Melodifestivalen 2018 participants presented

Welcome back to former Eurovision artists Kikki Danielsson and Jessica Andersson. Months of speculations finally came to an end today as the participants for the 2018 Swedish national selection were presented today. 

Melodifestivalen have fans all around the world. The Swedish national selection is for many Eurovision fans bigger than Christmas and New Years Eve. No matter if you share this obsession or not, it is hard to deny that its existence is a big part of Eurovision.

Today, the participants who take part in the 2018 edition were presented at a press conference. As often seen before, the line-up includes new talents as well as experienced artists. Some of them are very familiar faces to Eurovision followers, and others are hoping to become just that.

Over four regular heats, and one second chance heat, starting in Karlstad on the 3rd of February 2018, the participants will fight for spots in the final, which takes place in Friends Arena on the 10th of March.

2018 Melodifestivalen participants

(Not in performing order)

  • Semi-final 1 – Karlstad, Löfbergs Arena
  1. Renaida – All The Feels
  2. Benjamin Ingrosso – Dance You Off
  3. Edward Bloom – Livet Pa En Pinne
  4. John Lundvik – My Turn
  5. Kikky Danielson – Osby Tennesse
  6. Sigrid Bernson – Patrick Swayze
  7. Kamferdrops – Solen Levar Var Hos Dig
  • Semi-final 2 – Gothenburg, Scandinavium
  1. Ida Redig – Allting Som Vi Sa
  2. Jonas Gardell – Det Finns En Vag
  3. Margaret – In My Cabana
  4. Liamoo – Last Breath
  5. Samir & Viktor – Stuffla
  6. Mimi Werner – Songburning
  7. Stiko Par Larsson – Titta Vi Flyger
  • Semi-final 3 – Malmö, Malmö Arena
  1. Martin Almgren – A bitter Lullaby
  2. Dotter – Cry
  3. Moncho – Cuba Libre
  4. Mendez – Everyday
  5. Kalle Mordeus & Orsa – Min Drom
  6. Jessica Anderson – Party voice
  7. Barbi Escobar – Stark
  • Semi-final 4 – Örnsköldsvik, Fjällräven Center
  1. Felica Olson – Break That Chain
  2. Felix Sandman – Every Single Day
  3. Mariette – For you
  4. Rolandz – Fuldans
  5. Emmi Christennson – Icarus
  6. Elias Abbas – Mitt Paradis
  7. Olivia – Never Learn

Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest

With six wins, Sweden is one of the most succesful Eurovision countries – they are only one victory away from matching Ireland’s seven wins. Since Ireland’s last victory in 1996, Sweden have won three times, in 1999, 2012 and 2015. And where Ireland have missed the final seven times including the last four years, Sweden have only been left out once, in 2010.

In 2017, Sweden was represented by Robin Bengtsson. With 344 points he came fifth with the song I Can’t Go On. In the video below you can enjoy that entry in a special multi cam edition.

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Deen releases new song Imena Mi Mog

Fuad Backović Deen, who represented Bosnia and Herzegovina twice at the Eurovision Song Contest, has released a new song yesterday. The title of the song is Imena Mi Mog, which in English means I Swear By My Own Name.

Deen’s new song is his first release since he represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at 2016 Eurovision in Stockholm. The message of Imena MiMog is that all the citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina are equal regardless their ethnicity and religion. Following this statement Deen is singing about how we all are the same before the God no matter if we are dirty or clean, happy or unhappy, sinless or sinful. It is a kind of a symbolic gesture that the song has been released yesterday – Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Statehood Day – as a peaceful coexistence between persons with different backgrounds is a necessary condition for survival of the Balkan country.

The video for Imena Mi Mog has been directed by Vedad Jašarević, who is also the man behind the video for the Bosnian Eurovision entry Ljubav Je from 2016. It is a sort of a postcard showing some of the most beautiful and famous places in the city of Sarajevo. Almir Ajanović, who sponsored Bosnia and Herzegovina’s participation in the contest in 2016 wrote the music and the lyrics for the song.

