Eesti Laul 2018: Does Estonia have a winner now that the second semi final songs have been published

Eesti Laul 2018: Does Estonia have a winner now that the second semi final songs have been published

Koit Toome & Laura (Estonia 2017)

Today Estonian Television (ETV) published the remaining songs competing in Eesti Laul 2018. The reaction from fans was generally negative after the first group, but perhaps a gem is lurking in the second batch.

The final ten songs have now been published and they will compete on February 17 2018. Five of these songs will join five from the first semi to compete in the final on March 3 2018.

The running order for the second semi final is as follows

Marju Länik – Tänaotsuseid ei tee
Rolf Roosalu – Show a Little Love
Frankie Animal – (Can’t Keep Calling) Misty
Eliis Pärna & Gerli Padar – Sky
Indrek Ventmann – Tempel
Evestus – Welcome to My World
Karl Kristjan & Karl Killing feat. Wateva – Young
Metsakutsu – Koplifornia
Girls In Pearls – Spellbound
Nika – Knock Knock

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Not all the songs are available on youtube, but you can catch them all on the official Eesti Laul site. Included in this group of acts, is Gerli Padar, who placed 22nd in the semi final of 2007, with the song Partners In Crime.

Estonia In The Eurovision Song Contest

This year will mark the 25th time Estonia has participated in the contest. During their time, they have won the contest only once. This was in 2001 with the song Everybody by Tanel Padar, Dave Benton and 2XL.

Everybody was part of a four year run from 1999-2002 when Estonia finished within the top ten. The other acts were Evelin Samuel & Camille, Ines and Sahlene.

Since the semi finals were introduced Estonia have failed to qualify 9 out of 14 years. Of the remaining 5 years, Ott Lepland did best in 2012 with the song Kuula, placing 6th.

Below you can watch the official top10 countdown of Estonia’s most successful entries.

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Second wave of tickets sold out: Riots in stores as system broke down

Second wave of tickets sold out: Riots in stores as system broke down

Some fans are happy today, while others are left disappointed. The amount of tickets made available today for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018’s Grand Final sold out in less than an hour. Also today the system broke down, and the ones waiting in physical stores had no chance.

Blueticket’s queueing system had more than 70,000 people waiting on queue in a matter of minutes and the official partners weren’t able to sell tickets for almost half an hour which ended up benefitting the international fans who purchased online.

Once again only a few fans were able to get tickets for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, at least for the main final show. Just as announced previously, Blueticket’s main webpage was again replaced by Queue-It – a queueing system that keeps the website from crashing – and people were assigned a number on queue despite the requests for another method. Fans invaded the website and, in a matter of minutes, the number of people waiting reached the 70,000 which made a lot give up as soon as they got in. People who got “low” numbers – such as 1,200 – were already a bit late for the best seats.

Portuguese people made sure to queue in quite early, as well but were surprised to find out that tickets weren’t yet available as the official Blueticket’s partners weren’t able to sell tickets for almost 30 minutes, which ended up being a benefit to whoever was queued on Blueticket’s webpage. Shopping malls such as Atrium, Colombo, Oeiras Parque and even Madeira Shopping had long lines of fans waiting to put their hands on the tickets, but only the very first ones were able to get them. On top of that, other online alternatives such as FNAC’s ticketing system were down for the same period.

At around 11.40 CET the store’s staff announced: “There are no more tickets available for the Grand Final”. Some gave up, some stayed in hoping to get tickets for the jury show or to the family one. There are reports of people raging and screaming in stores as they weren’t able to get tickets.

While tickets for the jury show Friday evening and for the family show Saturday afternoon are still available, a third wave of tickets is expected to be announced in January where tickets for the semi finals will be also made available as by then the allocation draw will have been held.

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Second wave of tickets tomorrow – What you should know

Second wave of tickets tomorrow – What you should know

The second wave of tickets for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest will be up for sale tomorrow. This time, not only there’ll be more tickets available but there’ll also be availability for other performances such as the jury show.

Ready, set, go! The sale of the second batch of tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest’s Grand Final shows will take place tomorrow at 11.00 CET. Just like the first time, the official provider – Blueticket – will be replacing its main webpage with a queueing system to avoid a possible crash despite requests for another selling method by the fans who found it unfair during the first wave.

Nonetheless and unlike the first time, the tickets made available for this second phase will not only include the event’s Grand Final but also the jury and  the family shows. The prices for each of those events varies between €10 and €299 per person.

With all this being said, don’t rush but stay calm. With the chosen queueing system, it doesn’t matter if you get to the website hours or minutes before as it will only assign you a number after the clock hits 11.00.

Blueticket’s official partner made tickets available ahead of schedule

Unexpectedly, one of Blueticket’s official partners – FNAC – made a few tickets available to the public today (19th of December). A few lucky fans were able to purchase the tickets that will be officially available tomorrow.

