Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020 – and the qualifiers are…

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020 – and the qualifiers are…

Ben & Tan

Ben & Tan, Kenny Duerlund and Sander Sanchez. These three regional winners are still in the run to represent Denmark at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Two wildcards are still to be selected

Nine acts competed in the pre-qualification round, or semi-final it is also called. The songs have been played on local radio stations and have been available for online listening. Voting took place on DR’s website.

The nine acts were divided into three regions, East, South and North. People could only vote for the three songs available to their area. At 12:00 CET today voting ended, and the result just revealed. Besides the three winners, two wildcards will be announced as well. They have been picked by a special jury and will together with the five pre-selected ones be revealed on the 31st of January.

All ten acts will compete in this year’s Danish Melodi Grand Prix final on the 7th of March. The winner will represent Denmark at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


  • Winner of region East: Ben & Tan – Yes
  • Winner of region South: Kenny Duerlund – Forget It All
  • Winner of region North: Sander Sanchez – Screens
  • Wildcard will be announced later
  • Wildcard will be announced later

This year’s Danish final will take place in Royal Arena in Copenhagen. The show will be hosted by the two actors Hella Joof and Rasmus Bjerg.

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Finland : Six acts announced to compete in UMK 2020

Finland : Six acts announced to compete in UMK 2020

Erika Vikman

After failing to qualify with Norma John and Blackbird in 2017, Finnish Television decided to internally select Saara Aalto and Darude the following years. With disappointing results there too, this year they have decided to return to UMK.

UMK stands for Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu and is the show that Finland will bring back this year. This will be the ninth time Finland has chosen their Eurovision entry using this platform.

A few moments ago YLE announced the artists who will participate in the UMK 2020 in the hope of representing Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam in May. The acts were announced by Mikko Silvennoinen and Krista Siegfrids, who represented the country in 2013 with Marry Me.

The acts selected are:

TIKA – I Let My Heart Break

Erika Vikman – Cicciolina

Aksel Kankaanranta – Looking Back

F3M – Bananas

Sansa– Lover View

Catharina Zühlke  – Eternity

Catharina placed 2nd in 2017  with the song Perfect Villain.

The songs will start to become available to listen to, one at a time on the YLE UMK site this Friday until the following Friday.

The UMK final will be held in Helsinki on March 7 2020.

Below is the last winner of UMK from 2017

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Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020: 9 semi-finalists available – voting procedure explained

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020: 9 semi-finalists available – voting procedure explained

DMGP 2020 Nine semi-finalists

Five songs are automatically qualified for this year’s Danish final. Another five will be chosen via a semi-final heat taking place on radio and online where people only can vote for the three songs available for that area.

DR has nine P4 radio districts. These nine districts has been put together three and three to form three areas; South, East and North. Each of these areas will have three songs each – and will pick one of them to the final. Their population can’t vote in other area groups. Besides the three area winners, a DR jury will select two wildcards among the remaining six songs. The five songs will take part in the final on the 7th of March – a final in which, they will be up against five more songs that has been prequalified for the final.

Sounds complicated? It actually is, but let’s simplify it by using me as a example. I live in the North area group. Three out of these nine semi-finalists are up for election in my area. I can listen to all nine semi-finalists, but only vote for the three assigned to my area. I can vote until Friday the 24th of January at 12:00 CET. Later the same day, the three winners will be announced – and two wildcards picked among the six that didn’t make it.

The songs

All nine songs are available on DR’s website and on Spotify – and the three songs in each area will be played on radio in that area through this week. You can vote from later today on the song in your area via DR’s frontpage.

South Area:

Jamie TalbotBye Bye Heaven (Written by Tom Oehler, Hampus Eurenius og Aron Blom)
Kenny Duerlund Forget It All (Written by Henrik Tala, Mila Falls, Patrick Jean og Kenny Duerlund)
Nick Jones2 AM (Written by Jon Hällgren, Lukas Hällgren, Hampus Eurenius og George Keller)

East Area:

SamSaraFor You (Written by Lars ‘Chief 1’ Pedersen, Remee, Kwamie Liv og Sara Amalie Gerup)
Søren OkholmImpossible Dreamers (Written by Tobias Stigaard Stenkjær, Peter Jantzen, Nanna Supriya Wedel og Søren Fynbo Okholm)
Ben & TanYes (Written by Emil Adler Lei, Jimmy Jansson og Linnea Deb)

North Area:

EmilVille ønske jeg havde kendt dig (Written by Esben Svane, Emil Vestergaard Klausen, Gavyn Matthew Bailey og Tim Schou)
Sander SanchezScreens (Written by Jonas Thander, Liam Craig og Christopher Wortley)
MieLou We Could Be So Beautiful (Written by Thomas Reil, Jeppe Reil, Bruce R. F. Smith og Eric Lumiere)

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ESCZ 2020: Czech songs officially released

ESCZ 2020: Czech songs officially released

7 Finalists of ESCZ 2020 and Mikolas Josef

Today, the songs in the run to represent the Czech Republic at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest were released. 7 entries are fighting for the honour. Voting is done online – and an international jury will help out too.

