Austrian entry released – Cesár Sampson presents Nobody But You

Austrian entry released – Cesár Sampson presents Nobody But You

Cesár Sampson officially steps out of the Eurovision backing singer role as of today when his entry for the 2018 contest was released. He will represent Austria with the “Nobody But You” – and it is now up to you to start judging whether not this entry can bring us back to Vienna next year, or maybe Linz as that is where Cesár is born.

Back in December, Austrian broadcaster ORF, announced that they had internally selected 34 year old Cesár Sampson to represent them at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. This came after two years in a row with a national final in Austria.

Cesár is a singer, songwriter and a model – so we can probably count on that he knows how to appear in front of the camera. And, he knows what Eurovision is all about as he has been backing singer twice for Bulgaria. First time in 2016 for Poli Genova, and second time the year after backing Kristian Kostov up.

Now, it is him the spotlight will be on, it is his name which will be mentioned by commentators all over the world. His entry, Nobody But You, written by Boris Milanov and Sebastian Arman, was released today. The songwriters have previously been involved with entries from Bulgaria, FYR Macedonia and Serbia.

Listen to Nobody But You in the video below:

Mixed Austrian results in recent years

When Austria, after a two years absence, came back to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011, it was to quite mixed results – just as in the years before their break.

Nadine Beiler brought Austria back to the contest, and to the final, with the song The Secret Is Love. She finished 18th in the final, and that might have tempted the Austrian’s to try to be a bit more alternative the following year. Trackshittaz was fun, but not what Europe wanted, and with a result at the button of the scoreboard in the semi-final, they weren’t even near qualifying for the final.

As the country also missed out on the final in 2013, the victory in 2014 came at a good time. With Rise Like A Phoenix, Conchita Wurst won the contest in Copenhagen, Denmark after also winning her semi-final. This came despite many being worried that in particular the Eastern European countries wouldn’t vote for a man dressed as a woman – with beard.

But Conchita won, and Austria could host the 2015 contest. The Makemakes represented them on homefield – and forget everything about the host country always getting a few extra points. Austria didn’t. With zero points – The Makemakes became the worst performing host country act.

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In the past two years, Austria have reached the final on both occasions, and finished in the middle of the field. Last year, Nathan Trent finished 16th in the final with Running On Air. Refresh your memory of that one in the video below:

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Melodi Grand Prix 2018: Get to know the Norwegian finalists

Melodi Grand Prix 2018: Get to know the Norwegian finalists

With three (or five if you count the songwriters as well) former participants, Norway is ready for one heck of a national final on Saturday the 10th of March. Get to know the 10 acts for the Melodi Grand Prix 2018 final in this portrait.

Can anyone beat a national final line-up like the Norwegian one this year? Maybe, but it will be tough. Here we take a closer look at the 10 acts that will compete to represent Norway at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix final will be held Saturday the 10th of March live from Oslo. At the very same time, Sweden will also have reach the final in their Melodifestivalen selection.

Charla K – Stop The Music

Behind the artist name Chara K, we find 29 year old Charlotte Kjær. She is no stranger to music competitions and Melodi Grand Prix. As a part of the duo Shackles, she came second in the talent show X-Factor. Five years ago, the duo took part in the Norwegian competition, where they were eliminated in a preliminary heat. She currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden where she has a record deal with Per Gessle’s record company Space Station 12.

Charla K has been a part of writing her song together with Alex Shield and Per Gessle. The latter doesn’t need much introduction to music lovers as he is one half of the Swedish super duo Roxette with international big hits like The Look and It Must Have Been Love. Before Roxette, he was front man in the popular Swedish band Gyllene Tider which in particular had a hit with Sommartider from 1982.

Alejandro Fuentes: Tengo Otra

30 year old Alejandro has, as the name suggests, latin roots, in his case they are from Chile. He finished 3rd in the talent show Idol in 2005, which he used to release his first album that ended up selling to gold status. As part of De nye Gitarkameratene from 2006, another successful album was released before he went back to solo projects. Three years ago, he was judge in Idol Junior so he also knows what it is like to be on the other side in a competition.

Just like Charla K, Alejandro has also helped out himself with his song. Tengo Otra will be performed in Spanish, and is co-written together with Angel Arce Pututi and Alejandro Pututi.

Aleksander Walmann – Talk To The Hand

If you watched last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Aleksander will be a familiar face to you. He was the voice on his and JOWST’s Grab The Moment, which came in 10th in the final in Kyiv, Ukraine. He is 32 years old and got his break-through in 2012 coming second in the Talent show The Voice. It is not only within music, he is use to competitions, as from the age of 13 and until music grabbed him, he was an active snowboarder competing on international level.