Deen at the Eurovision Song Contest

In 2004 Deen represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at 2004 Eurovision in Istanbul with the song In The Disco. Deen finished 9th with 91 points automatically earning Bosnia and Herzegovina the honour of participating in the final of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest.
Deen represented his country for the second time at 2016 Eurovision in Stockholm. Together with Dalal Midhat-Talakić, Ana Rucner and Jala Brat he performed the song Ljubav Je in the first semi-final, but failed to qualify for the final. It was the first time since the introduction of the semis in 2004 that Bosnia failed to qualify.

You can listen to Deen’s new song in the video bellow:

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Tina Karol sets sights on UK market

She became a superstar in her home country after her Eurovision performance, but Tina Karol now has set her sights even higher as she aims to conqour the English language charts and makes her first UK release.

It has been over 10 years since Europe first saw Tina Karol when she came 6th place in Athens with her entry Show Me Your Love. She has released countless hits, wrote a children’s book, became a judge on one of the countries most watched talent shows, released her own lipstick range and received prestigious awards from the President. Tina wants to take this one step further and conqour the all important English language charts. She has started by releasing the single Blindfold with an album to follow next year.

In an interview with abitofpopmusic,   Karol explained why she decided to take the leap. Karol explained that she was inspired by her son Veniamin who attends school in the UK. First and foremost she wants her son to be proud of her. She also declared, “I like to dream boldly, I want to destroy the iron curtain that we have lived behind all this time. I dream of becoming a pioneer, thereby hoping to show this generation that we live in a world without borders.”

When asked to describe the new single Blindfold, Karol said: “It is a mix of traditional Slavic melodies and drama combined with trip-hop beats – which are not inherent in the Slavs. It is my desire to unite the cultures and countries. This track means a lot to me, I’m so proud to be able to bring it to the UK!”

Karol also touched on Eurovision, hinting, perhaps jokingly, that she might want to represent the UK at the contest one day. She also expressed her delight at Salvador Sobral winning the contest this year. She noted it was the first time in years that a track won based solely on its organic musical quality and wished that more winning songs contained that quality.

You can hear Tina’s new single below. Does she have what it takes to win the hearts of the UK?

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Francesca Michielin releases new single ‘Io Non Abito Al Mare’

Francesca Michielin representing Italy at Eurovision 2016

Francesca Michielin, Italy’s representative at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, has released a new single Io Non Abito Al Mare, along with information about her tour around Italy, which will take place in March and April 2018.

Francesca Michielin represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016 with her song Nessun Grado Di Separazione and she placed 16th on the scoreboard with 124 points.

Three months after her her last song Vulcano, Francesca first treated her fans on Twitter with a sneak peek of her new song Io Non Abito Al Mare, meaning I Don’t Live By The Sea. She included some lyrics from the song and shared the cover of the single with her fans. The song was released last Friday, 17th November 2017. Today, the music video was released. Watch it in the video below.

Francesca wrote the song herself, and she says that the song is about ‘the difficulty of communicating, the difference between hearing and listening, and the obstacles between the words that we want to say’.

Also, some other exciting news for her fans, Francesca Michielin announced a tour around Italy, going to fourteen places from North to South Italy. The tour will begin on the 16th of March 2018 in Parma and will end on the 15th of April in Florence. Below is a list of the dates and places she will be touring in:

16/03/18: Parma

17/03/18: Milan

23/03/18: Venaria

24/03/18: Brescia

25/03/18: Bologna

27/03/18: Trento

28/03/18: Roncade

31/03/18: Catania

05/04/18: Perugia

07/04/18: Maglie

08/04/18: Modugno

12/04/18: Rome

14/04/18: Naples

15/04/18: Florence

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A variety of songs received in the Czech Republic

Martina Bárta (Czech Republic 2017)

With the deadline ending last night, Czech broadcaster, Česká Televize, has received more than 300 potential Eurovision entries. The style of the entries varies a lot, and most of them are in English, but there are also some in Czech and French.

The “more than 300 entries” matches last year where the country also received “more than 300” songs. For the 2018 selection, the broadcaster added a new rule; that the songs have to be sung by a Czech artist.

