Your Young Musicians 2018 Guidebook Is Now Available

2018’s Unofficial Young Musicians Guidebook is now on our proverbial digital shelf for you to download. Chock-full of information on this year’s performers, songs, and the history of the Contest Eurovision, this free, downloadable eBook (available in PDF formats) is a fantastic resource to have at your fingertips as you listen to our audio preview of the Contest.

Still on the fence on whether to download a copy or not? Here are a few reasons to check it out:

  • Learn all about this year’s songs and performers.
  • Catch up on the history of the Contest and how the 2018 show is being organised!
  • It’s free, so you literally have nothing to lose!

Grab your copy of ESC Insight’s Guide to Young Musicians 2018 here. (If you’d like to share it online, we’d ask you to credit us here at ESC Insight and link back to this page, rather than pointing directly to the eBook.)

And, of course, let us know what you think! Feedback is always welcome.

  • Your Young Musicians 2018 Guidebook Is Now Available

ESC Insight

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