Just like last year, Aleksander Walmann is once again tearmed with JOWST. Joakim With Steen aka JOWST wrote the song Talk To The Hand together with Jonas McDonnell and Magnus Klausen.

Stella & Alexandra – You Got Me

There is 10 years between them, and their roads didn’t cross before they were matched for this song, by broadcaster NRK. Both however knows what it is like to take part in a competition like the this, although on each their level. Stella with the last name Mwangi is no stranger to Eurovision fans as she represented Norway in 2011 with the song Haba Haba.

She has been matched with 21 year old Alexandra Rotan who has taken part in the Norwegian MGP junior show. Lately she has been touring as lead vocalist for producer Alan Walker.

Stella has been involved in writing the song together with Gustav Eurén, Niclas Arn and Andreas Alfredsson.

Vidar Villa – Moren Din

8 songs in English, one in Spanish and one in Norwegian, that’s what you find in this national final – and the single one sung in Norwegian is titled Moren Din, which translates to Your mother. It is the story about two friends where one falls in love in the other’s mum! It is written by Vidar André Mohaugen, Jonas Thomassen and Martin Thomassen.

Vidar Villa is 26 years old, and not unknown to the Norwegian population as his smash hit One Night Stand from last summer reached 4 times platinum, and in 2017 his songs were streamed more than 27 million times.

Tom Hugo – I Like I Like I Like

38 year old Tom Hugo is no stranger to Melodi Grand Prix as he also took part in 2013, being eliminated in a preliminary heat. He released his debut single (Open Up Your Eyes) in 2011, and his first album, titled Sundry Tales, in 2012. Tom spends a lot of his time abroad writing music for other artists as well, in particular in Germany, China and Japan. The latest one being Y’akoto’s All I Want.

Different to 2013, Tom Hugo now competes with a song in English. Just as back then, he has written the song entirely himself.

Ida Maria – Scandilove

Another singer-songwriter to write the song herself is 33 year old Ida Maria. She also took part in the Norwegian final last year, but as songwriter. Ida herself is quite use to being on a stage though as she is an established artist within the Norwegian punk and rock music. Her debut album Fortress Round My Heart was released in 2008, in Norway and the UK. For that album, she won the Norwegian award as ‘Newcomer of the Year’. Several of Ida Maria’s songs has also been used in Finnish, American and British TV series and films such as Grey’s Anatomy, Skins, Gossip Girl and Scream 4.

Ida Maria wrote her entry Scandilove together with Stefan Törnby.

Rebecca – Who We Are

She is the youngest participant in this year’s Norwegian final. Rebecca is just 19 years old, and just finished school. She plan to study music in England, but first up is Melodi Grand Prix, and maybe the Eurovision Song Contest. It is not her first time on a stage though as Rebecca has performed in Nashville, USA, and also at a concert in relation to the World Cup in Biathlon in Oslo.

Should Rebecca get too nervous, her songwriter Kjetil Mørland can probably help her through it. He represented Norway a the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 with the song A Monster Like Me. Together with Debrah Scarlett, he finished 8th in Vienna, Austria.

Nicoline – Light Me Up

28 year old singer and dancer Nicoline Berg Kaasin is no stranger to Eurovision. She was a backing singer for Margaret Berger in 2013 and for Agnete in 2016. She however has been singing solo as well, reaching the final in the talent show The Voice in 2015, and releasing her first single No Suitcase the following year. Since then she also released Real Life and Znap.

Nicoline’s entry Light Me Up is written partly by herself, together with Johan Larsson and Emilie Adams.

Alexander Rybak – That’s How You Write A Song

Most attention will be on the now 31 year old Alexander Rybak in this final. He won the Norwegian final in 2009, and since also the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Fairytale, back then breaking the point record. His following album was released in 25 countries. He has since been an established name, having released several singles and albums, been performing all around the world and won many awards.

Rybak hasn’t forgotten Eurovision either. He has written songs to artists in national selections in Norway, Malta and Belarus, and has also been a guest act in several shows. This is however the first time, since his 2009 victory that he will take part himself.

Alexander, who is born in Belarus, but moved to Norway at the age of six, has written his song himself.

One of these 10 acts will win the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix, and thus represent Norway at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal in May. Norway has finished in top 10 four out of the last five years, so pressure is high on whoever wins.

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“We Got Love” by Jessica Mauboy officially released – does it beat the other Australian entries?

