairs to film, while I’m working on our interview with Ireland’s Muireann.

08:47 – Act strong, vocals weak

The Cypriotic delegation has managed to find a solution for the tall, slightly stiff performer they have for this upbeat song: Nicole stands still on the catwalk but is shot in quick camera changes between her and the backing dancers on the main stage. It works, visually, but vocals are weak in the verses.

08:41 – Cyprus last up before the break

We did not see the Macedonian postcard, but the Irish one again. It means, however, that the Macedonian rehearsal is over and Cyprus is up next.

08:34 – Macedonia’s rehearsal

Check out for yourself: Mina Blazev – Dancing through Life.

08:30 – That’s what rehearsals are for

And in runthrough 3, the shots work out.

08:22 – Only two runthroughs for Macedonia

Some of the distorted camera shots (during chorus) were flipped today from two days ago, and the delegation takes its time to talk to the crew.

08:08 – Confusion: where does the press go?

Volunteers try to show us the way to the arena, where we can film rehearsals. It all goes down in a jovial yet chaotic Georgian way.

07:59 – Postcards

We get to see every country’s postcard for the first time. There were two traditional dancers in Georgia’s postcard.

07:46 – Video for Georgia online

Check out Grigol Kipshidze’s first rehearsal HERE.

07:36 – Moon backdrop for Georgia

Grigol is still vocally sound in his first runthrough of the second rehearsal round. Video coming up soon!

07:22 – Check out the Irish rehearsal

07:19 – Atmospheric camerashots

The camerawork is strong, not too many wide-shots, but pans of the stage portraying Muireann to the atmospheric backdrop.

07:05 – Official outfit?

After the casual t-shirt in rehearsal round 1, Muireann now wears a short-sleeved black dress with randomized stripes. Vocals are better today than in round 1.

06:57 – Reversed order

Rehearsals were in alphabetical order the first two days, but today and tomorrow, they will be reversed. It means that Australia is on only after the break and we’ll start with Ireland.

06:51 – Welcome to day 4

Team ESCDaily has set up camp at the Olympic Palace. We are ready for Isabella and seven other artists to take the stage today!

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Eurovision Insight Podcast: Daily News From Tbilisi, Thursday 23rd November

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Daily News From Tbilisi, Thursday 23rd November

Rehearsals continue today in Tbilis’s Sports Place as we finished the first round of delegations taking to the stage. Who has a tree, who has an Ikea bedroom, and who is reminds Ewan of ‘The Wizard of Oz’?

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Daily News From Tbilisi, Thursday 23rd November

Ewan Spence and Lisa-Jayne Lewis look back at a day of rehearsals at Junior Eurovision, and chat to Ireland’s Muireann McDonnell and Australia’s Isabella Clarke in today’s coverage of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

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Eurovision Experience: Being in two places at the same time

Eurovision Experience: Being in two places at the same time

Steef and his team are working hard in the press center in Georgia, but still it is hard. Sometimes at Eurovision, you’d hope that could split yourself in half and be in two places at the same time.

In the video below, you will see the moment when Gianluca from Malta, who has fond memories of our reporter Ani, was rehearsing. While at the same time, we had the chance to interview Alicja from Poland. Tough choices!

Check out episode 5 of the Eurovision Experience:

In The Eurovision Experience, members of Team ESCDaily give you a view from behind the scenes. We show you what it is like to travel to & work at all the Eurovision events!

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Eurovision Insight Podcast: Junior Juke Box Jury #3

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Junior Juke Box Jury #3

For the third and last time for Junior Eurovison 2017, it’s time for Junior Juke Box Jury and another collection of hits, misses, and maybes.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Junior Juke Box Jury #3
with Lisa-Jayne Lewis and Luke Giles

Cyprus: I Wanna Be A Star by Nicole Nicolaou.
Malta: Dawra Tond, by Gianluca Cilia.
Ireland: Súile Glasa, by Muireann McDonnell.
Armenia: Boomerang, by Misha.
Italy: Scelgo (My Choice), by Maria Iside Fiore.

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Australia: “We want to improve our smiles during the performance”

Australia: “We want to improve our smiles during the performance”

Isabella Clarke from Australia is happy with the first rehearsal of yesterday. In an interview with ESCDaily, she stated that some things need to be improved, however: “The biggest thing that we’re still working on, is smiling.”

“We’re performing with a lot of energy and want to give everything. That’s important for our performance,” Isabella adds. “My backings and myself we try everything, we do many different things, to see what works. Trying different things is good, it’s good to experiment. That’s what rehearsals are for.”

Check out the full interview below:

Last year, Isabella’s predecessor Alexa Curtis proved the importance of staying healthy throughout the physically demanding week of Junior Eurovision. Isabella knows what she needs to do to stay in good shape: “I try to sleep as much as possible. I take vitamins to keep me going, and I drink heaps of water. When we’re rehearsing I will take a break whenever I can, just to take a break and be fresh.”

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