The Czech delegation has expressed their excitement over the variety of genres of the submitted entries and also the high interest for the contest among the Czech artists. The broadcaster says that they received songs mostly in English, but also some in Czech and even some in French. The style of the entries also varies a lot. From rock, through country to the current pop and of course ballads, so typical for every Eurovision Songs Contest. The songs were submitted not only from the Czech Republic, but also from foreign composers.

National Selection for Lisbon

From the first information published in the late September and also explained more in the interviews for Czech Eurovision site, we have confirmation, that some of the Czech artists submitted their songs to the selection process that is yet to be revealed if it stays internal or if the public will have the opportunity to decide.

The French song in the selection is Septembre by a French singing young artist Annabelle. It is similar to her first single Gabi, according to the information posted by the artist herself. She is one of the artists approached by the broadcaster and asked to submit a song. Another of those artists is YANNA, who previously competed in Hlas Československa. She submitted a song in English, slow tempo and with a piano background. But it is not the only song she has in the selection. The other song is also in English, but faster and modern.

From the guys in the selection, we can name Mikolas Josef. According to Mikolas, he sent the song Lie to Me and it is already on the airplay in the radios. The official video is coming out on the 19th of November. A new name in the selection is then Jakub Ondra, who is a rising star in the Czech Republic. He sings mainly in English and one of his latest singles Cast The Line reminds us of Ed Sheeran. His song in the competition is called Reasons to Love You and according to Jakub, it is one of the catchiest songs he has ever done.

According to Jan Bors, the Head of Delegation, more information should follow in the coming weeks.

Czech Republic at the Eurovision Song Contest

If we compare the previous entries of Czech Republic, this middle European country experimented quite a lot. In 2007 during their debut, Česká Televize sent a rock group Kabát with a song Malá dáma in Czech, who won their national final. One year later in 2008, it was Tereza Kerndlová with the dance-pop song Have Some Fun, who won the national final. The last year before their withdrawal in 2009, it was an internally selected group, who sung Aven Romale in a mix of English and Romani. All these three entries ended in or around the bottom of the semifinal scoreboard.

When the Czech Republic returned to Vienna in 2015, they chose internally a pop duet Hope Never Dies by Václav Noid Bárta and Marta Jandová. This was a change in the results from the first three appearances as they ended 13th in their semifinal. So the Czech delegation decided to continue with the internal selection, but they approached composers from all over the Europe and chose Gabriela Gunčíková with a pop ballad I Stand. It was the first time when the Czech Republic qualified to the Grand final.

In 2017, the internal selection continued and the submissions were completely opened to everybody. In the end, Martina Bárta got the ticket to Kyiv with a jazzy pop ballad My Turn. Unfortunately, Martina ended 13th in the semifinal and failed to qualify, but she took part in most of the Eurovision parties over the Europe in April.

In the video below, take a look at the 2017 Czech entry – this time seen from three different angles:

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Anja Nissen: “This girl has stolen all my music”

Anja Nissen (Denmark 2017)

Anja Nissen, Denmark’s 2017 representative, is reporting an usual theft: An unknown woman has stolen all of her music by renaming it. The singer is asking her fans to report the matter. Porche Adams, the name of “the fake singer” has even announced a 2018 tour.

Being a famous singer isn’t all about glamour and fame, there’s also dark sides to it, and Denmark’s 2017 representative is now experiencing that downside of fame. Anja Nissen – who has recently celebrated the approval of gay marriage in Australia – came across a fake singer that has been using and renaming her music to achieve success and followers.

“HELP ME!”, Anja begged on her Instagram post. This girl has stolen all my music renaming them, but it is still me singing and my songs… And now she is going on tour??!! She needs to be stopped! Please report her!”

In the post shared, Anja attached a picture of the respective tour promo and tagged the fake profile that leads to a certain Porche Adams. A quick look into it tells that the person behind it is indeed stealing Anja’s music by renaming her songs. Anja´s Eurovision entry Where I Am has for example been renamed to Armour, and Drive to Faded.

Porche Adams’ profile is followed by 120,000 people – more than the double of Anja’s – and she even owns her own free website. You can help Anja Nissen by reporting this fake profile to Instagram. But before you do that, remember Anja’s 2017 Eurovision entry, which you find in the video below.

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