Estonia 2018: Stig Rästa to make another bid in Eesti Laul

Estonia 2018: Stig Rästa to make another bid in Eesti Laul

The second rehearsal of Elina Born & Stig Rästa representing Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015

Tonight in Estonia, the twenty finalists for Eesti Laul 2018, were announced and old perennial Stig Rästa, will be making another bid to represent his home country – this time with the song Home.

Stig is not the only past Estonian representative trying again, as Gerli Padar, who missed the finals in 2007 with PartnersIn Crime, is also returning, with the duet Sky, alongside Eliis Pärna. The full list of the songs can be found below.

The two semi finals will be held on February 10 and 17 2018, with the final taking place on March 3, 2018.

Stig Rästa – Home
Metsakutsu – Koplifornia
Elina Netšajeva – La forza
Aden Ray – Everybody’s dressed
Frankie Animal – (Can’t keep calling) Misty
Nika – Knock knock
Iiris & Agoh – Drop that boogie
Etnopatsy – Külm
Vajé – Laura (Walk with me)
Miljardid – Pseudoprobleem
Tiiu x Okym x Semy – Näita oma energiat
Desiree – On my mind
Rolf Roosalu – Show a little love
Eliis Pärna & Gerli Padar – Sky
Girls In Pearls – Spellbound
Marju Lanik – Täna otsuseid ei tee – co-written by Paradise Oscar 2011 representative
Indrek Ventmann – Tempel
Sibyl Vane – Thousand words
Evestus – Welcome to my world
Karl Kristjan & Karl Killing (feat. Wateva) – Young

The only time that Stig managed to win the Eesti Laul, as a performer was in duet with Elina Born, with fan favourite Goodbye To Yesterday, which placed 7th in 2015. Enjoy the perfomance below, while we await to see if he can finally make the actual Eurovision Song Contest as a solo act.

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Waylon returns to the Eurovision Song Contest

Waylon returns to the Eurovision Song Contest

2014 runner up Waylon is going for a second time. Today, he was surprisingly announced as the Dutch representative for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. He is the fourth artist chosen for the contest held in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Waylon is no stranger to Eurovision and the many fans. He represented the Netherlands at the 2014 edition. Back then, he performed together with Ilse DeLange as The Common Linnets. With the song Calm After The Storm they came second. This time all focus will be on him.

The Netherlands are the fourth country to announce their artist for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest despite the fact that we are not even half way through November. This is quite an unusual situation.

In the video below, take a look at the Dutch second place from 2014 with Waylon and Ilse DeLange.

The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest

In recent years, the country did rather well, but that came after quite some struggling. The Netherlands failed to reach the final from 2005 to 2012. Fans were really frustrated, but then came the announcement of Anouk representing the country in 2013, and things changed. She marked in many ways the beginning of a new area where the Dutch broadcaster took things a little more serious and went for bigger well known names. The results improved, and the Netherlands once again look like a serious contender to soon take the trophy home.

The country joined the Eurovision Song Contest in its first year, 1956. They have won the contest four times, although the last one dates back to 1975. Could Waylon improve his second place from the contest in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2014? We have to wait and see, but expectations surely will be high.

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