The London Eurovision Party is Coming Soon!

or How Many Acts can you cram into one Cafe Paris Written By Stuart Wilders

Next Thursday, the UK’s major pre-eurovision event takes place.  On the 5th April, 700-or-so eurovision fans will flock to Cafe de Paris in London’s Piccadilly Circus, looking forward to hearing a live rendition of their favourite songs of this year and yester-year, in the most intimate of environments, along with the prospect of potentially hearing the winner of the contest, set to take place on the 12th May in Lisbon.

Confirmed acts so far include:
Alfred & Amaia (2018 Spain)
Ari Ólafsson (2018 Iceland)
Benjamin Ingrosso (2018 Sweden)
Cesár Sampson (2018 Austria)
Corinne Hermès (1983 Luxembourg)
Eugent Bushpepa (2018 Albania)
Equinox (2018 Bulgaria)
Felix Sandman (Melodifestivalen 2018, second place in final)
Gromee ft. Lukas Meijer (2018 Poland)
Ieva Zasimauskaitė (2018 Lithuania)
Jessica Mauboy (2018 Australia)
Jessika and Jenifer Brening (2018 San Marino)
Lucie Jones (2017 UK)
Madame Monsieur (2018 France)
Margaret Berger (2013 Norway)
Michael Schulte (2018 Germany)
Mikolas Josef (2018 Czech Republic)
Rasmussen (2018 Denmark)
Ryan O’Shaughnessy (2018 Ireland)
Stella Mwangi & Alexandra (MGP 2018 final , Stella Mwangi 2011 Norway)
SuRie (2018 UK)
Suzy (2014 Portugal)
The Humans (2018 Romania)
Vanja Radovanović (2018 Montenegro)
Zibbz (2018 Switzerland)

This years London Eurovision Party is expected to be one not-to-be missed event and the #escSocial team including James Sheen, Stuart Wilders, Andrew Brook and Rachel Dutton will be in attendance.  

Stuart Wilders commented ‘This year is shaping up to be one of the most diverse Eurovisions in years.  It’s really difficult to predict a winner.  One fan might choose one country they believe will win and another will have that same country in last place.  It really feels like an open race, which can only be a good thing for the contest and of course the fans.  I think it will ultimately come down to the live performance and I have faith in the U.K. entry this year.  SuRie is an excellent ambassador and deserves to be successful in Lisbon.  I think Bulgaria, Norway, Sweden and Israel will do well and I also believe Cyprus, Slovenia and Lithuania, who are current rank outsiders will surprise!  The London Eurovision Party is an excellent event in a very intimate venue.  The artists are so close you can almost touch them, without fear of getting arrested.  Congratulations to the London Eurovision team for organising another excellent event!’

London Eurovision Party takes place on Thursday 5th April.  Visit London Eurovision for more information.  Tickets can still be purchased @ TicketWeb

  • The London Eurovision Party is Coming Soon!

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