If you were one of those, don’t worry. Your tickets are valid and will give you access to the show. According to FNAC, this was only an experience to test the sale for tomorrow: “The tickets purchased during this test phase will not be requested back and are valid”, they stated after being contacted by ESC Portugal.

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LRT announces that familiar faces are back for Lithuania 2018

LRT announces that familiar faces are back for Lithuania 2018

Lithuanian TV (LRT) tonight revealed the contestants hoping to represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal.

More than 50 performers and groups will compete in the Eurovision selection. For the selection, they could offer their own song or a song specially written for them, or choose from the works offered by specific composers.

Erica Jennings has already represented  Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest with Skamp in 2001. Initially, she had planned two worthy songs but decided to enter the national selection with the Truth, written at the time Erica was waiting for her daughter.

Two songs were also presented by Silvija Pankūnaitė, who showed her strong vocals repeatedly in SEL’s concerts, and she too has chosen her strongest song.

Also appearing in the show are returning female performers, Mia, Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė, Rasa Kaušiūtė, Eglė Jakštytė, Donata Virbilaitė, Ieva Zasimauskaitė, Paula and Greta Zazza.

On the men’s side there are also well-known performers. The selection will include Vidas Bareikis, Gabrielius Vagelis, Jurgis Brūzga, Robert Kupstas, El Fuego, The Roop, EGO, Solar Closer and many others.

In March, it will be revealed who will receive the honour to represent Lithuania in Eurovision 2018. The shows start on January 6 2018.

The shows will be hosted byUgnė Skonsmanaitė and actor humorist Mantas Stonkus.

“This is not just an artist selection competition, but an event of our entire country, so you need to show your heart and your concern. And when the performers feel such love from Lithuania, they will go to Eurovision to carry out very large works. And we will be a beautiful, youthful, lively duo, we will be ourselves. And will we be sharp? Yes, said the head of LRT.

Greta Zazza has already published her song for 2018, Broken Shadows. Greta placed 6th last year with the highly fancied Like I Love You. Can she go all the way this year?

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The first ten songs of Estonia’s Eesti Laul 2018 have been published

The first ten songs of Estonia’s Eesti Laul 2018 have been published

Christmas has come early for fans of Estonian music. Today Estonian Television (ETV) spent every hour, releasing one of ten entries in this years Eesti Laul 2018 show.

The first ten songs released will compete in semi final one, to be broadcast on February 10 2018. The running order of the songs is listed below.

Vajé – Laura (Walk with Me)
Iiris & Agoh – Drop That Boogie
Etnopatsy – Külm
Sibyl Vane –Thousand Words
Aden Ray – Everybody’s Dressed
Tiiu x Okym x Semy – Näita oma energiat
Stig Rästa – Home
Miljardid – Pseudoprobleem
Desiree – On My Mind
Elina Netšajeva – La Forza

Many of the songs are already published on youtube, so you can listen to the songs, clicking the appropriate links. The second set of songs, which will compete on February 17 2018, will be revealed by ETV tomorrow.  From each semi final, five will proceed to the March 3 finale.

As always with the Estonian selection, there is a wide array of music to choose from. This year they have opera, pop songs, Estonian ballads and one or two usual bizarre entries. Fans can also hear for the first time, this year’s entry by previous contestant, Stig Rästa

Estonia will be hoping to reach the finals again this year, after shockingly being left in the semi finals, with the fan favourite, Verona. Enjoy that song one more time while we await the Estonian entry for 2018.

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The 56th edition of Festival i Këngës – what Albania has to offer! (Part Two)

The 56th edition of Festival i Këngës – what Albania has to offer! (Part Two)

After hearing all 22 acts competing in the 56th edition of the Albanian music festival Festivali i Këngës, the question is what do they have to offer? The two semi-finals take place on the 21st and 22nd of December, and they include a lot of variety..

This Saturday, we will know who will represent Albania at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Below, we review the rest of the 22 songs, following the first half from last week. After listening to all the songs, Albania has indeed, a lot to offer – from romantic and passionate ballads to the most unexpected rock songs.

Lorela Sejdini – Pritëm edhe pak

Lorela Sejdini is an Albanian law student who sings in her spare time. She is originally from Albania, but lives in Turin, Italy. She has performed at the Albanian version of ‘The Voice‘, and makes many covers. This year, Lorela enters the Festival i Këngës with her song: ‘Pritëm edhe pak’ (Wait for me some more). It is a lively, party like song, however very repetitive. It is very fresh and modern, something radio-friendly, and Lorela’s voice is very sweet.