Last week the Czech broadcaster Česká Televize held a press conference where they presented their seven hopefuls for Rotterdam. But only one of them can get the precious ticket to represent this central European country in May in the Netherlands.

All songs are available in the official Eurovision APP – and is expected to all come on YouTube later today.

Online and jury voting

Now when all the seven songs are out, the official voting is open. It works exactly the same way as it did in the past two years. Everyone can download the official Eurovision app and vote for one of the seven songs. While the votes of people from the Czech Republic counts for 50 % of the overall result, the votes from abroad will be combined to form one international juror. The other international jurors will be some of the previous Eurovision representatives from all over Europe. The international jury is the second half of the result. Unlike most of the national finals and Eurovision Song Contest, Czech Republic don’t use the percentage of public votes received when distributing the votes. They use points according to the position in the TOP 7 of jury voting or Czech online voting. The points distributed are 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 3 and 2. The song with the highest score in total is then declared as the winner. In case of a tie, the position in online voting decides the winner.

Participants and songs

Link to the songs on YouTube are added to the songtitles (They will open in a new tab). We’ll update as they become available.

Barbora Mochowa – White & Black Holes

If you followed last year’s edition of the Czech national final, then you have to remember Barbora Mochowa. She amazed the international jury with her dream pop song True Colors, but did not appeal to the Czech audience and ended up on a tied second place. If the ties were broken according to the new rules, she would have been awarded a fourth position. This year she brings another song in this musical style, so we will see if she will be more lucky on her second attempt with the song White & Black Holes.

Pam Rabbit – Get Up

As well as Barbora Mochowa, also Pam Rabbit was one of last year’s contestants. But besides that and her third place overall with a song Easy to Believe, she has her Eurovision experience from Lisbon in 2018 where she took part as a backing vocalist for Mikolas Josef. This year Pam comes back with an indie-pop song called Get Up.

Karelll – At Least We’ve Tried

A newbie in the Czech national selection and also the Czech music scene is Karelll. He is not only a singer but also a songwriter and those triple L in his stage name are not only coincidence and mistake in spelling. Karelll is actually a third Karel in his family, so that’s why he decided to type it like that. He has a few songs on his YouTube channel already and his Eurovision song called At Least We’ve Tried is a usual organic pop.

Olga Lounová – Dark Water

Olga Lounová is the most experienced artists among the Czech set of finalists. Every year she has around 180 performances which summed up make at this time already over 1500 concerts and theatre appearances in total. She is not only a singer, but also an actress and a musical theatre singer-actress. And still, that’s not all, because Olga is also a rally car driver. Let’s say that Olga Lounová is a woman of many talents, so trying her shot at Eurovision may be a good idea. Especially after her work on the upcoming album with the US team. Dark Water is an emo-pop ballad with piano and orchestra.

Elis Mraz & Čis T. – Wanna Be Like

The only duo in the national final is Elis Mraz and Čis T. Elis is a Czech singer who got famous after competing in The Voice of Czech and Slovakia where she made it to the live shows. She always liked to use her ukulele, which she may put also into her Eurovision song Wanna Be Like, which is reggaeton. But she approached Čis T., who is a Slovak rapper, to join her on this song. And see the result in the official video. Do you think it is one of the songs we will hear at EuroClub in Rotterdam no matter the final result in ESCZ 2020?

Benny Cristo – Kemama

Ben Cristovao decided to use a more international friendly form of his name – Benny Cristo – for the 2020 edition of the Czech national final. Along with Olga, Benny is also a well-known name among the final seven. He started his career in Czech and Slovak Idol in 2009 so this year it’s already over 10 years he is at the Czech and Slovak music scene. And he has on his account some hits with millions of views on YouTube. Benny Cristo comes to the Czech national final ESCZ with a song called Kemama which is in the genre of afro-pop.

