Newsletter: Our First Look At The Stage For 2019

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ESC Insight National Selection Playlist

Kaia Tamm – Wo sind die Katzen (Estonia)

If you’re on the lookout for this year’s obligatory novelty entry, you could do worse than this curious competitor from Estonia. Delivered in a deadpan German monotone against an 80s new wave backing, Wo sind die Katzen? (Where are the cats?) isn’t the kind of thing the generally sensible Estonians are likely to rally behind, and that’s probably for the best. Maybe they should have tried for Latvia…

Ugo – Ce qui me blesse (France)

France have enjoyed a Eurovision revival in recent years thanks to a string of modern, radio-friendly but unmistakably French entries. This soulful hopeful from their forthcoming National Selection could very well continue the trend and land them another left hand leaderboard placing.

Joci Pápai – Az én apám (Hungary)

Joci Pápai took Hungary into the top ten in Kyiv 2017 with the powerfulOrigo. He returns to A Dal in 2018 with the gentler but equally affecting Az én apám (My Father). Could he deliver another hit for his homeland with this?

Monika Marija – Criminal (Lithuania)

One of Lithuania’s most talented young singers, Monika Marija placed second in her national selection this year, and returns hoping to go one better in 2019. There’s a strong whiff of Sanna Nielsen’s Undo around Criminal, and while you can never take the tastes of Lithuania’s televoters for granted, they’d be in with a strong chance of another finals appearance if they chose this.

Nicola – Weight of the World (Romania)

Nicola represented Romania in 2003 with the forward-thinking club track Don’t Break My Heart. She’s evidently remained true to her dance roots in the intervening years, as evidenced by the infectious Weight of the World, recently confirmed as her comeback entry for Selecția Națională 2019.

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  • Newsletter: Our First Look At The Stage For 2019

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