Latvia: Markus Riva makes fourth attempt at Supernova

For the fourth year in a row, Markus Riva makes an attempt to represent Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest. He has taken part in all the editions of the Supernova shows thus far.

In previous years, Supernova consisted of four shows, with two heats, a semi final and the grand final. This year, the 21 contestants are being devided in three semi finals. Two qualifiers from each will then move straight in to the grand final.

The line-up for Supernova 2018

Check out the list of 21 acts in the Latvian preselection below. The songs can be heard by clicking on the song title.

  • Agnese Stengrevics — “You Are My World”
  • Liene Greifaune — “Walk the Talk”
  • MIONIA — “You”
  • Laura Rizzotto — “Funny Girl”
  • MADARA — “Esamiba”
  • Katrine Lukins — “Running Red Lights”
  • Monta — “1000 Roses”
  • Jenny May — “Soledad”
  • Markus Riva — “This Time”
  • Edgars Kreilis — “Younger Days”
  • Ritvars — “Who’s Counting“
  • Lauris Valters — “Lovers Bliss“
  • Ed Rallidae — “What I Had With You”
  • In My Head — “Sunset“
  • DVINES — “More Than Meets The Eye“
  • Hypnotic — “Pray“
  • Sudden Lights — “Just Fine“
  • Rahu the Fool — “Oh, Longriver“
  • Riga Reggae — “STOP THE WAR U2“
  • Katrina Gupalo & The Black Birds — “Intoxicating Caramel“</
  • Latvia: Markus Riva makes fourth attempt at Supernova

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