We All Poop – All The Blood

If Benny and Olga are well known back home, We All Poop are on the other side of this scale. This 4-piece male group was formed shortly before they submitted a song to the Czech online selection. They say that their song is “a coincidence punk-pop”, so we all may be afraid of All The Blood, as their song is called. We already saw some new acts to win the national finals over well-experienced artists so everything is possible.

Who is your favourite to win the Czech national final Eurovision Song CZ? Last year, the Czech Republic was represented by a group Lake Malawi, who ended in 11th place in the grand final.

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Vidbir 2020 to showcase new talents

Vidbir 2020 to showcase new talents

Fo Sho

Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC have chosen to do things a little differently this year and showcase new talent in the 2020 edition as well as a shake up to the judging line up. Will this make for a more entertaining and less controversial contest?

UA:PBC seem to be putting last year’s fiasco firmly behind them. Not only has the judging panel had a shake up but this year’s selection sees almost completely fresh new talent. In previous editions of the competition viewers have come to expect to see the likes of TAYANNA, Kadnay, Brunettes shoot blondes to name but a few. However this year, there is only one returning artist.

The contestants are:

Assol – Semi-finalist in The Voice Ukraine. Assol has enjoyed the success of two popular albums in Ukraine as well as appearing in television shows and various competitions.

Cloudless – Boy-band trio who had their big break in Ukraine in 2017.

David Axelrod – An established Ukrainian singer, performer and musician.

Elina Ivashschenko – The Voice Kids and X Factor winner.

Fo Sho – The African Ukrainian hip-hop sister trio enjoy high energy performances which combine genres.

GARNA – A band member going solo. Aliona, now known as GARNA performs with the Prime Orchestra as well as the band Manera.

GIO – A writer and composer. A former X Factor and The Voice Ukraine competitor

Go-A – 4 piece band who mix modern music, african drums powerful guitars.

Jerry Heil – Ukrainian music award winner with who’s song OKHRANOTMENA received over 14 million views on youtube.

Katya Chilly – An established artist in Ukraine with appearances on MTV and BBC under her belt. She is a pop-jazz artist and a former participant of The Voice Ukraine.

KHAYAT – Vidbir’s only returning artist. KHAYAT was a semi-finalist in last year’s edition of the competition.

KRUT’ – Modern music mixed with traditional Ukrainian instruments including the bandura.

MOONZOO feat. F.M.F. Sure – A collaboration of Ukrainian electronic band MOONZOO and American rapper F.M.F Sure

[О] – An Indie-pop band who have played in various festivals around the world

Oleksandr Poriadynskyi – The youngest winner of Ukrainian X-Factor who is also a composer and song-writer.

TVORCHI – A duo from Ternopil who have enjoyed success with their earlier tracks Believe

This year has seen a change in the judging panel. Ukraine’s participant for 2006 Tina Karol is amongst the new line up. Though Tina finished in 6th position during her time in the contest she has gone on to become one of the biggest selling artists in Ukraine and has some judging experience up her sleeve as a long-serving member of The Voice and The Voice Kids, Ukraine. Joining Danylko and Karol will be Vitalii Drozdov, the director general of Ukrainian radio station Hit-FM.

Hopefully this year will prove less controversial than that of last. Maruv was declared the winner of Vidbir in 2019 despite having to deal with some ‘uncomfortable questions’ from judge Jamala over her history of performing in Russia, the country that Ukraine is currently at war with. Despite her overwhelming win Maruv decided to withdraw herself from the Eurovision Song Contest as she wasn’t able to agree to some of the terms demanded of her by the Ukrainian broadcaster. The chance of representing their country was offered to the 2nd and 3rd place entries that year who also declined, meaning that the broadcaster had no choice but to withdraw Ukraine from the competition.

Music producer of the National Selection – Ruslan Kvinta will return as the Music Producer of the National Selection along with Natalia Franchuk as Create Producer. As always, Sergey Pritula will host the show as it returns to Ukrainian channels STB and UA: Pershiy. The semi-finals will take place on the 8th and 15th of February with the final taking place on the 22nd.

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Lithuania: Second set of six acts go through to the Pabandom Iš Naujo semi finals

Lithuania: Second set of six acts go through to the Pabandom Iš Naujo semi finals


Eurovizijos Atranka or whatever its new name is continued tonight with a further six acts proceeding to the semi finals, hoping to represent Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. After last week’s low quality let’s see what happened tonight.

Monika Marija topped the public and jury votes last week and along with the five other contestants from last week, six more were selected tonight.


