Malta 2018: Watch and listen to the lyric videos of this years entries

Malta 2018: Watch and listen to the lyric videos of this years entries

Moments ago Maltese Television (TVM) published the sixteen lyric videos of their potential Eurovision entries. This year the Maltese final will be held on February 3.

Below is a list of the entries which will be competing, in the hope of bringing Malta their first ever win.

AIDAN – Dai Laga
Avenue Sky – We Can Run
Brooke Borg – Heart of Gold
Christabelle Borg – Taboo
Danica Muscat – One Step at a Time
Deborah C – Turn It Up
Dwett – Breaking Point
Eleanor Cassar – Back to Life
Jasmine Abela – Supernovas
Lawrence Gray – Love Renegade
Matthew Anthony – Call 2morrow
Miriana Conte – Rocket
Rhiannon – Beyond Blue Horizons
Richard & Joe Micallef – Song for Dad
Tiziana Calleja – First Time
Petra – Evolution

All of the songs can be enjoyed on Maltese Television’s Eurovision site. Please enjoy and feel free to comment if you have a favourite.

Last year Claudio Faniello failed to make the final with the song Breathlessly. Can Malta return to the final this year?

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Kristian Kostov could make Eurovision comeback in Lisbon

Kristian Kostov could make Eurovision comeback in Lisbon

Kristian Kostov (Bulgaria 2017)

2017 Eurovision runner-up form Bulgaria, Kristian Kostov may once again represent his country at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal. The ambitious singer has just submitted his entry to the Bulgarian national selection for Eurovision. 

The results of the Bulgarian national selection for Eurovision won’t be known until the 12th of March, 2018, but Bulgarians are already thrilled at reports that Kristian Kostov is trying once again. Kostov, who finished second with his Beautiful Mess in Kyiv in 2017, has, according to local media submitted another entry to the national selection with the hope to represent Bulgaria in Lisbon.

After his return from Kyiv in May, he apologized for not bringing Eurovision to Bulgaria.

Bulgarian National Television (BNT) follows the same internal selection process as last year. Due to low budget, the broadcaster is looking for acts to submit entire projects including not only the song, but also the intended staging, total number of the performing team, complete storyline, etc.

Bulgarian Eurovision success

Bulgaria is especially trying to repeat and overcome its recent Eurovision successes. To sum up, Bulgaria successfully hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2015, came fourth in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016 thanks to Poli Genova and her song If Love Was a Crime, and achieved its so far best by coming second in Kyiv in 2017 with Krstian Kostov’s Beautiful Mess.

While waiting for the 2018 Bulgarian Eurovision entry, let us remind ourselves about their 2018 entry be watching the video below – this time in a special Full Stage View:

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Latvia 2018: Can Markus Riva win the Supernova This Time

Latvia 2018: Can Markus Riva win the Supernova This Time

The title of Markus Riva’s 2018 Supernova entry, This Time, may be a subtle warning to the other contestants that this will be his year. However, Markus tells EuroVisionary that the This Time is about something totally different.

This is Markus’s fifth attempt to try to represent Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Markus’s Past Entries

In 2014 he placed 11th with the song Lights On. In 2015, the year Supernova was introduced, Aminata beat Markus into second place with his song, Take Me Down.

The following year Markus placed third in the semi-final with public votes. However, only the top 2 picks from the public proceeded to the final. The jury picked the other two, so, I Can did not make the final.

Last year Markus was eliminated in the second heat with the song, Dynamite.

This Time 2018

This year, Markus is back, stronger than ever with the song This Time. The song was written by Markus, along with Edgars Krastiņš, Quincy Thompson and powerhouse songwriter Kaspars Ansons.

Markus explains that the song is a breakup song. He continues that the song is absolutely about himself and autobiographical. Markus says that he can take a lot but sometimes enough is enough. This Time won’t make it right.

Markus feels that everyone has been in a relationship that doesn’t feel comfortable and healthy. There is a need to stand up for yourself, and if a situation cannot be fixed, it is time to leave. Lies, non-respect and destruction are things that don’t fit with a loving relationship.

You can hear Markus’s song below, and judge if withThis Time, we will see him, finally, perform at the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Georgia 2018: Group Iriao to be Eurovision representatives

Georgia 2018: Group Iriao to be Eurovision representatives

Tonight Georgian TV (1TV) reported that the group Iriao will represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

The surprise news was a shock to everyone who expected a National Final.

The group reportedly performs unique music that is a blend of jazz and Georgian traditional sounds.

David Malazonia has been the director of the group for many years. He has been working in Germany and Georgia on many theatre and musical productions.

Last year Georgia failed to make the final with Keep The Faith by Tamara Gachechiladze. Remind yourself of the song below.

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Happy New Year – the story about ABBA’s smash hit

Happy New Year – the story about ABBA’s smash hit

For many, the change of year is connected to ABBA’s ‘Happy New Year’ hit. This song dates back to 1980, but is today a classic, that is hard to get around on this last day of the year.  Both the English as well as the Spanish version became hits in several countries.