“We Got Love” by Jessica Mauboy officially released – does it beat the other Australian entries?

“We Got Love” will be the song that Jessica Mauboy will sing for Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. As with most Eurovision songs, the song was leaked ahead of time. Today, followed the official release of the song and its video.

The song We Got Love was written by Jessica along with David Musumeci and Anthony Egizii (otherwise known as DNA). If the name DNA sounds familiar, it is because he also was responsible for Australia’s last two entries, Sound Of Silence and Don’t Come Easy.

Even though the song leaked ahead of its time, the official release happened today. Along with the song, its video was also unveiled and uploaded directly into Eurovision Song Contest’s official YouTube channel.

In its core, We Got Love discusses a relationship that is not going well yet Jessica is not willing to let such a strong feeling die without a fight: “So don’t give up, ’cause we got love”, she sings many times throughout the song’s chorus making it a quite catchy entry. As for the video, it was fully shot in a studio and features many different sets and outfits.

Now that we know what Australia has to offer this year, let us know if it’s your favorite Australian entry so far:

Which is your favorite Australian entry so far?

Jessica’s second time at the Eurovision Song Contest

Jessica will be returning to the Eurovision stage, having debuted as the interval act in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2014. That year was the first hint that Australia would become a permanent member of the Eurovision family.

Australia has been very successful since they started to compete in 2015 with Guy Sebastian and Tonight Again which finished in 5th place. Dami Im gave the country their best placing when she finished 2nd the following year with Sound Of Silence.

Do you think Jessica and We Got Love has what it takes to continue Australia’s top ten streak. Judge for yourself below.

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X My Heart – Aisel releases Eurovision entry for Azerbaijan

X My Heart – Aisel releases Eurovision entry for Azerbaijan

With an experienced Greek/Swedish/British team behind her, Aisel will sing “X My Heart” on the stage in Lisbon. X stands for Cross. She was internally selected to represent Azerbaijan, back in November. The song is now officially released.

Aisel, whose real name is Aysel Mammadova, is a 27 year old jazz singer from Azerbaijan. When she was chosen to represent her country back in November, the local broadcaster Ictimai TV was very short with information. The big press releases before, during and after the announcement, to ensure everyone was ready – and had a lot of information about their act – had been replaced with a short notice on the website.

Tomorrow the song will be released. With a song title including the X, which stands for Cross, we can be sure to experience some confusing, just like in 2016 where Denmark was represented by the band Lighthouse X. The X stood for the number 10, but it wasn’t everyone who had understood that, and as such you would hear radio and TV broadcasts from the press centre referring to them as with the letter X.

Well known team behind Aisel

X My Heart is written by Greek Dimitris Kontopoulos and Swedish Sandra Bjurman. Both have previous Eurovision experience. Dimitris co-wrote the Russian 2016 runner-up entry You Are The Only One performed by Sergey Lazarev. Sandra can write Eurovision winner on the track list, as she was one of the two Swedish songwriters behind Azerbaijan’s 2011 winner Running Scared.

As if that wasn’t enough Eurovision experience, X My Heart is arranged by Tim Bran, who stood behind the production of Belgian’s City Lights from 2017. Greek stage director Fokas Evangelinos has been added to the team as well. He knows all about putting a performance together which the viewers will like. In the past we have seen him connected to winning acts such as Helena Paparizou and Dima Bilan and second placed ones like Ani Lorak, Farid Mammadov and Sergey Lazarev.

The mix of X My Heart, which has been recorded in London, is done by Ash Howes who has previously worked with names such as The Corrs and One Direction.

Listen to Aisel’s X My Heart in the video below:

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Ari Ólafsson wins Söngvakeppnin 2018 and will represent Iceland at Eurovision

Ari Ólafsson wins Söngvakeppnin 2018 and will represent Iceland at Eurovision

Tonight the Söngvakeppnin 2018 final was held at the Laugardalshöll in Reykjavík, where Iceland chose their Eurovision Song Contest 2018 representative.

Six songs made the final from two previous semi-finals.In the end, Ari Ólafsson and  Our Choice  was chosen as this year’s Icelandic entry.


  • 1 The Show
  • 2 The Jury
  • 3 The Songs
  • 4 The Results
  • 5 Iceland At Eurovision Song Contest

The Show

Robin Bengtsson opened the show, starting backstage as he did for Sweden at last years Eurovision, with his song I Can’t Go On. He was sporting a newly shaven head.

Svala sang an acoustic version of Paper during the first set of voting.