  • 1 The Hosts
  • 2 The Judges
  • 3 The Songs
  • 4 The Results

The Hosts

Braving a second week were hosts Giedrius Masalskis and Gabrielė Martirosianaitė. They were joined in the green room again by Ieva Zasimauskaité who is probably now wishing she’d entered the contest again after hearing last week’s submissions. Gabrielė was dressed like a meringue while Giedrius had a houndstooth suit. Anyway chin up and let’s delve into this week’s contenders.

The Judges

Tonight’s judges included 1999 entrant Aistė Smilgevičiūtė who placed 20th with Strazdas, so she know how to pick a winner. Equally, novelty singer LT United member Viktor Diawara should be able to spot a good old knock about number. They were joined by Jievaras Jasinskis producer of the band Inculto, another musical triumph who were left in the semi finals in 2010. Rounding out the motley crew were musician Darius Užkuraitis who has 4000 CD’s in his home, and Gerūta Griniūtėwho likes playing the piano.

The Songs

Rūta LoopWe Came from the Sun

Rūta opened tonight all in black. The song is nice enough but too bland to really win Eurovision. She was joined by two female dancers during the beginning of the song and two male dancers later. Despite being a little ordinary, Ruta is a decent enough singer and with a better song could well represent Lithuania one day. During the interview with Ieva, you could see that Ruta came from the sun, as it had melted her eye liner in one of her eyes. We should see this in the semis.


Too much attention was paid to a male dancer all in gold, whether this was an attempt to hide some of Soliaris’s flat vocals. Despite that though this was quite a nice soulful song. Soliaris didn’t do much moving but the song didn’t require it. He was all in black and sang the song plain and simply. Another which might just get through to the next round.

Kristina JureMy Sound of Silence

This reject from Frozen actually had quite a nice tune but it was very made for Disney. Apparently it was conceived as a song that was dedicated to blind people. The sentiment is very nice and well-intentioned so its hard to say anything negative about the song. Plain and simple.

Alen ChiccoSomewhere Out There

Alen was dressed in a batman like cat woman suit with heaps of red eye make up. The appearance was better than the song which once again had only one dimension and never really took off. In fact dreary was the perfect word for it, which is a shame as  Alen is usually better than this. Four monk like characters joined him for the end of the song and the studio audience loved it.

IndrayaYou and I

This was another song that was forgotten as soon as it was over, although while it was on it was a decent enough listen for one time. Indraya was dressed in a mauve dress which really didn’t have that much shape to it. Sweet, pleasant and inoffensive but nothing spectacular.

Germanas SkorisChemistry

There are no words to describe this entry so here they are… No Words and yet it qualified

See alsoLithuania : Week one sees six acts qualify to the Pabandom Iš Naujo 2020 semi final

Viktorija MiškūnaitėThe Ocean

A little bit of pop opera next but not quite up to Il Volo or Eleni standards but certainly good compared to the standard tonight. Vicky was in a black lacy dress with hints of red flowers. Good enough singer but this won’t win Eurovision either. Glasses were shattered at the end.

Antturi I Gotta Do

Borrowing Benjamin Ingrosso’s Dance You Off backing, this entry made a bit more of a go of it with some rap singing. However the song was another that never really took off, though the lighting definitely shone here. Hit or miss whether it passes through.

AbrokenlegElectric Boy

Broken said that she was waiting for the right song before entering Eurovision, but after hearing this, she must have changed her mind. The costume was eye catching and this had a bit of a Siouxsie And The Banshees feel about it. It burst into a punky type chorus which broke up the verses a bit. Electric boy sure, but Eurovision winner hardly.


Oh well Lithuania may as well send this of to Rotterdam. Even though it was a piss take it’s been the best entry of 22 so far. All about the Lithuanian basketball player, Donny Montell anyone, this was a bouncy little number just as you’d expect from Justin and his mates.

MoniquéMake Me Human 

There was lots of hopes for this song written by the same writer as When We’re Old but it turns out this was another slow paced song and the plain tan costume that Monique wore did nothing for her. She made a few robotic like movements during the song and in the end a light shone on her heart, so a bit of a selling point there, but that was it. Very disappointing.

Voldemars PetersonsWings of Freedom

A plain song to end the evening from Voldemars and thoughts of Run Like The Lions from last year come to mind, so this could be in the running. Again this week the judges will have a hard job in selecting six songs to go through to the next round. No idea what Lithuania are playing at this year.

The Results

Rūta Loop107173Qualifier
Kristina Jure 612182Qualifier
Alen Chicco86145Qualifier
Indraya 02211
Viktorija Miškūnaitė78154Qualifier
Twosome 0558

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