Luiz Ejili & Rezarta Smaja – Ra një yll

Luiz Ejili and Rezarta Smaja are two Albanian singers. Both have won many awards in the music industry, and both have had experiences with the Eurovision Song Contest. Luiz Ejili represented Albania at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006, with the song ‘Zjarr  e ftohtë’ but failed to go through the finals. Rezarta, however, did not represent her country in the contest, but she placed in the top 10 in the 53rd Edition of the Festival i Këngës, placing 7th, and then in the 54th edition, placing 4th. This year, the two form a duo, and enter their song ‘Ra një yll’ (A star has fallen) to the festival. The song is very harmonic, Rezarta is a very good singer, and Luiz fits in very well. It is a very dramatic entry, very passionate, and it seems like there is a lot of chemistry between them.

LYNX – Vonë

LYNX is an Albanian pop and rock group. It is a band composed of four members: Aurel Sesso, Endrik Beba, Eno John, and Renato Rexha, all coming from Tirana. They are quite noted in Albania. They first formed their group in 2007, and since then, they sang in different places from clubs to music festivals. One of these music festivals being the Kenga Magjike, which they have participated in three times, in 2012, 2014 and in 2016. This year, the band sings their song ‘Vonë’ (Late) at the 56th edition of the Festival i Këngës. It is a contemporary song, and very accessible to people, as it is a song with a style that is very much liked. It is a rock and electric song, it sounds like a hit, and we are sure it will be!

Manjola Nallbani – I njëti qiell

Manjola Nallbani is a fifty-one-year-old famous Albanian opera singer. She is noted for winning the Festival i Këngës three times, in 1989, 1992, and in 1993. In the 49th edition of the festival, she sat in the jury who appointed the winner and who would represent Albania at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. At the 56th edition of Festival i Këngës, Manjola Nallbani will perform her song ‘I njëti qiell’ (The Same Sky). It sounds like something that would be sent to Eurovision. It is fun, yet also ferocious.

Mariza Ikonomi – Unë

Mariza Ikonomi is an Albanian singer. Not a lot is known about the singer, but she will participate in the Festival i Këngës this year with her song ‘Unë’ (I). Her voice is powerful, and her piano solo is also. It is soft, it is loud, it is calm and it is crazy. This song has everything – it is a beautiful ballad and is very promising.

NA & Festina Mezini – Tjetër jetë

NA is a popular Albanian group. They have released many songs, of which are mostly covers, and are quite noted in their home country. Festina Mezini’s voice, on the other side, is said to be one of the most powerful voices of X-Factor Albania. She comes from a family of artists – her parents involved with music too. She was one of the favourites to win the X-Factor in Albania; however, after not winning, she joins NA and together they form a duo at this year’s Festival i Këngës, singing their song ‘Tjetër jetë’ (Another Life). The song is harmonic, and very heart-warming. The band and Festina fit in together well, and with a good performance, we are sure they could both impress us and the jury.

Orgesa Zaimi – Ngrije zërin

Orgesa Zaimi is a 32-year-old Albanian singer, who participated in many music fesitvals such as Kënga Magjike, in 2006. She was one of the background singers of Kejsi Tola, who represented Albania at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009. This year, Orgesa tries to get her own experience at the Eurovision Song Contest, and enters the Festival i Këngës with an energetic and fun song: ‘Ngrije zërin’ (Raise your voice). It is very promising as it is loose and the audience will feel good as they listen to the song.

Redon Makashi – Ekziston

46-year-old Albanian singer and composer Redon Makashi will participate in this year’s Festival i Këngës. He participated in the festival before, his first time being in 1989, where he finished second. In 2011, he was one of the judges at the 50th edition of the Festival i Këngës. This year, he sings at the festival for the third time with the song ‘Ekziston’ (It Exists). It is a mild rock song, strangely friendly, mature, the song accompanied by a guitar, however, repetitive.

Tiri – Orë e ndalur

Tiri, although not a lot is known about him, is an Albanian singer, who enters the 56th edition of the Festival i Këngës with a fun, country song .- Tiri seems to be a very fun person and a bit dreamy from his music video – which is slow, unlike to most country songs. It is very likeable.

Voltan Prodani – E pamundur

Voltan Prodani is a musical artist from Albania. He is not such a noted singer, however he will enter this year’s Festival i Këngës as a passionate pianist with his song ‘E pamundur’ (Impossible). He has a very nice voice, he seems to be very into his song during the music video and passionate as he plays the piano. With a good performance on stage, he’d be able to get through the finals.

Xhesika Polo – Përjetë

Xhesika Polo, an Albanian artist, participated at the Albanian X-Factor, and is very successful in general in her home country. She has many songs released, and this year she will participate at the Festival i Këngës, with her song ‘Përjetë’ (Forever). She has an amazingly strong voice, and the song is something that would do well in Eurovision. It is a song that would impress many people, and it certainly impressed us as her voice is very good. With a good performance, we might see her performing on the Eurovision stage soon!

This brings us to the end of our Fesitval i Këngës song reviews. We are very impressed by the high standards delivered from these artists, and we are sure they will do extremely well during the live show. You can listen to all the songs here:

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