After a new song, a dark haired Emmelie De Forest sang the 2013 Danish winning song Only Teardrops.

Last years runner up Daði Freyr Pétursson sang as the final two songs were being judged.

The Jury

Robin and Svala made up the foreign jury, along with Danish Eurovision winner Emmelie De Forest.

The Songs

Fókus – Battleline

Iceland’s answer to Steps though they look a little larger, but surely they can’t be older.This is a nice piece of harmonious pop and choreography. The group were all dressed in red and if Iceland go for a simple nice song, this is the winner.

Áttan – Here for You

There have been six Áttan’s in the past singing this soulful mellow ballad which has a bit of a beat about it.  Tonight though more focus was placed on the lead male and female singer. The less said about some of the vocals the better. The audience seem to love this one.

Ari Ólafsson – Our Choice

This is the best melody in the contest. The lyrics are maybe a little cheesy, but the vocals are outstanding. Fair enough Iceland has sent entries like this before. This is the type of song that can make the final for them again. Ari sang the song and reached the high notes in a velvet suit.

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Heimilistónar – Kúst og fæjó

OK this is fine for a quick laugh, but seriously Eurovision stopped liking this type of rubbish long ago.  Four colourfully dressed ladies all game for a laugh but surely not a serious contender. Watch it win.

Aron Hannes – Gold Digger

Probably the most relevant song for today. A bit Bruno Mars like but that isn’t always a good thing. Aron and his backing singers and dancers have had their costumes, well through the washing machine to get them shiny white. If Iceland wants current this is the song they will choose.

Dagur Sigurðsson – Í stormi

A powerful Nordic type song. One problem, we already have one from Denmark. The singing is probably the most explosive of the night. Being in the home language will probably work in its favour. Dagur needed no fancy tricks to sell his song.

The Results

The jury and the public voted and in the first round the scores were

Fokus 25950

Áttan 13997

Ari Ólafsson 35861

Heimilistónar 31802

Aron Hannes 30938

Dagur Sigurðsson 44730

The two highest songs Our Choice and Í stormi were performed again in a two way sing off, and you now know who won.

Iceland At Eurovision Song Contest

It was such a big deal way back in 1986 when Iceland debuted with Icy and Gleðibankinn. Nowadays though, Iceland is creating history as one of the longest length competitors who hasn’t won.
They came close in 1999 and 2009 with Selma and Yohanna.

Svala completed a hat-trick of three Icelandic entries missing the final in a row. The years ending in nine seems good to them. Maybe if they don’t do well this year, 2019 will be their year.

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Melodi Grand Prix 2018: Alexander Rybak shows his Norwegian competitors how it’s done

Melodi Grand Prix 2018: Alexander Rybak shows his Norwegian competitors how it’s done

On Saturday, former Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak takes part in the Norwegian selection again. He knows what he is up against as he has been doing his own little violin jam of all the songs in the competition. 

Norway will on Saturday the 10th of March, pick its 2018 Eurovision Song Contest representative. Alexander Rybak who won the contest back in 2009 with the song Fairytale is one of the participants. Under the voting system in 2009, his 387 points were the highest any songs had scored in Eurovision. Now, that the voting system changed, he is back for another attempt, maybe to set the record once again?

If Alexander doesn’t win this year’s Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix final, he might however just be available should the winner be in need of a violin player in his or her performance in May in Lisbon, Portugal. He is ready for it. That he proves in a new video where he goes through the songs from his competitors – of course on his famous violin.

Take a look at this Melodi Grand Prix violin jam in the video below:

Alexander Rybak performs last of the 10 Norwegian finalists. His entry is called That’s How You Write A Song. Among the other participants are two other former Eurovision participants. Stella Mwangi (2011) and Aleksander Walmann (2017) are also ready to once again represent their country. If you add that Kjetil Mørland and JOWST are taking part as songwriters, you get to a total of five Eurovision participants who are in this national final. That’s pretty impressive.


Aleksander Walmann loves what Rybak’s violin adds to the song Talk To The Hand. On his social media, he gave the promise to bring Alexander Rybak with him to Lisbon – on stage to sing and play, if he wins. He even used the hashtag #AleksandAlex.

Absolutely loving it 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you so much for making this @rybakofficial !!! It suits the song sooo good 🕺🏼💃🏼 This is a promise. If i win in Norway, you’re going with me to Portugal Alexander, putting on some fiddle and singing the harmonies on stage !!! #talktothehand #twiceasnice #aleksandalex #funkpop #talktoPortugal

A post shared by Aleksander Walmann (@aleksanderwalmann) on

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