ABBA doesn’t need much introduction. They are well known around the world, and not only by Eurovision fans though they did win the contest in 1974 with the song Waterloo. They have released so many hits, which are still frequently played on radio, that though they split up in 1982, it is hard for younger people not to have heard of them.

One of their big hits is played a lot these days. It’s of course Happy New Year with Agnetha Fältskog on lead vocals. It’s from the album ‘Super Trouper’, that was released in November 1980. From that album the title song Super Trouper and The Winner Takes It All was released as singles. It wasn’t until 1999 the song, that had the funny working title Daddy Don’t Get Drunk on Christmas Day, finally came out as single.

A Spanish version of the song titled Felicidad was included on the South American version of the ‘Super Trouper’ album. It topped in Argentina as #5 on the chart.

Chart positions

The first single release in 1999 hit the charts in The Netherlands (#15), Norway (#20), Sweden (#27) and Germany (#75). As it was re-released in 2008, Denmark went on board as well and its placement on the charts grew. Since then, it has been on the charts in several countries each year.

We would like to wish you all a Happy New Year with the official video to this song. See you all in 2018!

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Lithuania 2018: Eurovizijos Atranka – Heat 1 – Get to know the participants

Lithuania 2018: Eurovizijos Atranka – Heat 1 – Get to know the participants

LRT are keeping us guessing this year, as they reveal their contestants for Eurovizijos Atranka 2018, one piece at a time. The thirteen contestants in the first round have been revealed, however, and they include past favourite, Ieva Zasimauskaitė.

Most of the songs are still a secret, but here are the 13 acts competing in Heat 1 on January 6th. At this time, rehearsals have begun in Lithuania. There is no news yet on how many songs will qualify for the next round.

There are some returning favorites, while others are appearing for the first time.

Returning acts

Ieva Zasimauskaitė

Ieva has gotten so close to representing Lithuania in the past. In 2013 she placed 5th with fellow contestant Gabrielius with the song I Fall In Love. She came 6th in 2014, all that Attention carry on. In 2016, Ieva had the song so beloved by the international juries Life (Not That Beautiful). Last year she just missed the grand final, with You Saved Me.

Ieva told EuroVisionary that this year she is looking forward to everyone hearing her new song. Ieva says she loves it and that it is the most beautiful song she has ever had.

Benas Malakauskas

Benas was another favourite from last year. After an impressive performance of his song Rolling. Benas was eliminated after the second heats. This year Benas is back with his new song My Memories, one of the few already published. Benas says that he will try his best to get further in the competition this year.


Last year Monee, performed a great up beat song called Nnnnn. Perhaps the title put people off, as she was surprisingly eliminated in the first heat. This year Monee said her new song is very simple and easy for everyone to sing a long to. This year the song is calmer and hopefully, the Eurovision fans will like it.


After having the unfortunate honour of having to open last years show, Justin3 were immediately eliminated. Their song, Streets Of Vilnius, though has gone on to be a good tourism advert for the city. Justin3 are back this year, with a song that has a totally different vibe from last year.

Evaldas Vaikasas

Evaldas started out strong last year with the song Fire Kisses. Unfortunately, in Heat 6 he finished last, in his memorable red jacket. This year Evaldas will be hoping he can get through to the final.

Acts appearing for the first time

Goda Sasnauskaitė

This will be Goda’s first year in the Lithuanian competition. Goda is part of a duo Tillae,  with partner, Jokubas Tulaba, of which we will report later. However, Goda will be solo for the show and is hoping her music will be heard outside Lithuania. Goda was on the Voice Lithuania 2013.


Dangė, full name Dangė Samonskiene, will be making her first appearance in the Lithuanian competition. She may be the best-known artist in Lithuania, of the acts in the first heat. This will be her first introduction to foreign countries. H

Germantė Kinderytė

Germantė was a contestant on the Voice of Lithuania  She has quite the pipes having had the bravery to audition with Mariah Carey’s Vision Of Love.

Lukas Norkūnas

Lukas has been singing in bars, restaurants and other venues building up a fan base. He plays all kinds of music including folk, jazz and blues. You should search for his song Tas Pats on youtube.

Milda Rasilavičiūtė

Milda was a contestant on the Voice Lithuania 2012. She auditioned with the X-Factor stable,  A Moment Like This, originally by Kelly Clarkson, but also a big hit for Leona Lewis. After the Voice, she had some problems with her voice. She spent some time in the theatre but is now back in full voice.

Aušra Difartė

Aušra hails from Kaunas, Lithuania’s second biggest city. She believes in Salvador’s manta in returning REAL music to the world. Describing herself as old school, she likes live sound and true feeling in the music. Aušra’s song is called Someday, and the video will be released just after the New Year.

Natalija Chareckaja

Natalija is another past contestant on the Voice of Lithuania. She appeared in 2013 singing another Leona Lewis classic, Bleeding Love.

Meda Meškauskaitė

Meda has a lovely low soothing voice which you can hear on youtube on her cover of Lana Del Ray’s Video Games. Meda’s song is called Blood Roses.

So far only Benas has published an official video of his entry. Enjoy MyMemories below.

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